Nespresso Pixie Review

nespresso pixie review


Kon’nichiwa Friends! This post is dedicated to all the coffee lovers out there. I truly cannot imagine a world without coffee. We’d probably be all sluggish by now, pinching ourselves to wakeup and pretend like we’re paying attention to every single thing that we’re doing. I swear, a quick caffeine fix is really a game changer. But let me tell you, not all coffees are created the equal, and not all coffees are prepared the same as well. Lemme introduce you to my Holy grail coffee maker, the Nespresso Pixie. 

This portable espresso maker packs a punch. It’s everything that I need in a coffee machine and it saves me money. And of course, it tastes as great as Starbucks. 🙂 The price of this amazing little espresso maker can’t be beat, but it’s not all the price that I raved. I love how it’s easy to use, no brainer at all.



nespresso pixie espresso coffee maker



  • it’s extremely portable
  • nice cable length
  • water tank is removable
  • easy to understand instructions and relatively easy to use overall
  • has a power saver mode
  • free Nespresso pods to try
  • can choose between an Espresso or Lungo size
  • foldable
  • foldable drip tray
  • robust body
  • doesn’t need to refill water tank all the time
  • easy capsule/pod insertion
  • has “used pods” catcher/reservoir
  • ergonomic handle
  • has empty water tank detection
  • heats up really fast: 30 seconds
  • one touch buttons
  • convenient power cord storage
  • makes fast and great tasting coffee


Slight Dislikes:

  • can be quite noisy
  • needs to use only Nespresso pods 
  • pods are delicate and can be easily dent


nespresso pixie pods


As someone who is also a fan of Keurig K45 Elite, I realized that this little espresso machine makes coffee tastier and overall better than most drip coffee machines nowadays.  Though it can never replace the versatility of Keurig machines, the problem with drip coffees is that they tend to leave a very bitter aftertaste, while espressos lose the bitterness when added with milk. They also seemed to taste more concentrated than drip-brewed coffee as well. Yet somehow, I still think when it comes to coffee, it’s all about personal preference and taste. 

Now, what’s the difference between this “Pixie” model versus the “Inissia?” While I haven’t tried the Inissia, I think the difference is quite minimal. The Nespresso Pixie is more compact and has an aluminum body, while the Nespresso Inissia is made of plastic, lightweight, doesn’t have empty water detection, and is not as compact. However, both machines brew the same.

When it comes to taste, there’s really not much difference between this and Starbucks. You may not get the Starbucks portion is one preparation, but the punch is still the same. This nice little espresso machine can awaken the dead. 🙂 even with just one shot. Plus, each pod costs around $.070-$.0.75 dollah, so that’s something to consider, and Nespresso has a wide range of Pods to choose from, depending on which Nespresso machine you have. So grab one now, they’re on sale here.


That’s it for now folks! Happy Monday!


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Poo-Pourri Review Part 2

poo pourri toilet spray


The quest to hide any traces of your smelly poop continues! This is part 2 of my poo-pourri review. If you haven’t read part 1, please click here

These bathroom toilet spray is truly heaven-sent. I cannot imagine unloading/downloading without it, hahaha. It will completely give you confidence in pooping from public bathrooms. Just spray on the bowl 3 times and go. As easy as that!


Here are some additional scents that are always a staple in my bathroom.




poo pourri original review

Poo-Pourri Original – This is the first and best poo-pourri scent. It smells like herbs and citrus. Very aromatic and earthy. It works really well in hiding the stink 🙂 and will leave a nice cozy scent in the bathroom.


poo pourri potty potion review

Poo-Pourri Potty Potion – It has tea tree, rosemary & lavender mixed with earthy citrus. This is a very popular and well-loved scent by many. This is also one of my favorite. It smells like the original one mentioned above but with fresher earthy scent.


poo pourri rosy cheeks review

Poo-Pourri Rosy Cheeks – This was a bit hard to find, and I thought this would smell like a rose. It actually smells like earthy floral and lots of strong citrus. In fact, it’s hard to discern the rosy or floral scent of this. However, this is so good at hiding stinks or any nasty smell.


poo pourri royal flush review

Poo Pourri Royal Flush – The best poo-pourri for men. With eucalyptus, spearmint and natural essential oils, this spells men’s cologne. No hint of citrus, but more like a musky, woody scent. This is also good at eradicating any untoward odors.


Arent these convenient? Have you ever tried these toilet sprays before? I really think that you should.


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Poo-Pourri Review Part 1

Do you know that feeling when all of a sudden, in the middle of everything you suddenly feel like you need to download? so you’d go to the nearest bathroom and will try to get into the most private of all toilets to do your business. Unfortunately, ninety-nice percent of the time, you’ll never be the only person in the bathroom. So you feel ashamed, you try to hold on, you try to squeeze, you do the shy-fart, 🙂 you’d wish the other person will just go away, but most likely they’ll linger for whatever reasons. Obviously, you do not want them to hear or smell, right? Well, the hearing part, hmmm, you may not be able to avoid it, but you can definitely avoid them from smelling it. The answer? Poo-pourri. Not potpourri. And yes, thank god for these.


poo pourri review photos


I’ve been waiting for this thing forever! No more shameful downloading in public bathrooms. No more after-downloading gross odor scent. Just spray 3-5 times into the toilet bowl, on the water’s surface and download! This works to trap the odor on the surface even before you start your business.



poo pourri crap shooter review


Crap Shooter – What a name! hahaha! I bet we all shoot crap from time to time, 🙂 don’t deny… This scent is has citrus, cassis and fir. It smells very pleasant and not irritating. It is one of my favorite scent from poo-pourri.


poo pourri no 2 review


No.2 – One of the most delightful scent I’ve ever tried from poo-pourri. This scent is very feminine and refreshing. It has peach and mixed berries which a lot of people rave about. This is probably one of the best, if not the best-selling poo-pourri scent apart from the original one. FYI: this scent is very similar to Bai bubbles/sparkling drink in peach flavor. So if you’ve used this scent and you haven’t tried the Bai drink, then stay that way. Simply because you might associate the drink’s taste/scent to this particular poo-pourri spray.


poo pourri poo la la review


Poo La La – A very floral feminine scent. It has peonies, rose and citrus.  Also one of my fave poo-pourri scent, since this is really pleasing to the senses. Also love the label of the packaging.


poo pourri daisy doo review


Daisy Doo – Has a fresh daisy-like spring scent. A little lighter scented than most, and is definitely very famine. This isn’t overpowering and has good odor coverage. Not much citrus in this, but has a bit of a slight perfume scent to it.


poo pourri deja poo review


Deja Poo – Has a citrusy-white flower scent. Still very feminine and very much a spring scent, and can completely obliterate the strongest of all poop odors.  This is like the strong citrusy version of Daisy Doo.


poo pourri hush flush review


Hush Flush – Made with wildflowers and citrus, this scent is very very similar to Deja Poo. Although, I find that this scent doesn’t have a strong citrus aroma compared to Deja Poo and has a slight sweet scent.



poo pourri review



These spray can also be used in your own bathroom at home and it really helps to eliminate odor. Some say what’s worse? being shamed for having a stinky poo? or being caught carrying these sprays? Well, all I can say is, don’t be afraid to use these. They won’t even see what’s coming. 🙂


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