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Kaja Air Heart Lipstick


I’ve got another lipstick review for y’all. I have always wanted to review these lipsticks because they are just so pretty inside and out. But your aunt has been extremely busy lately solving puzzles and getting distracted with gardening, lol. I do miss you all, so very very much, like really really for real much, haha! Please do check my Insta for some impromptu updates, lol.


Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick review


So, without any fuss, let us talk about the Kaja Air Heart Lipsticks. If you are a longtime reader of this blog, then ya know I am a big fan of Kaja Beauty and their really cute products. The latest of my faves from them are their heart-shaped lipsticks because of several reasons:


Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick sprung, ride or die, boo


  • They have a very soft melt-on-your-lips texture
  • Have a natural finish
  • Almost all the shades are so wearable
  • The packaging and the product itself are so cute (heart-shaped)
  • Good lasting power
  • Currently on sale


Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick


I am usually a big fan of matte lipsticks, but I will take a natural lipstick like these in a heartbeat, lol. The biggest surprise for me with these is the fact that even though these are some of the softest lipsticks I have ever tried, I am amazed by the lasting power of these (3-4 hours). The medium shades tend to leave a lovely stain which lasts for about a day. Also, these lipsticks have no strong scents at all. Impressive! Almost all the shades suit my skintone very very well. If you ask what my favorite shades are, I can tell you that all of them are my faves, but I am so in love with the colors: Ride or Die, Sprung, and Boo.


See the swatches below


Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick lip swatches 03 ride or die, 05 sprung, 06 boo, 07 lover, 02 bby girl


Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick swatches

So, if you are a fan of natural finish lipsticks (not too drying, not too shiny), I definitely recommend these. Also, if you are a fan of rose and mauve tones in lipsticks like yours truly, I bet you will love these a lot.


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