• Viktor&Rolf Magic Collection set in liquid diamonds, dancing roses, sage spell

    Viktor&Rolf Magic Collection Discovery Set Review

      Hello There Friends! This season may be full of the latest releases in makeup and all things beauty, but for me, this is also the time to discover new and exciting scents. It’s been a while since I’ve tested and ventured into finding another signature scent, that’s because finding that one fragrance that will […] Read more…

  • Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in abstrait, no. 5 and unique swatches

    Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Review (New Shades)

    Howdy, All! As you guys know, I’m really loving the latest lipstick releases from Chanel this Fall and I highly recommend them. You can see my review of the Chanel Liquid Powder and the Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme HERE and HERE. Now, for my final Chanel lipstick review this season (hopefully, LOL), let’s talk about […] Read more…


  • popsicle recipe

    Semisweet Raspberry Kiwi Popsicle Recipe

    Hello You! Advance Happy Weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe here on the blog. I do have some recipes and cooking plans to share soon, apart from talking about makeup and some other beauty-related stuff. Today’s post is definitely an ideal one since it’s the Summer, and everyone wants something cool […] Read more…

  • best scented candle review

    Best Scented Candles 2018 Edit

      How’s it going, everybody! I’ve got an exciting review for all you candle lovers! I’ve been into some candle hoarding and testing lately and I thought I’d like to share which of these scented waxes made it to the top of my list this year. There’s a lot of awesome-smelling candles out there, but […] Read more…


  • simple cat toys you can diy

    Simple Cat Toys You Can Buy Or DIY

      As a cat parent, I have spent a lot of time and resources trying to please my demanding kitties by buying them stuff especially toys that will keep them entertained and preoccupied for hours and hours. Most of the toys that my cats enjoy are the interactive ones that run on batteries. They’ll love […] Read more…

  • as seen on tv cats meow toy review

    Cat’s Meow Toy Review

    If you have a dependent cat that meows all the time and bothers you about anything then you’ll need some really good interactive toys. These cats need to be entertained or be distracted so you can do your chores and so that they won’t get on your nerves. It can be hard and quite tricky […] Read more…


  • amish buggy

    Travel Back In Time. New Wilmington, PA. Amish Country.

    Hello, travel bugs! You may have read my travel diary when I went to the quaint little town of Lawrence Country, called Volant, PA. Link HERE. In that trip, I detailed my desire to see the rural life, especially to see the Amish and check out their businesses and some other shops. Volant, PA is […] Read more…

  • squeeze pods

    Squeeze Pods Review

      Traveling is a lot of fun, but it can also be really annoying. For me personally, I hate the packing part of it and having to go through security and worrying whether my luggage is gonna go through just fine or whether it’s gonna get flagged. I tend to overpack and I just can’t […] Read more…


  • Bayer All-In-One Rose & Flower Care Concentrate

    Caring For Roses In The Summer

    This year, my roses struggled a lot. Not only did they take a long time to regrow, they’re also suffering from extreme humidity this Summer. As you all know, roses are finicky plants, and they really need such special care and the right environment to grow their best. Unfortunately, this Summer has been too much […] Read more…

  • Wild Blue Yonder Rose

    Wild Blue Yonder Rose

    Heya Rosarians! It’s been a while since I featured a rose from my very own yard and this summer has really made my garden look very vibrant and full of life. Part of that because I have this reliable bloomer in my yard, the Wild Blue Yonder Rose.     This AARS winner has been […] Read more…


  • you book by caroline kepnes

    You by Caroline Kepnes. Book & Lifetime Series Review.

    “Every day I close up without finding anyone like you. Look at you, born into my world today“. Excerpt from the novel “You” by Caroline Kepnes.     Hey You, ever wonder what’s inside the mind of a stalker? oh well, let’s just say, a very romantic stalker that doesn’t really seem to realize that he’s […] Read more…

  • outliers book by malcolm gladwell

    Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Book Review.

    Outlier – a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set. Ex. people whose achievements fall outside normal experience.     I’m not a fan of self-help books, and I don’t really know why. Perhaps because I haven’t really found the one that really inspired me to change my […] Read more…

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