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Caring For Roses In The Summer

This year, my roses struggled a lot. Not only did they take a long time to regrow, they’re also suffering from extreme humidity this Summer. As you all know, roses are finicky plants, and they really need such special care and the right environment to grow their best. Unfortunately, this Summer has been too much for them mainly because of several weather fluctuations plus some pests and diseases that are quite a challenge to control.


Bayer All-In-One Rose & Flower Care Concentrate


The Summer is probably the time when I had to pay close attention to my roses, simply because a lot of issues happen or can happen to them at this season. Usually, when it’s too humid, my roses tend to get inflicted with fungi, which causes them to have black spots on their leaves, and if not treated, the leaves will fall off and the roses will not produce any blooms, then they could potentially die. That is probably the worst thing that could happen to anyone who has a rose in their yard, and the one that I fear the most for my own. Aside from the dreaded black spots, there are some problems I usually encounter for my roses every Summer, one of them are those pesky Rose Cane Borers. You don’t usually see them much until you’ll notice the roses’ stems/canes having holes in the center. These insects are so mysterious and so annoying; they bore holes right through the roses’ fresh cut canes/stems and they go all the way down and they can so hard to get rid of. Also, the Summer is the season of the Aphids. Tons and tons of Aphids stick to my roses’ new growth and new buds, and if left untreated, they’ll suck the life out of every new rosebud and hinder their growth, resulting to abnormally shaped or deformed rose blooms.


rose fungi treatment


Bayer All-In-One Rose & Flower Care Concentrate reviewBy observing all these problems, I’ve somehow managed to learn with time and prepare by having some products that have helped me alleviate my roses’ problems. I learned that by using a combination of treatments/products and treating my roses rigorously have improved their appearance and overall health a lot. So, the first thing that I always have in my shed is a bottle or two of Bayer All-In-One Rose & Flower Care Concentrate, the liquid one. Aside from being an all-around rose treatment, for me, this is a very good prophylaxis that needs to be used during the Spring to protect the roses from any potential diseases. I just use 2 oz. or 4 tbsp. of it mixed with 1 qt. water and that treats one plant. With this liquid treatment, I never noticed any rose burns or any untoward reactions from my roses, and they seemed to proliferate well after just a few days of having the treatment. This formula resolves the yellowing or black spotting of the leaves and restores them back to their lush green healthy foliage. I love that this treatment not just treats, prevents or cures the roses of certain diseases, it also rids them of some bugs, and it also has an added fertilizer for nourishment.

Garden Safe Neem Oil Extract review


The Rose Cane Borers problem may usually be relieved by the Bayer Rose & Flower Care, but most of the time, they can be so hard to get rid of once they’ve tunneled through the rose canes. The best way to combat this issue is to cut off the stem/canes until you don’t see the holes, but try not to cut a lot or cut all the way down. Then seal the cut stem or cane with Elmer’s Glue or any wood glue, that should take care of the problem. From then on, whenever you cut a rose cane, always make sure to seal the top with a glue so that the borers won’t be able to dig in. The last thing that really makes my roses miserable are the horrible Aphids. They seem to multiply so fast and congregate on new growths, especially on the upper part of the rose where there are new soft leaves and new buds. I’ve tried spraying soapy water on them or pluck them one by one which was so tedious until I finally gave up and bought the Garden Safe Neem Oil Extract. I don’t know why, but most Neem Oil Sprays are too weak to get rid of several Aphids, so I had to buy this Need Oil Concentrate since I definitely needed a stronger formula on my roses. I love this product a lot, and it’s available on Amazon. You just have to put 2 tbsp. or 1 oz. per gallon of water and then spray it on the plants, including the underside of the leaves. For me, I usually put more, like one tablespoon for a 32-oz. spray bottle. I usually use a heavy-duty sprayer that I also purchased at Amazon since I got tired of using some flimsy sprays in the past that don’t hold much and their nozzles break easily. I’ve had this sprayer for almost 3 years now and it’s still holding up so well. I usually spray my rose bushes with this Neem Oil Extract every other day until the Aphids disappeared. They could still come back, so I just keep spraying with this as preventive measures. Since then, my roses’ blooms looked more balanced, perfect in size, and the blooms open well with no damage or broken petals. Also, this Neem Oil concentrate is very economical, you don’t need to use a lot, one bottle can last forever. It’s very aromatic and can also repel mosquitoes. The scent is between lemon citronella, and that’s probably why the Aphids left because the scent is too much for them. I just hope they won’t transfer to my Azaleas, OMG!


Bayer All-In-One Rose & Flower Care Concentrate liquid


My roses have been through a lot this year, but they’re now recovering and are looking lush and healthy again, thanks to these amazing products. Will be reaching for them again next year.


Do you own a rose plant? If so, how do you keep them healthy?



Best Scented Candles 2018 Edit

best scented candle review


How’s it going everybody! I’ve got an exciting review for all you candle lovers! I’ve been into some candle testing lately and I thought I’d like to share which of these scented waxes made it to the top of my list this year. There’s a lot of awesome-smelling candles out there, but there’s a few that really registered to my senses. Some of these candles are not necessarily recently-released, some are actually quite classic with a cult following, while some are limited editions only.


Ready to see them?


byredo tree house candle review


Byredo Tree House (8.5 oz: $80) – If you follow my Instagram, (click HERE) you know that this is the favorite candle of my cat, LOL. This candle sports an edgy black wax with a sleek glass container. It has a pretty complex scent of something woody, a bit fruity, a bit spicy, warm, and something slightly fresh. It’s definitely a scent that reminds you of a true tree house due to its hint of tannins, leather, and tobacco. Some said this even smells like Axe, which is probably slightly true, but it’s more of a complicated version of Axe. You can tell that there’s a lot of details involved in concocting this particular candle, and with all its edgy-torial packaging, this makes for a great home decor. You don’t even have to light this because the scent of the candle itself permeates easily all around the house. I do think that this is a winter scent because it has a perfumey tone to it, even though it has a hint of freshness. This candle also comes in a 70 g container which is currently available at Byredo’s official website. The nice thing about the 8.5 oz glass is that it really takes a while to burn at least from the top part of it (about 2-3 hours), which tells me that this whole candle is going to last a long time. Overall, I love this candle’s longevity and aesthetics, I may not even burn it all the way. You know who else loves this? Clue: Look What You Made Me Do. Yes, this is Tay Tay Swift’s favorite scented candle. Hmmm, kinda surprising to me, as I thought she would be more of a Diptyque kind of girl.ย 


yankee candle pink sands review


Yankee Candles:

I was always a fan of Yankee Candles. I still am because they have a ton of scents to choose from and there are different prices for every size of candle you want, but I have limited myself to a few that I consider as my all-time favorites. I think for the price, I expect their scents to be at least strong enough to be noticed, but I’ve had several candles from them that smells great at first but didn’t really seem to register in my olfactory nerves once lighted, so yeah, here’s two of my favorites from them:


Pink Sands (Small Tumbler: $15.99, other sizes also available) – I like this candle for its pretty in pink wax. I also love its mild sandy and sweet vanilla-ish scent. It makes for a great add-on to your vanity, centerpiece or just about anywhere inside the house. The only slight problem with this is that this isn’t a whole year-round scent, it’s more like for the spring or summer only since the scent of this is too light that it’s almost unnoticeable. But if you want a candle that’s something pink, with very light non-irritating notes, you may want to look into this.


Balsam & Cedar (Large Classic Jar: $27.99)– Still my all-time favorite from Yankee Candle, and one of my favorites for Winter. This smells like pine-divine, strong but soothing, homey and very cozy. I’ve repurchased this candle in several different sizes, especially in the large classic jar which I don’t need to light, I just keep it nearby and I could smell its fresh forest scent all the time. LOVE.


le labo santal 26 candle


Le Labo Santal 26 (6.9 oz: $65, 8.6 oz: $75) – Probably one of the most intriguing candles I’ve ever owned, and probably the one that I couldn’t quite figure out. There’s something about this candle that makes you want to love it or hate it. As far as I can remember, I had a sample Santal something from Le Labo before, I think it must have been Santal 33 and I didn’t quite like it. I couldn’t understand the appeal of the whole Santal thing. I know I love their Bergamote 22 soaps, but that was the only Le Labo I knew. Anyway, I took the plunge and got this woody, tarty, earthy Santal 26 candle, and at first, I really found it to be too strong, the scent is not necessarily bad, but it’s different. I feel like I know this scent before, somewhere in a fancy department store, hmmm. While I didn’t like this candle at first, I seem to really enjoy this now as I keep burning it. It’s kind of an acquired taste. This comes in a smaller tin can container (not pictured here), and a simple yet hefty and heavy glass container pictured here in this review. The best thing about this candle is its staying power. Once lighted, the scent will travel all over the house and it stays there for a long time, and the more you sniff it, the more you love it.


voluspa goji tarocco orange



I’m new to the Voluspa world of candles. I discovered them when I got lost inside Anthropology (LOL, yes I get lost in places that normal people don’t usually get lost at, that’s how bad my spatial orientation is). The Voluspa candles are love at first sight and first sniff for me. They come in several different scents and sizes, and the prices differ as well. I find them to be like Yankee Candles in that sense, but their selection is slightly better for my taste. In my opinion, that’s because they have more of that unique blend of fresh scents, as opposed to the common foodie type of scents. Also, they use a coconut wax blend in their candles.


Panjore Lychee (Petite Embossed Glass: $10, other sizes also available) – My most favorite Voluspa scent so far. I love the blend of lychee, pear, and cassis, which remind me of one of my favorite fragrances, the Burberry Blush Eau de Parfum. It has a bit of a pomegranate tone to it and it’s really pleasing to smell. I actually plan to have this in a large glass. The only thing that bothers me with this is how weak the scent can be. It’s kind of hard to notice it unless you get really close.


Goji Tarocco Orange (Petit Decorative: $9, also available in different sizes) – Because I love the Panjore Lychee scent so much, I decided I wanted another Voluspa candle to love. I found this orange, mango and goji berry blend candle to be as almost delightful as the Panjore Lychee. It’s a sweet orange scent, fruity but not too much. The scent permeates in every room and the candle burns cleanly.


capri blue volcano candle review


Capri Blue Volcano (Tin: $14, other jar designs and sizes also available at different prices) – Here’s another candle that I couldn’t resist at Anthropologie. It’s basically the scent of Anthropologie (LOL) whenever you enter their stores. They have this candle burning endlessly that you just can’t help but wonder “What is that dreamy fresh scent?” It’s Capri Blue’s Volcano. I love this scent a lot, it’s definitely at the top 2 or 3 of my list, simply because the scent is so fresh, so blue yet so fruity, but never overwhelming. It also comes in different cute jars and glasses at different prices. I feel like this is such a good summer vibe type of scent, and oh my, summer come here fast.


diptyque rose delight candle



If you want an overall very good range of well-scented sophisticated candles with stylish glass containers that burn cleanly and evenly, well, Diptyque will give you that satisfaction. I love this brand, but not really the price, yet I will always have at least one of their candles because their candles are perfect in every way.


Baies (2.4 oz: $34, 6.5 oz: $64): Almost everyone’s favorite Diptyque scented candle and mine. This candle’s fragrance is unique. It’s fresh and fruity yet slightly warm. The blend of roses and blackcurrants is what makes this candle irresistible and different. If you could just have one Diptyque candle, this is the one to have. It’s very lovely and very perfect. Once you sniff it, you can never forget it.


diptyque rosa mundi candle review


Rosa Mundi (2017 Limited Edition) – Straight from last year, this warm rose-scented candle looks dreamy as it is. The fragrance is very rosy cozy and it’s pretty strong and long-lasting. Before I started lighting mine, I used to store this in one of my bookshelves and I could just smell its damask rose scent all over my house. This was almost perfect too but that wallpaper-ish wrapping on the glass, though very beautiful, is also very delicate, so you have to be really careful when burning this candle and also when cleaning it once completely consumed, or it could get wet. This particular candle and all its paper motif design is a 2017 limited edition, but you may still find this in its regular packaging.


diptyque rose delight candle


Rose Delight (2018 Limited Edition: $68)– This year’s Diptyque Limited Edition comes in a cute pastel pink stylish wrapper glued around its glass container. It’s still a rosy scent but a lot more toned down compared to the Rosa Mundi scent last year. I find this scent to be very mild almost like a powdery rose scent. It still smells great whether lit or unlit, but I would have liked it to be stronger though. Anyways, the packaging is really pretty, it’ll make you want to stare at it all the time.


nest grapefruit candle


Nest Grapefruit ($40, other sizes also available) – If there’s one candle I’d like to take with me wherever I go, it’s this one. I am so crazy about this scent. It’s just unbelievably irresistible. I couldn’t stop sniffing this. What did they put in this candle? it’s so good. I know there’s grapefruit in there (of course), there’s lily of the valley, and coriander, but I also sense a hint of pineapple. It’s the right balance of floral and sweetness, and it can make the room smell fresh and clean and you can never get used to it, it’s always exciting to sniff this. I definitely think that this is the best if not one of the best-scented candles out there. In fact, I would put this at the top one of my list, slightly above Diptyque’s Baies. Yeah, that’s how good this candle is, and for its price, oh well, it’s much cheaper than Diptyque and it comes in a large glass. The only thing I don’t like much about this is the glass container itself. It’s a little too simple for me. I wish they made it like Diptyque’s or Byredo’s, and probably add a label to it or something. But anyway, I’m cool with it. Another thing I like about this candle is the fact that compared to most scented candles where I could smell the strong wax odor after burning them, this one doesn’t really have that lingering waxy smell after burning it. All I could smell is that delicious fresh fruity scent, nothing more, nothing less, and it lingers for a long time.


Here’s a quick summary:

best scented candles


Best in Scent: Diptyque Baies & Nest Grapefruit


Best in Packaging & Design: Byredo & Diptyque


Best for Fall/Winter scent: Byredo Tree House, Santal Le Labo, & Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar


Best for Summer/Spring: Nest Grapefruit, Voluspa’s Panjore Lychee & Goji Tarocco Orange, & Capri Blue Volcano


Best Bang for the buck: Voluspa Candles, Capri Blues, & Yankee Candles


That comprises my top candles for now, I hope I’ve helped you decide on which scented candles to buy. The candles reviewed here are really great, but if I have to choose, it would certainly narrow down to two. Diptyque Baies and Nest Grapefruit. Okies, have fun, enjoy! and try not to burn the house ๐Ÿ™‚


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Wild Blue Yonder Rose

Heya Rosarians! It’s been a while since I featured a rose from my very own yard and this summer has really made my garden look very vibrant and full of life. Part of that because I have this reliable bloomer in my yard, the Wild Blue Yonder Rose.


Wild Blue Yonder Rose


This AARS winner has been growing in my yard for 4 years now and it has gotten really tall at almost 5 ft. It’s hard not to notice this Grandiflora because its beauty is simply mesmerizing. Its camellia-like petals and form have a vintage feel and it has a moderate citrus scent. It also has multifaceted colors that start with purple-lavender buds, as well as the center, then it goes into reddish purple once in full bloom.


Wild Blue Yonder Roses


The blooms are in clusters which make them a yard showstoppers, and they repeatedly bloom throughout the season. It’s a vigorous rose that doesn’t get sick easily, even if I’d miss its regular fertilization and mildew prevention treatment. It also has a bushy form and can grow really tall at 4 to 5 ft, but it adapts well to regular trimming.


Wild Blue Yonder Rose


The Wild Blue Yonder rose is hardy in zone 6 and up, it requires deep regular watering and regular fertilization with treatments from molds and aphids. Other than that, this is a beautiful non-fussy rose with different tones of reddish-purple-lavender in each bloom that grows in clusters. The saturated color of this rose will truly enhance the beauty of every yard.


The Wild Blue Yonder Rose is available at Regan Nursery


For more roses and other stuff, check out or


Happy Wednesday Rosarians!


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