Nespresso Decaffeinated Capsules Review

nespresso decaffeinato capsules review


Hi! Been testing out the decaf versions of Nespresso capsules, specially the one’s that have the intensity 4. Because I’m not really a fan of higher intensity Nespressos as they taste more bitter than others and can make you super jittery, I decided to give the decaffeinated versions a try. Or better known as The Nespresso Decaffeinato capsules.

The Decaffeinated ones have two types; the ones with intensity 4 and the ones that are way darker and have an intensity of 7-9. I picked the two intensity 4 and one of them should be served in Lungo size to achieve the right kind of intensity. Also, the Decaffeinato pods are marked with red dots at the bottom.


nespresso espresso volluto decaffeinato review


Volluto DecaffeinatoIntensity 4. Sweet and Light. Has exactly the same ingredients are the original Espresso Volluto Capsule, but roasted differently. Though they both have the same Intensity, but their preparation varies slightly. Of all the decafs, this is my most favorite.


nespresso vivalto lungo decaffeinato capsules review


Vivalto Lungo DecaffeinatoIntensity 4. Complex and Balanced. This decaf capsule needs to be prepared in Lungo size and it has a subtle and some sort of floral base. It is indeed light, but doesn’t have the sweet property of the Volluto Decaffeinato above. However, it’s not bitter, just a well-balanced decaffeinated coffee.


I decided not to try the higher intensity Decafs as most likely I won’t be able to drink them anyway. Usually, most high intensity Nespressos require a brave heart to give it a try. 🙂

If you like coffee, but doesn’t want too much caffeine, try these two instead. They’re light enough to not make you jittery, but they’re good enough for a quick pick me up. 🙂

You can buy these HERE.


Happy Wednesday! Stay tune for the next review…

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Nespresso Variations Capsules Review

nespresso variations capsules review


Hey Coffee Addicts! It’s caffeine overdose time! LOL!  My my, here’s another episode of my Nespresso pods or capsules review. I promise this won’t be the last 🙂 This time we’re gonna be reviewing the Nespresso Variations capsules. There’s 3 flavors in this line of capsules, and they’re meant to be for those who prefers their coffee with Vanilla, Caramel or Chocolate. Actually they’re termed differently; Vanilio (Vanilla), Ciocattino (Chocolate) and Caramelito (Caramel). All three of them have intensity 6, meaning, they’re a bit stronger in flavor and in taste compared to some other Nespresso pods, but not necessarily in terms of its caffeine content. 


nespresso espresso caramelito

Caramelito (Caramel) : Extremely delicious and quite sweet. Has a pleasing toffee-like or caramel flavor that makes you want to have some more. Also love the aroma of this coffee and feels mild to taste with very very slight bitterness noted.


nespresso variations chocolate

Ciocattino (Chocolate) : This has the strongest taste of all the three Nespresso Variations. It’s quite bitter and I almost couldn’t discern its chocolate flavor. While it’s meant to be dark chocolate-flavored, I find that it’s way too strong for me.


nespresso variations vanilla review

Vanilio (Vanilla) : Love this flavor a lot because it’s smooth and soft to the taste. It’s quite mild, which is even milder than the Caramelito capsules. It has a silky vanilla taste that’s really pleasing and is very very tasty, almost like drinking it with milk already.


The Nespresso Variations are definitely one of my favorite Nespresso pods line simply because they’re flavored and they’re one of the tastiest of all the Nespresso capsules, given that they’re intensity 6 on the chart. Except for the Ciocattino, I am crazy for the Vanilios and the Caramelitos. Will definitely be repurchasing these from now on.


Stay tune for my next Nespresso pods review, but for now, if you want to purchase these Nespresso Variations capsules, please do so HERE. These coffees are sooo good. For real.


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Nespresso Origins Capsule Review

nespresso pure origins capsules pods review


They say “Blogging Is Like A Coffee. It Keeps You Awake.” LOL! OMG, I definitely had too much caffeine today. Speaking of caffeine, this is the third installment of my Nespresso and Nespresso pods or capsules review. The first one being the Nespresso Espresso Pixie Machine itself, reviewed HERE and the classic Espresso Capsules, reviewed HERE.

This time, I’m gonna be talking about Nespresso Pure Origin Capsules, which are basically coffees from other countries with its corresponding intensities. There are 4 pure origin capsules, namely: Bukeela Ka Ethiopia, Dulsao Do Brasil, Rosabaya De Colombia and Indriya from India. Their taste varies a lot from bitter to almost fruity. Some are more balanced while some are quite intense.


nespresso pure origins bukeela ethiopia

  • Bukeela Ka Ethiopia (Intensity 3) : Floral and Wild. This has to be prepared as a Lungo size to achieve the right intensity. For its taste, this has a very subtle coffee taste which is easy to drink for anybody who dislikes strong coffee. Also one of my faves in the Pure Origins line.


nespresso pure origins dulsao brazil

  • Dulsao Do Brasil (Intensity 4) : Sweet and Satiny Smooth. I love this coffee, for me, it’s the perfect taste because it’s slightly sweet yet very smooth and just very delicious to drink. You’d almost forget that you’re actually drinking coffee.



nespresso pure origins rosabaya colombia


  • Rosabaya De Colombia (Intensity 6) : Fruity and Balanced. Made of Colombian Arabicas, this coffee is right on its intensity description. It is quite fruity but not as balanced according to my tastebuds. For me, it’s quite heavy and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. But it’s still tasty and tolerable.



nespresso pure origins indriya india

  • Indriya From India. (Intensity 10) : Powerful and Spicy. Want a coffee that’s not just strong, but super-strong? This coffee can wake up the dead, LOL, and if you’re alive, you’re definitely gonna be dancing in the moonlight with this. It’s full-bodied and extremely bitter. Almost couldn’t tolerate this. But I know, there are some folks who actually like this kind of intensity in flavor.


To sum it all up, I like this collection of Nespresso Pure Origin Capsules except the Indriya from India. I think it’s too much for me, but anything from Intensity 6 down to the lowest Intensity would be perfect for me. How ’bout you? have you tried them? Which one’s you like best?


These Nespresso Pure Origins Capsules are available HERE.


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