CityCenterDC, A Great Place To Shop

Hey All! now that I’ve come back from the dead, after two weeks of hanging out at the purgatory, LOL!!!! I’d like to mention to you guys about this places that I’ve been to lately. In fact, I didn’t actually expect to go to this place at all. It just so happens that I needed something quick and fast to chill around in D.C. Yes, I went to D.C., (no it’s not exactly the purgatory), and no I didn’t chill at the White House. LOLz.

I present you “CityCenterDC” ¬†at Downtown Washington D.C. A truly nice little place to shop.




If you’re in Washington D.C and you’re planning to shop, not just visiting the White House, well, I’ve got a great place to shop for you. Mind you, it’s high-end shopping though. So be prepared to “drop it like it’s hot!” ūüôā

CityCenterDC is a new development shopping area located at the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. It’s not large, it’s 2 blocks of buildings with one passage lane for shoppers to¬†stroll around shops like Hermes, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Burberry, Carolina Herrera, etc… I’ve never really seen one like it before. I thought the entire setup or arrangement was unique. In fact, I liked the way the stores were organized as I was able to find the ones that I was looking for. Not that I bought a lot from there, and also, not that there’s a lot of stores in there. Actually, there’s really not much, which makes your shopping quick and easy. Basically, you’d go, buy and leave. Cabs are everywhere around D.C., so you can definitely expect to find at least one in CityCenterDC.


citycenter dc downtown


citycenterdc shopping mall


If you ask me what’s my favorite shop in CityCenterDC? As far as my experience is concerned, I gotta say it’s Dior. I like their customer service better than Hermes for sure. I haven’t gone to all the stores there, but sometimes they can be a little to uncomfortable. It’s high-end, what do I expect, ya know?

Another thing I like about this place? it’s the decorations! just look at it! pink is my favorite color, and I love cherry blossoms. So if you’re around the area during the cherry blossom’s blossoming time, around spring, you gotta give this place a try.


citycenterdc review


citycenterdc shopping center washing dc


P.S. If you’re not satisfied with CityCenterDC, because you wanna see more, try the shops in Friendship Heights like Chevy Chase in Maryland or Mazza Gallerie which is still part of Washington D.C. If you really want more “super dooper” high end, try the Rodeo Drive of the East: Tyson’s Galleria in McLean, Virginia. It’s all purging with high-end stuff, left and right, wherever you go. ūüôā


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The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter “Diagon Alley” Universal Studios Florida

Work, work, work, work, work, see me do mi, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt…Oh hi there! it’s me Riri, ūüôā LOL! Tamagotchi is still stuck in Epcot, hahaha…

if you wanna read my review about the “other Harry Potter” theme park or Universal’s Island of Adventure The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade, you can read it here.

As I told ya, I was about to¬†cross to Universal Studios Florida using the Hogwarts Express to see Harry Pottah Potter’s Diagonally Diagon Alley, and let me tell you, it was really impressive. The design of each building, with its unique¬†architecture and engineering will really put you in Harry Potter’s world. It’s so haunting and quirky that you can tell everyone’s really thrilled to be there.

There’s just a few thing I didn’t like. First, being on a Tuesday afternoon, it was really crowded, with a capital C! it’s not as crowded as Universal’s Island of Adventure Hogsmeade, but this particular park is still quite excruciating to walk around. The streets are too narrow and the stores are so tiny, you’re literally walking sideways so as not to bump on other people’s arm. Like Hogsmeade, this park has definitely been reaching its maximum occupancy. Second, I didn’t like that they were selling/promoting a lot of replica wands, or should I say, magic wands. Yeah I know a¬†visit to Harry Potter won’t be complete without brandishing a wand or that Harry Potter won’t be Harry Potter without his magic wand, but I can definitely tell you that you’re gonna be fine without buying those hyped magic wands. They’re everywhere! kids pointing at things using the wand, saying some magic words then voila! something moves, lights magically turn on. Well, for all I know, they’re just preprogrammed/timed moving objects that Universal plotted to entertain the kids. For kiddos, yeah, it’s fun, but if you’re not a kid anymore, well, just forget about it. Plus they’re quite expensive, specially if you’re buying the interactive wand. ¬†Third, don’t even get me started on ¬† Harry Potter’s graduation costume..

If you ask me which ones I like between Universal’s Island of Adventure “Hogsmeade or Universal Studios Florida “Diagon Alley?” Well, personally, I kinda like Diagon Alley more. Simply because there’s more things to see and I like the building’s design, better. Also, it seems like there’s a lot more things to do here.

FYI: This place is kinda hard to find. If you’re entering Universal Studios Florida for the first time, well, keep walking and keep looking for a weird hidden alley towards your left. It’s gonna be dark and dingy-looking, but that’s the beauty of it. Also, if you want to buy those replica magic wands, they’re available just around there, practically everywhere, and you can use them for both parks.

harry potter universal diagon alley

universal harry potter show

diagon alley harry potter

universal studios harry potter


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Walt Disney World, Epcot.

Hello! My Orlando adventure goes on! I know I blogged about Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter “Hogsmeade” a few days ago, and was about to cross to “Diagon Alley.” But before I crossover, let me do a pit stop. Well, not really, it’s more like another “exhausting pit stop.”

Welcome to Disney’s Epcot folks! This place was never a part of my plan. But I got talked into it and I became curious. First, I was curious about the name. Second, for the life of me, I wasn’t really sure what’s in Epcot. Well, long story short, EPCOT is an acronym that stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. All conceived in the mind of my late great-uncle (in another life) Walt Disney, himself. Experimental Prototype Community what???? sounds like Mars to me…lol

If you have 97 dollah to spare, then you can definitely drop-by at Epcot. It’s actually a theme park full of buildings/areas that represents the different countries/cultures of the world. It’s not “all countries” but some. They also have other areas/pavilions but the “World Showcase” seems to be the highlight of this particular theme. I was really thrilled to see what each area/land has, but boy oh girl! I was kinda disappointed. Given that Epcot is the third most visited theme park in the entire Orlando,¬†Bloom it seems to fall short on showing the “culture” part of each countries. Yeah the buildings are nice, they do look like something from Japan, Morocco, China, Germany, etc., but that’s about it. Most of these pavilions seemed like stores found in most airports. You know, you walk around and you see all these stores selling you stuff. Yes, some from their respective stores and they also have restaurants, but that’s really just about it. Nothing more, very few shows or rides. I probably won’t go back, because I realize, if you’ve never been outside the country and wants to at least see different cultures, you come here. But there’s nothing like the real world, so why not actually pay a visit to one of these countries and experience their culture and food for real.

Anyways, here are some pics that you might find interesting. P.S. of all the world showcase, I kinda like Morocco, Mexico, and Japan…..


disney epcot

walt disney epcot

canada epcot

walt disney world theme epcot

morocco epcot disney

disney epcot mexico

walt disney epcot japan


Isn’t Epcot an exciting place to behold?


Stay tuned for the rest of my Orlando adventure


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