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Pat McGrath Divine Rose Luxe Quad + Divine Nude Liquilust Review + Swatches

pat mcgrath divine nude liquilust, divine rose liquilust, divine rose matte trance


Hello everyone! I am back from my stint at the hospital. What an experience that was. All is well that ends well (insert Sia: Reaper). So, I am back in full swing (hopefully).

Spring is pretty warm from where I am. Most of the time, I find myself overloading on sunscreen because the heat can be too much, and my forehead is getting burned. So, please, don’t forget to apply your favorite sunscreen around this time.

The pandemic has eased some of the restrictions here. I walk around maskless, but I wear my mask indoors. I got my full shots, and most people I know had been vaccinated as well. Yet, somehow, people are still wary of the virus, and it is going to take some time to fully get back to normal, especially mentally.

I am starting to wear some full-face makeup again. I did not realize how much I miss it until I started testing this Pat McGrath Divine Rose Quad. Which, by the way, is such a beautiful quad filled with beautiful Spring-ready shades. I was kind of hesitant to try it at first, because it may not look good on my skintone, but it ended up working really well. It did not make me look like I had an allergic reaction, lol.


pat mcgrath divine nude lipstick collection

Divine Rose

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Luxe Quad Eternal Eden Eye shadow review


pat mcgrath divine rose luxe quad eternal eden swatches


Luxe Quad: in Eternal Eden – The quad feels so creamy, and you can create several looks with it. I really like the Earthy Delight shade (brownish mauve, bottom left) because it is perfect for contouring the eye socket. The shimmery shades are so fine, and there is no fallout. The matte pink and peachy shades are not very in-your-face kind of shades. So, anybody at any age can wear them. I wear these eyeshadows without any primer, and they stay on my lids for a long time.


pat mcgrath divine rose liquilust


LiquiLUST: I like this liquid lipstick a lot. The shade may be a bit too rosy for me, but it complements my skintone very well. It does emphasize the lip lines, but it does not feel very dry. And, of course, no amount of transfer happened.


pat mcgrath divine rose matte trance liquilust swatch


MatteTrance: This is supposed to be the matte lipstick version of the same divine rose shade above. However, I am astonished by the shade of this lipstick. I look like I’ve been semi-embalmed in this shade (knock on wood, lol). The color just looks totally different from being rosy. It looks more nude, and it made me look washed out. I do like the comfortable matte texture, though.


Divine Nude

LiquiLUST: This liquid lipstick’s shade looks more like the Divine Rose in MatteTrance. Still too washed out and too nude for me. This shade would be ideal for those with fair to light skintones.

Pat McGrath divine nude divine rose liquilast lip swatches

Overall, I like this PMG Divine Rose collection, even though two of the lipstick shades do not match my skintone very well. The quad got me sold, and I highly recommend it.


Until next time, darlings. Take good care.







Dior Backstage Pro Review + Swatches

dior backstage pro review


Hello darlings, I am back from the milky way. Now that the world is slowly getting back to normal, our makeup life is also slowly reviving, lol. If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to lately and where have I been, well, I finished my finals, and I am on a short break.

dior backstage eyeshadow palette review


So, let’s talk briefly about these gorgeousness from Dior. The Dior Backstage makeup line is probably my most favorite Dior beauty line. Ever since seeing its stunning packaging during its release, I knew it set my heart on fire, ha! My collection grew from one palette to the ones below. I love that Dior releases more palettes of this line every now and then. I also love that their foundations contain different range of shades that suit everyone’s skin tone. After all, diversity is the spice of life.


dior backstage eyeshadow palette rosewood neutrals


As you can see all over Instagram, the Dior Backstage Pro eyeshadows is a huge hit among beauty lovers. It’s the packaging, it’s the shades, it’s the embossing, it’s the pigments, and everything that it has that makes each palette fabulous. Using this will make you feel like a real lady Dior — the type that sits at the backseat, hair all done (vintage style), red lipstick, and staring in awe and curiosity at those big bright city lights. Hmm, did I describe it well? All the eyeshadow palettes from this line are so good. One thing that captured me is the mix of cream and powder textures in each palette. Also, the shades are very complementary to each other, and you bet you can find neutral ones down to the smokey ones. The creamy shade is a primer, and it really makes for a good base. There are also highlighting shades and sculpting shades, as well as matte and shimmery shades. You pretty much have everything you need in every single one of these palettes—Muchas gracias, Dior.


dior backstage eyeshadow palette amber neutrals

Eyeshadow Palettes:

dior eyeshadow palette rosewood neutrals swatch

dior backstage eyeshadow palette amber neutrals swatches

dior eyeshadow palette cool neturals swatch


dior backstage face and body foundation and primer review


Face and Body Foundation and Primer: First word that came to my mind when I tried these is — LOVE. What a well-done primer and foundation. The primer is creamy but not sticky and it’s subtly glowy. It makes the foundation adhere to the skin well, and it doesn’t pill. The foundation, similarly, is one of those foundations that do not need to be set with a setting powder. It’s so lightweight, and the finish is natural. It can stay on and on without any problem. It can even work without a primer. But I suggest you go with both if the budget allows. Another thing I love about these is the fabulous floral scent. It smells ultra-fancy!

dior backstage foundation 2N and primer swatches


dior backstage glow face palette


Contour Palette and Glow Face Palette: How can I say no to these beautiful face palettes? My brain says “no”, but my heart says “go”. LOL. Well, you already know who I followed in the end. The face palette is beee-you-tiful. It has two highlighting shades, a blush, and a bronzer. This is the palette to wear when you go and present your theory, haha! In addition to, furthermore, moreover (wink wink), the bronzer is quite fascinating. You have to read them like a Latin square because they are mutually exclusive from each other, lol. D’ya feel me? In this palette, you have an option for a light and deep highlighter, and an option for a light and deep contour. Ya gets? See the swatches below.


dior backstage contour palette swatch and glow face palette swatches


Bottom line, these are the palettes that are too beautiful to touch, yet so totally worth using. I really think that each of them is so good, hands down. The pigments are TDF, and the lasting power is equally good as well. The only thing I kind of wished it had is a mirror. But, it’s not really a big deal for me.

One more look at the face palettes.


dior backstage face contour palette


Have you tried any of these before? Which palette, in particular, is your fave?


Until then, darlings,


Take care. Stay safe.





Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick Review + Swatches

Halo darlings!


Kaja Air Heart Lipstick


I’ve got another lipstick review for y’all. I have always wanted to review these lipsticks because they are just so pretty inside and out. But your aunt has been extremely busy lately solving puzzles and getting distracted with gardening, lol. I do miss you all, so very very much, like really really for real much, haha! Please do check my Insta for some impromptu updates, lol.


Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick review


So, without any fuss, let us talk about the Kaja Air Heart Lipsticks. If you are a longtime reader of this blog, then ya know I am a big fan of Kaja Beauty and their really cute products. The latest of my faves from them are their heart-shaped lipsticks because of several reasons:


Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick sprung, ride or die, boo


  • They have a very soft melt-on-your-lips texture
  • Have a natural finish
  • Almost all the shades are so wearable
  • The packaging and the product itself are so cute (heart-shaped)
  • Good lasting power
  • Currently on sale


Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick


I am usually a big fan of matte lipsticks, but I will take a natural lipstick like these in a heartbeat, lol. The biggest surprise for me with these is the fact that even though these are some of the softest lipsticks I have ever tried, I am amazed by the lasting power of these (3-4 hours). The medium shades tend to leave a lovely stain which lasts for about a day. Also, these lipsticks have no strong scents at all. Impressive! Almost all the shades suit my skintone very very well. If you ask what my favorite shades are, I can tell you that all of them are my faves, but I am so in love with the colors: Ride or Die, Sprung, and Boo.


See the swatches below


Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick lip swatches 03 ride or die, 05 sprung, 06 boo, 07 lover, 02 bby girl


Kaja Beauty Air Heart Lipstick swatches

So, if you are a fan of natural finish lipsticks (not too drying, not too shiny), I definitely recommend these. Also, if you are a fan of rose and mauve tones in lipsticks like yours truly, I bet you will love these a lot.


Bye for now, darlings