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You Are a Badass Book/Audiobook Review

you are a badass book by jen sincero, pink lady dior bag, pink iphone x review


“If you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done before” – Jen Sincero, success coach, author of You Are a Badass.


I don’t remember exactly where I heard about this book. It must have been recommended to me, or that I must have read somewhere that a lot of bloggers have read it, raved about it, or got inspired by it. I also seem to remember seeing a pile of it at Urban Outfitters looking like it’s the must-read of the moment. Regardless of how I’ve come to know about the book sassily entitled as You Are a Badass, I knew it got me curious and I had to read it at some point in time. Since I love listening to audiobooks while doing my daily activities, I decided to listen to this book via Audible. If you’ve read my previous book reviews, you’d know that I’m not a big fan of self-help books, not because I don’t need help, lol, it’s just that I’m quite picky about them. I gave this book a chance because it seems to be just everywhere, and it looks really interesting.


The Audible version of this book is read by the author herself, Ms. Jen Sincero. I liked the way she narrated the book. It was fast-paced and her tone of voice was very engaging. The book or audiobook itself is really all about improving oneself or life and on how to be awesome. As blissful and at times shallow that word may be, the author emphasizes for us to recognize that it’s very important to feel good about ourselves. Immediately you could tell that this book is all about self-positivity and self-affirmation, though I must admit that learning to be awesome can be quite a lot especially in today’s day and age.


you are a badass book by jen sincero, pink lady dior bag, pink iphone x


This book tells no-nonsense advice about achieving your best potential and living the life you’ve always wanted. Which means, being the “you” you’ve always wanted to be. It gives a lot of words of encouragement on following your dreams by getting things done and not sabotaging yourself. It’s like motivating yourself to act and hit the ground running while also loving and believing in who you are. In other words, this is a book not just for the go-getters but also for those who tend to procrastinate and want some push with practical advice and positive affirmation. Think Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal with her Girlboss vibe, and you can already imagine what listening to this book must be like.


While I find this book to be encouraging and motivating at the same time, especially when the author talked about following your dreams and understanding your limitations, as well as accepting the things that cannot be changed, or in how you can react to the things/situations that you can’t control, I feel like there are some parts of the book that I couldn’t understand. The author talked about source energy and the universe, and that just seemed a little too farfetched for me, but it didn’t bother me much. I’d like to think that I am more pragmatic in that sense, but perhaps I just didn’t listen to her explanation enough about these things because I was doing some chores while listening to the book. ๐Ÿ™‚


Since this book has a very modern voice/approach, expect to hear or read some swear words from the author, which honestly is not really a big deal for me. As for the condescending/arrogant tone that the author gives off with some of her advice, (mentioned by some readers) well, there is definitely a feisty tone to them, and at times they kinda sounded tough, but there is some humor to them as well. So, I just took the positive vibes/advice that I could get out of this book and decided not to judge on the questionable ones. I definitely think that the author should have delved more on some pointers on how to be awesome, and not just on encouraging and motivating the readers to get up and get going.


you are a badass, lady dior bag


Bottom line, I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked it because of its tell-it-like-it-is approach to motivation, but I also wish that it should have been more open-minded to every individual’s specific situations and daily struggles. But anyhow, the next time you’re feeling low, or you’re feeling like you’re under the weather and needs an extra push or a shot of motivation, you may want to consider adding this book to your list of pick-me-up items to buy.


This book is currently available in Amazon

The Audible version is available HERE


  • Lip Gloss is from Cle de Peau
  • Fragrance is from Viktor & Rolf’s Magic Collection – Sparkling Secret, available HERE and reviewed HERE


Have you read this book before? Did you like it?



HP Sprocket VS Canon Ivy Portable Photo Printer

canon ivy compared to hp sprocket


As much as I love to take a ton of photos, I also find myself trying to find the most convenient way of printing my favorite shots without having to go to a photo printing facility or drop by to a local drugstore. These could take some time especially if there are long lines at the counter or if there are printing instructions to figure out, and worst, having to deal with a malfunctioned computer. I experimented on two popular portable photo printers which are from HP and Canon. I also own a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic which develops photos instantly within minutes of taking a picture, but I have yet to see the photo quality of its portable photo printer which is called Instax Share. So for now, I would like to review and compare the two portable picture printers I mostly use: the HP Sprocket Plus ($149.95) and the Canon Ivy ($99).


canon ivy vs hp sprocket
Canon Ivy uses blue smartsheet, while HP Sprocket uses orange


Not only are these two portable printers convenient to use, but they also provide for a fun-filled activity since they’re perfect as keepsakes for family and friends, and they’re also great to use for mood boards or for any room decor inspiration. There is a lot of usage with these instant portable printers and all you need to do is to buy the refill paper and you’re good to go. Take note that both HP Sprocket and Canon Ivy uses Zink technology or Zink paper which does not require ink cartridges in order to print. However, there’s still a huge difference with their photo quality compared to when using the standard photo paper. Also, even though both Canon and HP uses Zink paper and can be charged via the standard USB cord, their final prints are definitely not alike, not to mention their respective hardware.


canon ivy vs hp sprocket portable printer review


I first had the HP Sprocket Plus which I preferred over the standard size HP Sprocket because of its larger dimension. If I could find a portable photo printer that could print in 4×6, I would definitely go for that, but for now, the largest I have is the HP Sprocket Plus which is 2.3×3.4. The usual HP Sprocket has more or less the same size as the Fujifilm Instax, as well as the Canon Ivy. The HP Sprocket Plus and the Canon Ivy require apps to be downloaded first before you can start printing the photos. These devices connect to your phone via Bluetooth.


Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between these two.


HP Sprocket/Sprocket Plus


sprocket app review


This printer charges fast and it uses its own Zink paper in orange smartsheet which calibrates the device for a specific paper pack. The app is easy to figure out and it’s quite intuitive. It has what it calls “AR” or “Reveal” function which allows you to scan the printed photos to reveal more contents about it. I don’t really use that feature much, but it’s good to know that HP has it. Additionally, the app has several filters to choose from and it also features frames and other photo special effects. The hardware prints fast and it doesn’t run out of power so soon. However, the final print takes on a more cyanotype tone, which is basically bluish and can look a bit gloomy. Depending on the photo, some may look a bit depressing. Also, for most 80% of the photos, there seem to appear a weird stripe that is kind of annoying, especially if you take a closer look at the prints. The refill paper for the Sprocket Plus is $10.39 for 20 sheetsย and for the Sprocket it’s $24.99 for 50 sheets or $4.99 for 20 sheets which are all sticker-backed.


Canon Ivy


canon ivy mini print app


This device which has a blue smartsheet has a pretty confusing app and it’s definitely not as intuitive as the HP Sprocket. It does have several filters and photo effects to choose from but the device itself gets hot and its power seems to drain easily. Printing is slow, a bit lagging, and also a bit noisier than the HP. The photo quality is in sepia tone, which is warmer and closer to the natural skin tone. I like that because it makes portrait photos appear alive, more natural, and realistic. It’s also brighter and quite similar to the photos on the phone but still not quite exactly. Sometimes some of the photos could get way too bright, but it’s not so bad. Though the prints may be small in size, it’s still clearer than my HP Sprocket Plus and there are no stripes! It’s also less expensive than the HP Sprocket ($129.95) and the HP Sprocket Plus. The refill paper price is $9.98 for 20 sticky-back sheets or $24.99 for 50 sheets.


All photos compared here are unadjusted. You can tell the difference in the photo quality between these two printers.


canon ivy vs hp sprocket photo quality comparison

hp sprocket comparison canon ivy


I have not tried replacing the HP Zink paper with the Canon ones or vice versa. But I have seen a youtube video where you can use the HP paper for the Canon Ivy, as long as you retain Canon’s orange smartsheet to calibrate the printer. FYI: when refilling the paper, always load with the smartsheet first with its barcode facing down.


canon ivy vs hp sprocket plus


Overall, I think I prefer the Canon Ivy’s photo quality more than the HP Sprocket or the HP Sprocket Plus, but I do love the size of the Sprocket Plus just because it’s a bit larger than the others. Although, it’s a little challenging to find the right frame or album that could store the HP Sprocket Plus’ photos since it’s not the standard size. I don’t seem to like the app of the Canon Ivy, but I also hate the stripes of the HP Sprocket which distorts the photo, and it makes it look grainy. It may not appear all the time in all the photos, but when it does, it can be really obvious. If Canon will make a large size of the Ivy like the Sprocket Plus, I would definitely purchase that.


best portable photo printers canon ivy and hp sprocket


Final thoughts, the photo quality of these portable photo printers are never going to be the same as the ones printed in photo paper or not even quite exactly the same as the photos in your phone, but these win for convenience and for the instant gratification of being able to print our most precious memorable shots, because after all, we still love to see our work printed and placed inside an album or framed somewhere in our homes.


The HP Sprocket and the Sprocket Plus is currently available HEREย and HERE

The Canon Ivy can be purchased HERE


I will be testing the Fujifilm Instax Share printer pretty soon, so stay tuned…


Have you used these printers before? What are your favorite portable photo printers?



Two Poetry Books To Read At Bedtime

pillow thoughts and i wrote this for you poetry books


Hey There! I’ve been reading some poetry books lately and thought that I would like to share two of my favorites with you guys. I have a thing for reading inspirational poetry books at bedtime since they always seem to put me at ease, and reading at night, in general, is perfectly conducive for sleep. The poetry books that I’m about to review and recommend to you all are not only inspirational, they also speak volumes. Meaning, these two books can put you in different emotional states, be it being sad, happy, lonely, or the kind that puts you in a dreamy mood. I usually read a few pages every night of these before I go to sleep and I love it. The chapters found in these books may cater to what you’re feeling for the moment since each line or each poem speaks from the heart.


i wrote this for you


i wrote this for you please find this review


ian s. thomas i wrote this for you


I Wrote This For You By Ian S. Thomas (Hardcover: $18.56) – I discovered this book at Costco, and I was really drawn to its catchy front cover, however, I didn’t purchase it from there, I got mine at Amazon after reading all the good reviews. This is a beautiful book of poetry blended with photography. The poems here are dark, sad, and gloomy, yet they’re also full of hope and longing. There are poems about life, death, love, beauty, and pain along with some somber and dreamy photographs to match the whole mood and scene. So if you’re the type that likes photography and poetry, then this is the book for you. There is a paperback version of this book which is also nice and is a lot easier to carry, but it doesn’t seem to contain as many poems as this hardcover version which also makes for a beautiful side table book.


pillow thoughts


pillow thoughts book contents


Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell (Paperback: $12.99) – This is an inspirational poetry book for those who are in love, longing to be loved, getting over a love, or even to those who are not in love, LOL. The poems in this lightweight suede-like feel book are just beautifully inspiring that it makes you fall in love for no reason. Some lines are tragic, some are truly heartbreaking, while some are just purely spoken from the heart. There is a poem for all kinds of love here, whether you’re a member of the Broken Hearts Club or are simply looking to be inspired. Now, I can’t wait to read Pillow Thoughts II.


pillow thoughts book by courtney peppernell


Are you also a poetry fan?ย Have you read these books before?


The Pillow Thoughts and I Wrote This For You books are currently available in Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover format at


* Satin/Silk sleep mask in this photo is by Mary Green, similar style HERE.

* Byredo Tree House candle is available HERE, reviewed HERE.

* Nars Monoi Body Glow II can be found HERE, reviewedย HERE.