ysl gloss volupte review


Hey there friends! Today’s review is a review of the samples of YSL Gloss Volupte that I got a few weeks ago. YSL’s new lip gloss line, called Gloss Volupte is divine. I just love the texture of these lip glosses. They’re very hydrating and feels light on the lips. I also like the vividness of the colors of these glosses. They’re high-shine but not too much. They also have a flavor or taste that’s similar to the rouge volupte, which is a light mango taste/scent. For some who doesn’t like scents or flavors on their lippies, these can be slightly annoying, although, for me, it’s quite bearable. They’re also expensive, which I recommend that you only buy a few, and buy only the ones that you really really like, so choose carefully. The best thing I like about this is its staying power. The gloss holds well, can  be used with or without lipstick, has bold true colors and even after a few hours of wearing, the color stays on, which resembles more like a lip stain. So it gives you that “slightly bitten by a poisonous rabid bee” lips. 🙂


Here are 3 samples and their corresponding swatches. FYI: no lip primer used.


ysl gloss volupte rose ofevre review

YSL Gloss Volupte in Rose Orfevre – This comes very neutral and shimmery to me. It has a light pink hue that will probably work on girls with lighter skin than mine. I love that even if it’s very shimmery, I didn’t end up looking I dipped my lips into a bucket full of lard. It’s also very hydrating and is really easy on the lips.


ysl gloss volupte in terriblement fuchsia review

YSL Gloss Volupte in Terriblement Fuchsia – The name of this color is weird, “terriblement,” but it’s not terrible at all. It’s a dark fuchsia color that saturates your lips in just one coat. It’s also very hydrating, however, I don’t like strong colors plus shiny gloss on my big bootylicious lips. This appears really dark pink on me and I looked like a desperate streetwalker. Joke! Don’t get me wrong, it’s just a bit slightly too much. But if you wanna get noticed, hey, this one’s a winner. I really think that you don’t need a lipstick for this. You can go commando with it. 🙂


ysl gloss volupte in corail trapeze review

YSL Gloss Volupte in Corail Trapeze –  This is my fave among the three. It suits my skin color well since it’s a coral shade. I love that it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard if you’re gonna wear this, but not boring enough that you won’t be complimented. It’s still very hydrating and easy to apply, and if you have pigment lips, this will create a good coverage even without lipstick. After a few hours of wearing, with the shine/gloss gone, this will also leave a stain that looks cute and natural on your lips.


Swatch on the skin:


yves saint laurent gloss volupte review


You can purchase these YSL Gloss Volupte here