Hello all you gorgeous angels! Winter is here and cold is staring at us in the face. How do you beat the windchill down while still looking certified fab? Worry not, here are my top picks to combat the cold and gloominess — by adding some colors, comfort, and affordability on the side (wink!).


top winter coat 2023


  1. Banana Republic Factory Windowpane Cocoon Coat – Windowpane coats are fashionable this season, and this Banana Republic Factory cocoon coat is a must-have for any fashionista. I love the subtle windowpane style of it, and it works for Spring, Winter, and even Fall season.
  2. Sanctuary Cocoon Organic Teddy Coat – Who knows a simple white short-sleeve teddy coat can look so fab and elegant! Sure it looks clinical, but it is a gorgeous-clinical coat for the fashion-forward ladies in mind.
  3. Banana Republic Factory Short Hooded Puffer Jacket – Something about this cropped puffer jacket screams so Tiktok-glam to me. So spunky and edgy. Fitting for the young at hearts! (P.S. This coat is currently on heavy sale at BR Factory. Buy now!)
  4. Banana Republic Factory Faux Fur Coat – You will not be able to resist the softness and elegance of this coat. No wonder this is always sold out at Banana’s. This coat can make you feel like you are in the flapper generation.
  5. Ugg Gertrude Long Teddy Coat – This coat can beat the windchill down. I repeat — this coat can beat the windchill down. I love this so much even though this coat is on the heavy side. This is so worth the splurge, and this coat comes in different colors! Thanks UGG.



What are the winter coats you are loving lately? DM moi.