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So Shape Diet Review

so shape diet challenge


Dieting is a very personal activity for a lot of us. That is because every person has different strategies that help them maintain or lose weight. Yet, not all strategies for weight loss work all the time, and not all foods are healthy enough to be considered diet foods. I have had my share of dieting experience and diet tricks that sort of worked, could have worked, and never worked at all, which means that I am very reticent in recommending you a diet plan in this blog. However, I feel compelled to tell you that there is one diet challenge that seems to work for me at the moment, and it really took me by surprise.


so shape weight loss diet


The So Shape Diet challenge is a weight control program that originated in France. The program’s goal is to achieve weight loss in a “simple and no-fuss” way, which means that the products in the program are highly innovative, quick to prepare, tasty, and varied.


so shape weight loss diet dishes


If you are the busy type, the So Shape program makes everything so easy when it comes to shedding a few pounds while keeping up with your daily activities.


so shape weight loss program review


so shape brownie shake diet

brownie shake

The So Shape products are divided into either shakes or hot dishes. The shakes can be served hot or cold, and they come in different flavors, which I can assure as very tasty. I have a very picky tastebud for shakes and smoothies, and the So Shape shakes definitely passed my tastebud’s scrutiny, lol. My favorite flavors from the So Shape shakes are: brownie, sea salt caramel, cappuccino, and cookie cream. The So Shape shakes can be taken during lunch or even during dinnertime. To prepare it, just follow the instructions on the booklet given to you when you sign up for the So Shape challenge. TLDR: just add 8 ½ oz of water to the provided shaker and add the flavored powder from the sachet, and voila! If the shake is too thick, you can always add more water, use a bit of hot water to melt the powder during the shake preparation, or just keep shaking the shake. For me, the shakes can replace my whole meal, since most of them are around 200+ calories.


so shape cookie cream shake

cookie cream shake

so shape diet hot dishes review


The So Shape dishes are very interesting because they come in similar packaging as the shakes, but instead of containing the powdered shake flavors, the So Shape dishes contain a powder mixture or flavor of the dish. A separate pack of pasta, such as macaroni, matches each dish sachet. Just like the shakes, the preparation for the dishes is also very easy. Just add 4-5 oz of water to the pasta (use the shaker as a measuring cup), heat it using a microwave or a pot, and then add the dish sachet. I love all the flavors of the So Shape dishes, and I use them to replace at least one of my meals. Every dish from So Shape is very filling, and I find myself no longer reaching for extra meals or snacks.


so shape fusillis and arrabbiata dish

fusillis and arrabbiata dish

The So Shape challenge directs that you follow their advice or commandments stated in their booklet. Some of the advice includes: keeping yourself hydrated, allowing yourself to eat a free meal, eating lean protein and lots of vegetables while on the program, and trying to hold on to the program for the next three days to get used to the diet routine. This advice or commandments are what I really like about the program. So Shape allows you to diet, yet they remain flexible with what you can eat outside of the challenge. By guiding you on what to food eat and consuming their shakes that are high in protein and dishes in reasonable proportions, diet and exercise have been truly effective for me.


so shape diet challenge review


Have you tried the So Shape challenge already? What is your ultimate diet tip?


For more information, check out the So Shape diet challenge HERE.


Note. Products provided by So Shape. The reviews and opinions herein are solely by the editor.





Quant Tater Tot Casserole

Simple Tater Tot Casserole Recipe Ingredients


Hi there! I’ve got a quick recipe to share. One that is very easy to prepare and won’t take much of your time. If you’re a busy bee like moi, it can be really challenging to find some ample time to cook, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of things at the same time.


This recipe is very special to me because it’s dedicated to the one that taught me my first research method course and the one who actually gave this recipe :-). She’s also the one with the super-fast reflexes, hahaha!


Excited to try this recipe at the comfort of your home? Keep on scrolling.



  • bag of tater tots (frozen is ok, no need to thaw)
  • one cup shredded cheese (I used sharp cheddar)
  • one can Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • French fried onions
  • ½ cup sour cream



  • Preheat oven to 350° F
  • Arrange tater tots in a casserole or baking pan

Homemade Tater Tot Casserole Dish

  • Mix ½ cup sour cream plus one cup shredded cheese and the mushroom soup

Tater Tot Casserole ingredients

  • Pour the sour cream and mushroom soup mixture on top of the tater tots

Tater Tot Casserole

  • Top with French fried onions

Simple Tater Tot Casserole Recipe Ingredients

  • Bake for 45 minutes


That’s it! You now have a quick, delicious, comfort meal that is ready to be shared with your family and friends. Easy peasy.


how to make Tater Tot Casserole


P.S. My finished product may look slightly burned because I got distracted for a few minutes. Nevertheless, the taste remained delightful 🙂 .


Blinding or no blinding, this recipe may be simple, but it’s surprisingly delicious. The combination of sour cream and mushroom soup is so gooood. I highly highly recommend that you try this asap.






How To Make Christmas Tree Cupcakes

christmas cupcake muffin brownie recipe


Merry snowy Christmas everybody! It’s gloomy, cold, and frosty where I am, but the spirit of Christmas is alive despite what’s going on with the world right now. I hope you’re all having a good time with your loved ones and are staying well this holiday season. As for me, I’m taking some time to rest and chill. I’ve been doing some cooking and baking lately and, in this post, I’m showing you how I made my own version of Christmas tree cupcakes.


Christmas tree cupcake


You can call this a lazy guide Christmas cupcake recipe because this is quick, delicious, and practical to make. You can even substitute the cupcake for a brownie or muffin mix. Excited to know how? Keep on reading.



  • Philadelphia whipping cream cheese (3 x 8 oz tub)
  • Cupcake/muffin/brownie mix (1 box. I like the Ghirardelli ones)
  • Confectioner’s sugar
  • Granulated sugar
  • Gel food coloring in green


christmas tree cupcake ingredients



  • Mixing bowls
  • Cupcake/muffin liners
  • Whisk or electric handheld mixer
  • Non-stick muffin pan
  • Ice cream sugar cones
  • Butter knife
  • Icing tips (round and star-shaped tips)
  • Pastry bag
  • Strainer (optional)





  • Line muffin pan with cupcake/muffin liners. Prepare the mixture by following the box’s instructions for baking preparation and overall baking time. Once done, let the pastries cool down. Set-aside.





christmas tree pastry


  • In a mixing bowl, mix two 8 oz tubs of Philadelphia whipping cream cheese along with 2/4 cups of granulated sugar. Add green food color. Make it dark, like the color of pine trees. Set aside 1/3 of it in a separate bowl (to be used later to cover the sugar cones). Place the rest inside a pastry bag with the star-shaped icing tip



how to make christmas cupcake


  • In another mixing bowl, mix one 8 oz tub of Philadelphia whipping cream cheese along with 1/4 cup of granulated sugar. Do not add any food color. Place this inside a pastry bag with the round icing tip.


Christmas Tree

  • Cover one sugar cone with green cream cheese mixture using a butter knife.

christmas cupcake christmas tree recipe

  • Pipe in a circular motion the plain frosting around the top portion of the cupcake/muffin. This will be the base of the Christmas tree.

christmas cupcake recipe

  • Place the green sugar cone on top of the plain frosting.

christmas muffin

  • With the green frosting, start piping to simulate the pine leaves all over the sugar cone. (This is the most tedious part, but well worth it).

christmas cupcake

  • With a small strainer or by using your fingers, throw in some confectioner’s sugar, to simulate the look of snow on pine trees. 

christmas tree cupcake recipe


Easy peasy! This recipe can create 4-5 Christmas cupcakes which are so fun to do with your families. The finished product is so cute that you will not want to eat them. Also, your fingers will turn green either while making them or by eating them (you’ve been warned, lol).


Have a very Merry Christmas everybody!