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Loving Right Now, Winter 2021-2022.

top best skincare 2022


Happy winter and happy 2022! Here now are my latest preferences in skincare, skincare device, and haircare products. Several of them are the stuff I have been using for months, and a few are my holy grails.


Check them out below.


PMD Clean Pro Rose Quartz review


PMD Clean Pro Rose Quartz – This beautiful facial exfoliator and facial massager-in-one boast several settings for vibration. This gives you several options for the type of facial cleansing you prefer. There are two sides to this facial cleansing device, one is a side with soft silicone strands, and the other is a rose quartz side. The silicone side allows for daily exfoliating cleanse, while the rose quartz side is meant to apply serums because the quartz warms and helps to improve the application of serums for maximum absorption. Personally, I find this device very useful in terms of how good it is in exfoliating the skin, and the spoon-like shape has a very ergonomic feel. I also like the device’s battery life because it can hold its charge for six months or more. I have been using the device for a year now, and I have only charged it twice. Not that it went on “low batt”, because it never did. I just felt like charging it :-). Overall, the PMD Clean Pro Rose Quartz is a great skincare device to have. I highly recommend it.


Glow Recipe Plump Plump Hyaluronic Acid Serum – How cute is the packaging of this serum? If you tend to suffer from dry skin during the winter months, then this might be your next holy grail. This product contains serious amounts of pure hyaluronic acid, capable of restoring and holding moisture on the skin. Any dry patches will disappear and no more wrinkly sagging skin because the product gives a plumping effect without that oily-skin look. Additionally, the product contains vegan collagen and silk proteins, providing a firm and strengthened skin.


Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Oil-Free Matte Moisturizer


Caudalie Instant Detox Mask – This grapeseed and caffeine-blend natural clay mask work its magic within a few seconds of application. You can feel it unclogging and purifying the pores without any harsh ingredients. The mask does not cause any burns or stings, just the minimal normal feeling of tightness that can easily be washed away with water. This is my go-to apart from the Glamglow Mud Mask, and this works almost just the same.


Kiehls Deluxe Hand and Body Lotion in Grapefruit – I like anything with grapefruit scents, so this product does not disappoint, even without a very strong grapefruit fragrance. The feel of this is very light, and it is an ideal lotion for those with sensitive skin and a sensitive nose. This lotion has aloe vera and oatmeal, which soothes and smoothens the skin with just one drop. This melts into the skin easily and is perfect for daily use. I tend to use this on my hands, which provides good moisturization.


Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Ultra Rick Hyaluronic Treatment Lotion – This is one of B&B’s latest updates from the Invisible Oil haircare line. This product is SO good at really smoothing and moisturizing the hair with just a tiny drop. I find that frizzes get tamed very easily with this. It must be the hyaluronic acid and the six blends of oils in this product, because the effect is instant. On top of that, this product can be used as a heat protectant, provided that you do not use too much, because this might give a wet and wild look.


Dr. Brandt Skincare PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator – Every person needs a good exfoliating product, and yes, this is one. This product is a professional-grade treatment that aims to exfoliate the skin deeply. Even though this is professional-grade, this does not sting and is not harsh on the skin. This is just gritty because the product contains micro-size aluminum oxide crystals, lentil seed extracts, and salicylic acid to control the oil and unclog the pores.


Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Oil-Free Matte Moisturizer – If you need a moisturizer that controls oil and prevents breakouts, then you will most likely enjoy this product. True to the name, this PTR Acne-Clear Oil-Free Matte Moisturizer is indeed one of the few mattifying moisturizers out there. It is very hard to find a good mattifying moisturizer nowadays that actually works. That is why I am so glad that I stumbled on this product. This works very well in controlling any breakouts and in reducing the shine from the face. This goes well with almost any foundation, and the texture is very light and blendable. The main ingredients are: salicylic acid (0.5%), Seboclear-MP 3% (a combination of propanediol and bioflavonoids, which act as humectants and promote good circulation), and Hyaluronic Acid Complex 10%.


Clarins Comfort Scrub Exfoliator


Clarins Comfort Scrub Exfoliator – This is a mild exfoliator, which feels more like a blend of a moisturizer and a half-strength exfoliator. This product melts into the skin with gel-like buttery texture, and this provides a bit of exfoliation. I use this with my PMD facial cleansing device, and this does not harm the silicon strands of the device because this product is gentle enough. Overall, I recommend this product if you prefer gentle exfoliators on your skin.


Éminence Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 40


Belif Aqua Bomb Brightening Vitamin C Cream – Are you a fan of the original Belif Aqua Bomb moisturizer? Many of us are, and this cream is a twist to the cult-favorite Belif Aqua Bomb. This product still has the same lightweight gel feel as the Aqua Bomb. However, this has a different color, which is slightly yellowish, and the scent is not quite like the Aqua Bomb. I would say that this product does not have much of a scent, perhaps a hint of lemon. Also, this product is loaded with Vitamins C and E. There is added Hyaluronic Acid, and some other anti-inflammatory ingredients. Compared to the original Belif Aqua Bomb, this product is more moisturizing and leaves my skin a bit oily. I think I will go back to using the original Belif Aqua Bomb moisturizer soon after consuming this.


Éminence Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 40 (purchase here) – A moisturizer and SPF hybrid that gives some coverage to the skin. By coverage, I mean this product seems to act a bit like a BB or CC cream because it changes and evens the color of the skintone. I discovered this product during a session with my facialist, who recommended that I try this product and be familiar with the brand. Before all that, I have not heard about the Éminence brand of organic skincare before. So, I was really excited and decided to try several of the Éminence skincare products. I would say that I really like most of their products, except for the probiotic cleanser, which did not really work for me (more details about that product experience, soon). However, this Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 40 from Éminence skincare is really nice, even though it took me a while to get used to it. The product feels a bit clayish upon application. So, it is not very easy to blend for a moisturizer. However, once applied, it leaves a slight white cast on the skin, making it look like you are wearing a tinted foundation, a la BB cream, or CC cream. The white cast does not really blend to the skintone easily and immediately, so be very careful and try not to put a lot. The nice thing is when applied and blended correctly, the white cast evens out and blurs the blemishes, leaving you with beautiful Kpop-like skin. So, if you have a lighter neck or body and a tanned face, you will most likely enjoy this one and its added SPF. I recommend that you give this product a try.


PMD Clean Pro Rose Quartz


This concludes my latest skincare, haircare, and other beauty preferences. Stay tuned for more skincare, makeup, and beauty picks.




Diptyque Mini Holiday Candles 2021 and FORVR Mood Candles Review

forvr mood candles review


Hello all! Happy New Year! What a year we’ve had and what a time in our lives! What are you up to this holiday season, and what are your new year resolutions? Before we end this year, let’s end it with a set of holiday candles to review.


I love candles for the holiday season, and I always look for holiday candle releases. For 2021, I have enjoyed two sets of holiday candles from FORVR Mood by Jackie Aina and Diptyque Paris. Here is my review of each candle.



FORVR Mood candles by Jackie Tina


Grown Folks Business – A complicated scent with a complicated name. What exactly is a “grown folks business?” is it the same as “adulting?” I just can’t even with the terms nowadays :-). I know the two terms are different, and I also know that I need a new dictionary for social media language :-), because my level of comprehension for these words is either 0 or -1. Anyway, this candle smells so lovely, and I can sense a hint of mint, vanilla, patchouli, cedar, something earthy, and lots of sorcery in it! It is indeed a wonderful, complicated scent with a complex meaning for a name. I love it. It’s so me 🙂

Hey Big Head – I want to eat this candle. I repeat, I want to eat this candle. LOL. This candle smells like coffee, toffee, hazelnut, Nutella, vanilla, and everything sweet and yummy in this world. Lighting this candle might raise your A1C, but it’s so totally worth it. Just kidding 🙂


FORVR mood candle we not linkin review


We Not Linkin – This candle deserves to be in every Lizzo music video :-). The strong scent of pumpkin spice symbolically says “kthanxbye” :-), and the scent can be too heady for some. I would say, this candle is more of an “acquired taste” and will make for a great home décor.

Skinny Dipped – What do you get when you combine coconut, apple, hazelnut, and pistachio in a wax? This candle. I love the subtleness of this candle. It’s like the scent “Hey Big Head”, but it does not have a strong heady scent. The throw is good, and the scent is long-lasting. I like the scent a lot because its subtleness is not dull.




diptyque holiday candles 2021


Sapin – A light pine scent, remiscent of the Diptyque Cyprès candle. I love the glass design of this candle. The combination of green and gold creates a festive Christmas tree look. However, when it comes to the scent, I prefer that Cyprès because the Cyprès candle has a stronger throw than this candle.


Biscuit – A sophisticated yet usual scent that I am pretty sure most of us have sniffed at some random stores during our holiday shopping strolls. I like this scent, especially the packaging, but I am not crazy about it. It is more a “food” type of scent, where I can sense a hint of pumpkin, cinnamon, sugar, spice, and everything nice (go Powerpuff girls!) — ingredients in a candle I tend to skip.


diptyque biscuit candle


Flocon – I thought this would be my least favorite of the three Diptyque holiday candles, and I am quite surprised by my reaction to the scent. There are complicated notes of different florals, like white musks, mimosa, and possibly lavender in it. It may be a subtle scent, but it is something I have never sniffed before. I could not trace its top notes and base notes in my memory. Therefore, it is a new olfactory experience for me. Which means I had to have it in a large size (heart eyes much!).


diptyque flocon candle


Those are the candles I’ve loved this busy holiday season. I am back to solving puzzles in my head and will most likely be very busy as always for the year 2022. Let’s hope for the best!


diptyque holiday candles and forvr mood candles


Happy New Year to all of you, my friends in real life, in the blogosphere, and to all my friends on the dark side :-). Wishing you all a fabulous and prosperous new year!

*Jewelry: Frica Jewelry, South Korea – available HERE

* Nail color: Chanel Rouge Brun, listed below





Westman Atelier Beauty Review + Swatches

westman atelier beauty review


Hello from the other side. I am back with a review of a very interesting beauty brand I have wished to try — Westman Atelier.

Something about this brand caught my attention, yet I do not know precisely what it is. Maybe it is the packaging, maybe it is the reviews, or simply maybe because of how the product looks on everybody. So, I finally got my hands on some of the bestsellers from Westman Atelier, and here are my two cents.

Baby Cheeks Blush Stick


westman atelier baby cheeks blush stick review


These beautiful blush sticks are contained inside heavy tube packagings with magnetic closures. The packaging almost feels very industrial, metallic, and heavy-duty. The kind that seems to come from the RH furniture store, or if RH releases a makeup line, I bet the look will be more like some of these Westman Atelier blush sticks.

Quality-wise, I believe these blushes deliver what they are supposed to deliver. The pigment is really good and they do not irritate my skin. Each shade is beautiful and can fit well with any skintone. There is no need to go ham on these because, most likely, you will only have to use one swipe to get enough of the product on the cheeks.


Chouchette – Nude peach. A light to medium neutral peach. Great as an everyday blush.

Petal – Dusty nude rose. A shade deeper than Chouchette. There is a rosy undertone and is quite pigmented with just one light swipe.


These products contain Jojoba Seed Oil and various fruit extracts. Despite the moisturizing ingredients and the fact that the products are applied directly to the skin like a stick, I am surprised to notice that my foundation was not moved at all. Therefore, there is no need to worry as the blushes do not move any concealers or foundations. Just do not put too much of it on the skin.


westman atelier baby cheeks blush lit up highlight stick review


Lit Up Highlight Stick

This is a beautiful stick highlighter that looks so fancy and heavy. The black and gold packaging gives the highlighter a luxe look that can sometimes be mistaken as part of a room décor accent. When it comes to the product itself, I am pretty surprised that the highlighter did not live up to my standards. I find the product to be too oily that it melts quickly upon application. It also did not seem to be visible on my skin. It just seemed to blend into my skintone, which made me think that maybe I should try the highlighter in another shade. Still, the product slides off my skin easily, and the highlight effect is minimal. I almost feel like the product is a great highlighter to use on good skin days or during very sunny days when the sun hits my face. Maybe then I could see all the glow and the glassy skin effect the highlighter promises to offer.


Nectar – glassy golden peach.


westman atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick review


Super Loaded Tinted Cream Highlighter

If I had mixed feelings about the Lit Up Stick Highlighter, I can assure you I do not have any mixed feelings about this amazing cream highlighter. This highlighter can sink a thousand ships because it is SO GOOD that I am really in awe of how it looks on my skin. At first glance, the packaging may look unassuming, but touch, hold it, feel it, then open it, and you are in for a surprise. It is art and beauty at the palm of your hands. In other words, the highlighter is utterly gorgeous! And the formula itself is also extremely gorgeous that it will make you feel fabulous! What do I like about it? Everything. Apart from the unique packaging, the product has a creamy texture that does not melt easily, yet is spreadable enough to create a gorgeous holographic look. It gives a beautiful glassy skin finish regardless of your current skin situation. There is no need to use a brush to apply the product, just use your fingertips and dab a bit of it on the skin. It will not move your foundation. I promise :-). Try it. You will love it. I am not kidding 🙂

Peau de Peche – Soft pearlized bronze suede. Comes out as a luminous peachy rose bronze.


Eye Pods Eyeshadows


Westman Atelier Eye Pods Eyeshadows review swatch


This trio of magnetic pod-packaged eyeshadows is extremely cute and totally unique in its overall presentation. I have seen and tried some eyeshadows before with similar magnetic packagings, but these Westman Atelier ones have a luxurious look. I can tell that a lot of thought is given to the way the packaging of the eyeshadows is made. In terms of the product itself, the formula is quite intriguing because it does not feel very creamy at all, even though it may look creamy at first sight. The feel of the product is somewhat velvety, and it is not very easy to spread around the lids when using the fingertips. A somewhat stiff-bristled eyeshadow brush works betters in terms of application, but a soft-bristled eyeshadow brush will not help much. I think it is because the product is too thick in consistency that it can be challenging to pick it up using just the fingertips or a soft brush. I do find that the shades are really pigmented, and they do not irritate my lids.


The Westman Atelier Eye Pods come in three sets/trios of wearable eyeshadows. Here is my favorite trio.


Westman Atelier Eye Pods Eyeshadows


Les Jours – chocolate/rich chocolate, tabac/warm bronze, neige/iridescent ivory.

Final thoughts. I love this makeup brand, especially the cream highlighter and the eye pods eyeshadows. Westman Atelier does not shy away from creating gorgeous makeup products with luxurious packaging that is truly worth the price tag. I would not mind carrying any of their products in my purse all the time.


Are you also a fan of this makeup brand? DM me.