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Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Stain Review + Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Stains


Hello gorgeous! I am back from a two-week hiatus. Been so busy lately that I lost track of time. Time for me goes by so fast, like the speed of light. My days are mostly spent writing, thinking, and trying to solve puzzles (insert Coldplay — The Scientist, lol). Oh, I miss them Pre-Covid days. Those glam days of endless eyeliners on fleek and sharply contoured cheeks! I still wear lipsticks nowadays, but I stay away from glosses. I wear mattes or lip stains most of the time, and I’ve been testing these very intriguing lip stain from Anastasia Beverly Hills.


Anastasia Lip Stain review


These lips stains are so interesting because they are what I would call as great dupes for the Dior Lip Tattoo (swatched HERE). I love that Dior lip product so much, even though some folks had mixed feelings about it. These Anastasia Lip Stains, on the other hand, are almost similar to the Dior Lip Tattoo in a lot of aspects. The consistency and the brush applicator, for example, are reminiscent of the Dior Lip Tattoo. Both have fluid consistencies and both have angled brush applicators. In fact, both even have the same matte packaging, except for the Dior one looking a little bit fancier.


However, there are some subtle differences that I noticed between the two. The Anastasia Lip Stains give a slightly sticky feel a few minutes after application. They also seem to be somewhat streaky, and the shades tend to pile up instead of blending seamlessly on the lips. Also, each shade of the tube does not really match the shade of the product inside or when applied. The true shades tend to pull twice or even three times darker than the shade of the tubes. So, I have to be very light-handed with my application. These lip stains are SOOO staining that I had a hard time getting rid of them from my lips. A one light swipe on the lips will pretty much be enough


Anastasia Beverly Hills lip stain swatch


Dusty Rose – more of a plum rosewood


Rosewood – more like a medium copper rose


Black Cherry – wine-red stain


anastasia lip stain lip swatches black cherry, rosewood, dusty rose

These lip stains are lightweight, but you will feel that slight stickiness. They won’t dry your lips, but they somewhat emphasize the lip lines. The colors may be so vivid and so pigmented, but you will have a hard time removing them. They will not transfer on your mask, but if you make a mistake of applying more than two coats of these, don’t plan to get out of the house (lol), or else you will scare the neighborhood pets away :D. Kk?


Anastasia Lip Stain



Stay tuned for more beauty posts.


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Kérastase Genesis Review

Kérastase Genesis Strengthening Conditioner


Aloha, I’m blogging live from a beautiful island here in the middle of the Pacific, sipping piña colada while working on my tan – I wish. I am just kidding y’all. But ya know what I mean. I’m having a vacation state of mind, lol. Aren’t we all? Where will you go post-COVID?


I hope today’s review will inspire you to take a vacation somewhere warm and sunny when all this pandemic nightmare is over. But before you take that dream vacay, be sure to have a fabulous strong hair — the type that can withstand fluctuating temperature, humidity, and strong wind.


Enter Kérastase Genesis. My favorite haircare line for hair strengthening and reducing hair fall. If your hair is the type that becomes brittle due to extreme temperature such as this Winter, or you simply experience hair fall from brushing, then take a closer look at the promising hair-strengthening products from Kérastase.


Kerastase Genesis Strengthening Conditioner


The Kérastase haircare line fortifies and strengthens hair with different nourishing ingredients. It has ginger root to stimulate hair growth, edelweiss native cells for anti-aging, and arginine as amino acid to strengthen the hair. Additionally, the line has caffeine which also increases hair follicles and stops hair loss.


The Kérastase Genesis line comes in lovely pink packaging and opens to a lemon scent as the top note. The dry down is quite musky, which may take some getting used to for some.


Kérastase Genesis Strengthening Shampoo


Genesis Strengthening Shampoo for Normal to Oily Hair – Has a gel consistency that feels very light. It lathers very well and will not dry the hair. It is indeed an ideal shampoo for those whose hair strands tend to get oily quickly.


Genesis Strengthening Conditioner – Not too thick and not too watery. It is very creamy and easy to spread. You will only need a bit, and it’s enough to condition the hair.


Kérastase Genesis Strengthening Conditioner


Genesis Strengthening Serum for Hair and Scalp – One of the few hair serums I really like because the product doesn’t only fortify my hair, it also reduces the frizz. Therefore, making my hair even more manageable, even the next day. Tip: apply when your hair is still damp.


Genesis Strengthening Hair Mask – Best to use once or twice a week only. The consistency feels like the Genesis conditioner but even thicker and denser. So, you only need a little bit of the product on your hair.


Genesis Strengthening Blow Dry Primer – Perfect when you subject your hair to constant heating and styling. Nowadays, since our lives mostly exist in virtual reality, I don’t reach for this often. The Genesis Serum is what I tend to use more.


Kérastase Haircare review


So, what’s the overall result of the Kérastase Genesis line on my hair? Well, prior to using the products, I’ve had some hair breakage and hair fall, which made my hair look pretty thin. Now, I’m happy to report that there is a significant 50-60% improvement. However, the result will take some time. Probably about a month or a month and a half. My hair does look a lot thicker and stronger than before. Therefore, I recommend the Kérastase Genesis haircare line. Additionally, I have a few tips to reduce hair breakage and hair fall:


  • Don’t comb/brush your hair while still wet or damp.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb when brushing. Yeah, I know they’re not the most attractive hair combs in the world, but trust me (your long-lost dearest aunt :D), it’s going to help your hair in the long run.
  • Be gentle to your hair, do not tie it always, unless you’re working out.
  • Be very careful with scrunchies. They can dent your hair strands.
  • Keep your hair nourished with hair strengthening products, such as serums, leave-ons, and hair masks.
  • Go easy on hair coloring and hair strengthening products. Keep it au-naturel.
  • If your hair is long, be careful when you sit on a chair. Don’t rub it at the back of your chair t (if your chair has a backrest). This might cause friction or dent your hair strands.
  • Pull your hair up towards the headboard when you’re sleeping.
  • Do not massage your scalp too much when showering.
  • Take your vitamins (be it hair vitamins), get some sleep, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  • Lastly, love your hair. Whether curly, straight, thick, thin, oily, or dry. It’s your crowning glory. It’s what makes you unique and beautiful.


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Nars Soft Matte Tinted Lip Balm Review + Swatches

nars soft matte tinted lip balm review


Halo darlings. I’ve got a quick review to share, and it’s all about the lip product I mentioned during my previous posts. I was so excited when I got my hands on the Nars Soft Matte Tinted Lip Balm. It looks like the perfect matte lip balm for any occasion, especially for Zooming :D. Well, guess what? I’m happy to report that it is indeed an amazing product that checks all the boxes. Hydrating? Yes. Comfortable? Oh yes. Pigmented? Yes, yes. Long-wearing? Totally, yes.


nars soft matte tinted lip balm brief encounter


The Nars Soft Matte Lip Balm is a limited-edition lip product from Nars. It comes with the signature Nars-style packaging, but it has a gray metallic tone. At a glance, the shades tend to be on the nude spectrum, or should I say, in varying intensities of the nude tone (excusez moi, this is the academic side of me talking 😀 lol). I do find the shades to be somewhat sheer, especially the ones that I got. But also, a few of the shades tend to be more opaque as they get deeper/darker.


nars soft matte tinted lip balm unrestricted swatch


UnrestrictedPink nude. This is a beautiful mix of sheer pink and sheer nude. I like this a lot, and the pigment stays on for more than four hours.


Brief EncounterNeutral Nude. This just gives me enough color on the lips. Perhaps a little too nude for me. But the effect just gives that enough warmth that slightly contrasts my skintone.


Whip LashRusty Nude. I didn’t expect how dramatic this shade could get. It’s like a brownish brick red. It’s a beautiful shade for medium skintone and perfect for Fall.


nars soft matte tinted lip balm lip swatches


The Nars Soft Matte Lip Balm is like Glossier’s Generation G lipstick (swatched HERE) but with more moisture. It is indeed comfortable, matte, lightweight, long-wearing and will give you that diffused and blurred lip texture effect. It seems like it is the perfect formula for the next generation of comfortable lip products. I hope this product will be made permanent by Nars soon.

What d’ya think of this newness from Nars?


nars soft matte tinted lip balm whip lash