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Playa Hair Care Review

playa haircare


Hello. Here’s a hair care brand that’s been popping out of my Insta feed regularly and it’s got a really cool name – Playa. This is the hair care brand I have mentioned in one of my previous hair care posts that seems to be really interesting especially for those who need a boost of moisture for their hair and could also work for those with oily strands.


In this post, I will be talking about Playa’s Instagram-favorite Every Day Shampoo and Supernatural Conditioner. But before that, I would like to mention that this brand has Sephora’s clean seal, so, the products are pretty much made of all-natural ingredients and also cruelty-free. I love their concept of promoting effortless beauty by simplifying the hair care products we use, which I’m all for.


playa every day shampoo


Every Day Shampoo (8.45 oz: 28 USD) – This shampoo is made for all hair types and this has a pretty recognizable coconut scent. I also noticed some hints of honey plus some other natural oils. The overall scent composition gives a very tropical vibe. Not sweet, just sun, sand, and coconuts. The texture of this is like a thick gel and is slightly yellow-tinged. I find this to be foamy and this cleanses really well without the feeling of my strands drying. That’s because this shampoo is a very moisturizing one. The cleansing effect is very gentle and this keeps the hair moisturized without weighing it down. I believe this shampoo is meant for those with dry hair but will probably be a staple for me during the Winter months where my hair tends to experience some dryness. I also think that this is one of those shampoos that you can use every day.


playa every day shampoo


Supernatural Conditioner (8.45 oz: 28 USD) – This conditioner has a very interesting texture. This probably has the smoothest texture I’ve ever felt in a conditioner and most conditioners have a very smooth texture already. Yet this one feels very buttery smooth, yellow-toned, and has an interesting scent of coconut and some other edible oils. This somewhat reminds me of the Kiehl’s Crรจme de Corps in terms of consistency. I do find that using only a little bit of this is enough to coat and moisturize the hair. As a very moisturizing conditioner, I still recommend this for those with dry hair especially for those with frizz issues. Because of the amazing consistency and how good this conditioner performs, I think this will definitely make you feel supernatural ๐Ÿ™‚ and is definitely one of my top picks in hair conditioners out there.


playa every day shampoo review


Overall, with the neat packaging, clean ingredients, unique scent, and really good quality of this Playa Every Day Shampoo + Supernatural Conditioner, I think there is a lot to look forward to with this brand.


Have you tried any of these?



(as well as the rest of my top moisturizing hair care finds)



Fresh Citron de Vigne Review

fresh beauty citron de vigne bath and body


A few months ago, I reviewed the Fresh Beauty Lychee bodycare products, which you can read here. In this post, I will be reviewing another interesting Fresh scent for bath and body as well, and it’s the Citron de Vigne. This scent comes in candle form, perfume, lotion, and hand cream, among other things. While I have not tried the soap, candle, and fragrance versions, I do have a review of the shower gel, body lotion, and the hand cream below.


As an overview, the Fresh Citron de Vigne scent is what I call a good sweet citrus scent. It doesn’t have any acidic notes that you’d typically notice in most citrus-blended fragrances. I find it to be mild and definitely pleasing to the senses and has that overall Summer and vine vibe to it. When comparing it to the other citrusy scents from Fresh Beauty, like the well-loved Fresh Brown Sugar (which doesn’t smell like brown sugar at all) or the Fresh Sugar Lemon, well, the Fresh Brown Sugar has a really strong citrus scent which is very spa-like, and the Sugar Lemon isn’t my favorite because it has a really weird blend of lemon and probably too much sugar that it smells more like a popular toilet spray. But anyway, the Fresh Citron de Vigne is a very good light scent that is not heady and is not overpowering.


fresh citron de vigne body lotion review


Body Lotion (10 oz: 26 USD) – This lotion is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and is mostly made of clean ingredients. Also, this has shea butter and Vitamins C & E that really moisturizes the skin while being lightweight and creamy in texture. Like most Fresh body lotions, this cream doesn’t sit on top of the skin, therefore, this gets absorbed easily. On top of that, this is not sticky and you can double this as a foot cream because this really delivers intense moisture on the skin and there is no need for reapplication. Once a day is enough.


Bath & Shower Gel (10 oz: 23 USD) – This has the same scent as the lotion and has the same texture as with most Fresh shower gels, which is thick yet very easy to lather. You only need to use a few pumps of the product and you’ll get a nice refreshing shower.


fresh beauty citron de vigne shower gel


Hand cream (1 oz: 14 USD) – I would have totally fallen in love with this hand cream but I have a few reservations. While I don’t question the super-rich and moisturizing texture of this, as well as the wonderful scent, I don’t like the fact that this hand cream is really small. Not so much in terms of packaging, but more like in terms of content. It seems like the whole tube is only filled with half a product. Other than that, this cream really keeps your hand from drying.


Bottom line, the Fresh Citron de Vigne is a really nice mild scent that won’t give you a headache. Also, I recommend the body lotion and the shower gel if you haven’t tried them already, but I’m not quite sure about the hand cream.


fresh beauty citron de vigne review


What d’ya think? Have you tried these before?





Top Picks in Facial Cotton Pads

top facial cotton pads


Are you currently using a facial cotton pad? I’ve been using a few brands and have tested some in the past. I find that the ones that work very well are the ones that are made for sensitive skin. The soft and gentle type that doesn’t scratch the face and are perfect for toners or liquid makeup removers.


I’m not a big fan of the regular cotton rounds or cotton squares. The ones that have raised textures or are too small to use all over the face. Those types are scratchy and those require some rubbing on the skin upon application which isn’t so good, and those also absorb and waste way too much products. I like the ones that are plush, highly-absorbent, and easy to find like the ones below.


Shiseido Facial Cotton (40 – 165 sheets: 5 – 12 USD) – This is a well-loved facial cotton that is made in Japan and this is soft, compact, and totally gentle on the face. This is perfect for any toner application and even for any oil or liquid makeup remover. I like this a lot and this doesn’t break or disintegrate easily as you use this all over the face and neck.


CVS Beauty 360 Extra Thick Premium Cotton Squares


CVS Beauty 360 Extra Thick Premium Cotton Squares (150 sheets: 3.79 USD) – This super soft and affordable cotton pad is so fluffy and this absorbs enough products especially toners, which means I don’t get to waste a lot of it. Even though this doesn’t feel as compact as the other cotton pads mentioned in this review, I find this pad to be still on par with the high-end ones and this is so affordable. There was another version of this that comes in somewhat green packaging, but I’m not sure if CVS still carries that one. I like that one a lot because that’s even softer than this extra thick version and though that pad tends to disintegrate easily, it’s way more fluffy so it absorbs just enough toner to cover the whole face. Then there’s also the current larger version of this facial cotton, but it’s definitely not soft on the face, in my opinion. I find it to be ideal for removing nail polish because it has more texture and is quite exfoliating.


Muji Soft Cut Cotton Unbleached


Muji Soft Cut Cotton Unbleached (180 sheets: 6.19 USD) – This pad retains the natural specks of seed pods and husks that you’d normally see in most unbleached cotton products, which could potentially feel scratchy. However, I’ve only felt a slight scratchiness once or twice all throughout my usage of this particular facial cotton. Even though this doesn’t look white at all, don’t let the color and the texture fool you. This very natural cotton is so soft and so fluffy, which absorbs enough toner to apply all over your face. On top of that, this doesn’t disintegrate easily.


Chanel Le Coton


Chanelย  Le Coton (100 pads: 20 USD) – A very luxurious cotton pad embossed with the Chanel logo that is delicately packed inside a beautiful Chanel box. The size of this is about 0.5 inches and 0.3 inches (lxh) larger than most facial cotton pads and is ideal not only for the face but also for the neck. Cutting this into two would make this cotton pad quite too small for the face, but it’s very doable and definitely economical. The texture and the overall quality of this are pretty much like Shiseido’s, which is soft, compact, highly-absorbent, and lint-free. Also, this is made in Japan.


If I have to rank the facial cotton pads I reviewed above, well, my top pick will definitely be the CVS cotton pad because it’s the cheapest and it works just as great as the designer ones. In fact, it pretty much looks like Shiseido’s and it seems even softer. If my local CVS is out of stock of their cotton pads, which happens a lot all the time, then I’d definitely opt for Muji because it’s so fluffy and so soft. Third would be Shiseido, and lastly, it will be Chanel.


Muji Soft Cut Cotton Unbleached, cvs beauty 360 extra thick cotton squares


I have yet to investigate the Koh Gen Do Pure Cotton and the Clรฉ de Peau Beautรฉ Cottons, have you tried them before? What did you think about them? Any facial cotton pad recs?





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