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Chanel Rouge Allure Ink + Rouge Allure Ink Fusion Favorite Shades

chanel rouge allure ink fusion review


Hi all! Here’s a post I’ve been meaning to share months ago, but, I was so busy that I forgot about sharing them. Now that I have some time, I’m sharing with you my favorite shades of the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink lip color line.


I love these lipsticks so much and I use them a lot, especially Pre-Covid. Chanel, initially had the Rouge Allure Ink line only, which is their version of matte lipstick. However, some of the shades had questionable formulations due to being quite streaky upon application. I never really actually experienced that and had been very happy with the line. Last year, I was in Singapore and I found myself wandering at a Chanel beauty counter. I saw that they launched an improved version of the Rouge Allure Ink line, which is called Rouge Allure Ink Fusion. I was so excited because the formula is exactly what I wanted in a matte lip color – lightweight, pigmented, non-sticky, no strong scent, and totally wearable.


Curious to see what my favorites shades are from these Chanel matte liquid lipstick lines?


Read below.


chanel rouge allure ink fusion


Rouge Allure Ink: Creamy, velvety, and with a flat brush applicator


chanel rouge allure ink fusion mauvy nude


chanel rouge allure liquid lipsticks


Rouge Allure Ink Fusion: Similar formula to Nars’ Powermatte which is very fluid. Sets easily, very lightweight, doesn’t try the lips. Applicator is somewhat pointy.

  • 804 Mauvy Nude – nude mauve, works well for any skin tone. I wear this a lot.
  • 806 Pink Brown – muted pinkish/rosy brown. This shade is so beautiful and one of my favorites as well.


Chanel Rouge Allure Ink & Ink Fusion Swatches

Other shades not mentioned here is the beautiful Rouge Allure Ink Fall-Winter shade, called Melancholia (swatched HERE) and Ambiguïté (released this year), which is a brownish-red tone.


chanel rouge allure ink fusion


The Chanel Rouge Allure Ink, especially the Rouge Allure Ink Fusion, are refinements of what used to be the matte liquid lipsticks we’ve known (drying, sticky, uncomfortable). These are my top favorites when it comes to matte liquid lipsticks because these are truly reliable and will make you look fabulous on any occasion.


Are you a big fan of these too?






Rare Beauty First Impressions

Rare Beauty makeup review


Hello gorgeous! Been testing the new Rare Beauty makeup line by Selena Gomez and I can definitely say that I think the packaging of these beauties is so pretty and quite different. I love the smooth matte tubes with rounded curves of the matte lip creams and lip balms, along with the blushes. I also like that there’s a variety of products available from the line, including an eyeliner and a blotting sheet.

So, without any fuss, let’s talk about my first impressions of these products. So far, I’ve only tried a few, and here are my two cents.


Rare Beauty Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick


With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm in SupportPlum brown. The packaging of this lip product is magnetic and the other side is flat, which is nice because then the product won’t roll on its own. I don’t think this product can be considered as a lip balm because the coverage is not sheer. I find the coverage to be actually opaque and the color is so saturated. The texture of this is quite balmy, yet, not thick and not sticky at all. This reminds me of a creamy version of the Glossier Generation G lipsticks, reviewed HERE. Also, there is a light floral scent to this.


Rare Beauty Selena Gomez


Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick: These are whipped velvety matte lip creams that are so light and with very light floral scent. There is still some transfer of colors, but not as much. I find that these do set on the lips immediately right after application and these, for sure, make the lips look full – the type of effect you would typically see in most matte lipsticks. Also, using these can still emphasize the lips’ fine lines, but not as much. The effect may look matte on the lips but there’s no drying feeling. I think these lipsticks seem like a mix between the Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet (in terms of texture) and Ciaté Liquid Velvet (in terms of scent).


Rare Beauty matte lip cream swatches

  • CourageNude Mauve. Not really my color, but it still works well for my skin
  • FearlessDeep Mauve Rose. I love this shade. This complements my skin tone.

Note. These two colors look very similar on the swatches, but both will look very different once applied.

Rare Beauty lip swatches

Rare Beauty perfect strokes matte liquid liner review

Rare Beauty matte eyeliner review


Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner – This waterproof matte liquid eyeliner really stays in place but I’m not quite thrilled with the thickness of the tip. I think this doesn’t work really well if you have small lids and if you only want to make a thin cat-eye. But, if you love to do those bold, thick, and dramatic cat eye makeup, then you will most probably love this.


Rare Beauty Blotting paper


Blot & Glow Blotting Paper – This works in blotting away excess oil off the face, and this reminds me of one of my favorite blotting sheets of all time – the Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Paper. However, I’m not a fan of the size of each sheet because each sheet is really tiny, which therefore doesn’t really help. I would need an 8.5 x 11 blotting paper to wipe off the excess oil from my face, lol.

Overall, I like the Rare Beauty line especially in terms of the way the products are named, and I like the overall feminine aesthetic of the brand’s design. I will definitely be using the matte lip creams often and would love to test more products from the brand in the future.

Have you tried these already? What are your first impressions of these?






Black Friday – Cyber Monday Wishlist

Hello, how are you all! Belated Happy Thanksgiving! I was working during Thanksgiving and didn’t really do anything else apart from writing and writing and writing. My fingers are practically numb by now, lol. I will be back to full-on blogging soon, I just gotta finish some assignments. If you’re wondering what’s on my wishlist this pandemic shopping season. Well, I’m definitely wishing for these.



Black Friday 2020 Wishlist



  1. Chloe Nile Bracelet Bag – I love this bag, I want this bag (repeat 100000xxx times).
  2. Tom Ford Face Mask – Available at I swear I couldn’t care less about face mask styles and designs. As long as I have a face mask on, that’s good enough for me. But, OMG! Tom Ford face mask in soft pink? You bet I’ll be wearing it even when I’m alone at home, haha.
  3. Saint Laurent Mini Cassandra Satchel – I have officially become YSL obsessed by printing a photo of this gorgeous purse and attaching it to my mood board. There’s just something about them YSL bags that makes me drool.
  4. Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror – I’m dying to have this in my entryway. This is the ultimate influencer mirror, and it’s sooooo beautiful. lol.
  5. Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VII Eyeshadow (Divine Rose) – I haven’t tried this palette yet and it’s so pretty. I want to wear this every day, even when I’m asleep, lol.
  6. Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots – What’s it with this gloomy weather and my addiction to Stuart Weitzman boots? I swear this will be the last time I will stare at these boots (not gonna happen).
  7. Venus et Fleur Fleura Vase – Available at Flowers are my quick pick-me-ups in this pandemic, and the gorgeous dreamy floral presentation of these preserved pink roses with a stylish ceramic vase is the perfect definition of chic.
  8. Strathberry Mini East/West Bi-Color Shoulder Bag – OMG! I saw this color at my local Saks and what a beaut! My heart skipped a bit and almost dropped my phone while taking a gazillion snaps of this purse. Thanks to Meghan Markle for introducing this brand, now I can’t get enough of their stuff.
  9. Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous Candle – I don’t care if this candle smells so good or so bad. I hope this will help in making me feel f*cking fabulous again, hahaha, and this will make for a catchy décor in my living room.
  10. Dyson Airwrap Styler – This is probably the coolest hair gadget I’ve ever seen. Dyson applies their vacuum technology in this styler and this sure looks fast and easy to use. No more pandemic hair or Zoombarded hair, lol. The youtube videos are the proofs.


Those are the things on my wishlist for this season. What’s on your list? And what are you secretly wishing for? On a serious side note, I’m seriously hoping and wishing that this pandemic will end. I miss my life, I miss friends, and I miss the world. Keep holding on y’all.

Happy shopping and stay safe.





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