Baetea Detox Tea Review


What’s Up My Dear Readers! I’m pretty sure that all of us have been making weight loss a top priority in our list at every start of a new year. We always plan, dream, imagine and had been crossing our fingers and our hearts that this year is gonna be the year that we will finally transform. And of course we do our best, but then it’s hard to keep up. Life happens, sh”t happens, and uh-oh…we forgot we had to diet. Also, sometimes, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try to diet and exercise, even how hard you starve and felt like dying, still it’s so darn hard to loose the weight, or at least to feel and look fit.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a bit of help to jumpstart our ultimate weight loss plan, but not in a drastic way, but in a more natural way? Enter Baetea. One of the latest “detox” or “teatox” tea that has been making noises in the “au naturel” detoxifying/slimming tea market nowadays. 


baetea detox tea review


As someone who has been feeling like “I’ve eaten a ton of crap lately and needs to feel fit while loosing some junk in the trunk”, I was on a mission for a very good natural and detoxifying tea to incorporate with my daily activities. I’ve actually looked everywhere, far and wide, but most of them seemed quite scary. They all seem to have that “laxative” effect, which I was not a fan of, because then that would be such a hassle. Imagine working and needing to take a dump every couple of seconds? (minutes if you’re lucky) LOL ???? 

I found Baetea via It’s one of their bestselling detox tea, and the reviews were really good. I was drawn by the ingredients which seemed promising, like Oolong (proven for weight loss), Garcinia Cambodia Cambogia (studied for weight loss) and Machete Matcha Tea to mention a few. The Baetea does contain some caffeine and should be taken once a day. Mine is a 14 day detox pack, but they also sell a 28 day pack. Just throw in 1 bag to a cup of hot water, leave it to infuse for 3-5 minutes and drink it upon rising in the morning or before a workout.



baetea ingredients review

baetea review teatox


In my 14 day experience with Baetea, I noticed that it seems to act like an appetite suppressant, but not so much so that you won’t feel the need to eat. I still feel hungry and all, but I tend to feel full quite easily and I also don’t snack as much. Which means less cravings, hallelujah! I also feel like I have more energy, and it doesn’t make me want to go to the bathroom often. The taste is not bad at all. It has a lemon or lemongrass scent with some herbs. It’s refreshing and a lot milder compared to other detox tea. As far as weight loss is concerned, “14 day” is not enough to gauge a real weight loss, but with all the temptations of eating out with friends even though I worked out like a rabid dog, I may have lost 1-2 lbs. But who’s to say, it could be water weight after all, you know. But one thing is for sure, I have not gained any junk in the trunk so far. I’m also planning to continue with this tea for a few weeks more to completely see the result. Will update you soon…



baetea review


Take note that while this tea seems to work in my favor, your experience could be entirely different, and I suggest that you give this Baetea a try and see yourself. Available HERE.


So, have you teatoxed today? ???? 


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Nespresso Lungo Capsules Review

nespresso lungo pods review


It’s cooold outside and this time of the year requires hot drinks to warm up our senses. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Nespresso coffee capsules and I’ve been reviewing each different kinds of capsules/pods to see which ones I will stick to from now on. From espressos to decafs, now it’s time to review the two intensity 4s of Nespresso Lungo. In a typical Nespresso machine, there’s 2 sizes to choose from as to how you want your pods/capsules prepared; The usual espresso that produces tiny shots of concentrated coffee with minimal water, and the lungo size that has a lot more water content in it. There are also different capsules for the two sizes mentioned. For this review, as I’ve said before, we’re gonna talk about the intensity 4 lungo capsules. Why the two intensity 4s? simply because their intensities are mild and they’re the ones that I could mostly tolerate.


nespresso vivalto lungo capsules review


  • Vivalto Lungo: Complex and Balanced. A mix of South American and East African Arabicas. The taste of this particular capsule is indeed complicated but very tasty. It has a bit of a bitter aftertaste that goes away after a few seconds. Additionally, it has an intense aroma and flavoring that’s great as an energy booster during gloomy days.


nespresso linizio lungo capsules review


  • Linizio Lungo: Round and Smooth. This has such a delicious and smooth taste that will probably suit everyone’s palate. This is my most favorite of all the Lungo capsules because it doesn’t have an aftertaste. In fact, this reminds me of the usual intensity 3 or 4 espresso capsules. Indeed, a very fine blend of Arabicas. Love it much.



To purchase the whole Lungo line of capsules, click HERE.


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Nespresso Decaffeinated Capsules Review

nespresso decaffeinato capsules review


Hi! Been testing out the decaf versions of Nespresso capsules, specially the one’s that have the intensity 4. Because I’m not really a fan of higher intensity Nespressos as they taste more bitter than others and can make you super jittery, I decided to give the decaffeinated versions a try. Or better known as The Nespresso Decaffeinato capsules.

The Decaffeinated ones have two types; the ones with intensity 4 and the ones that are way darker and have an intensity of 7-9. I picked the two intensity 4 and one of them should be served in Lungo size to achieve the right kind of intensity. Also, the Decaffeinato pods are marked with red dots at the bottom.


nespresso espresso volluto decaffeinato review


Volluto DecaffeinatoIntensity 4. Sweet and Light. Has exactly the same ingredients are the original Espresso Volluto Capsule, but roasted differently. Though they both have the same Intensity, but their preparation varies slightly. Of all the decafs, this is my most favorite.


nespresso vivalto lungo decaffeinato capsules review


Vivalto Lungo DecaffeinatoIntensity 4. Complex and Balanced. This decaf capsule needs to be prepared in Lungo size and it has a subtle and some sort of floral base. It is indeed light, but doesn’t have the sweet property of the Volluto Decaffeinato above. However, it’s not bitter, just a well-balanced decaffeinated coffee.


I decided not to try the higher intensity Decafs as most likely I won’t be able to drink them anyway. Usually, most high intensity Nespressos require a brave heart to give it a try. 🙂

If you like coffee, but doesn’t want too much caffeine, try these two instead. They’re light enough to not make you jittery, but they’re good enough for a quick pick me up. 🙂

You can buy these HERE.


Happy Wednesday! Stay tune for the next review…

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