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FabFitFun Fall 2018 Box Review

fabfitfun fall 2018 box contents reviewFall is coming and I’ve got a subscription box to review and unveil to you guys. As you remember before, I stopped subscribing to Sephora Play and was looking into another exciting subscription box that seemed really promising to me. Well, that box is FabFitFun, which is a seasonal subscription box that not only sends you some beauty and skincare products (Fab, I suppose), they’ll also send you something for “Fit” and for “Fun”, and all the products are in full-sizes and never as samples.


fab fit fun, fabfitfun

Basically, the subscription works by sending you four boxes in a year, one in each season. The products include something that’s meant for beauty, wellness, fitness, and fashion – all curated by the FabFitFun team. The box’s contents which are limited editions, are said to be valued at around $200+. There are two kinds of memberships, the Seasonal and the Annual. For the Seasonal one, you pay $49.99 per box per season and you can see some sneak peeks of what’s coming on your next box, as well as being able to customize a few items. For the Annual membership, which costs $179.99 upfront, you’ll be able to customize your future box further and get early shipping for the boxes. Also, you’ll get $20 instant savings, be able to customize the design of your own box, and have an early access to seasonal add-ons, plus more.


fabfitfun fall 2018 box review


I signed up for the Seasonal membership and I love it! The box is large and pretty and I was able to customize some of the important or desirable products that are going to be on my box. Also, the box had several products in it and they’re really useful for me, plus, I love the fact that they’re all full-sizes and not just samples which are awesome because then I’ll be able to really test the product properly.


Here are the items I got for this Fall’s box.


Skin & Co Roma, Blue in Capri


  1. Cuccio Somatology Yogahhh Detox Bath ($39.95) – These relaxing bath salts will make you feel fab and it’s totally fun. It has a relaxing scent of Eucalyptus that will soothe your skin and your senses, plus, it has a softening effect on the skin.


  1. Simply Whimsical Set of 2 Tea Towels ($14.99) – I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect with these towels, and why I got them or whether they belong to the fab, fit, or fun part. At first, they kinda feel scratchy and quite thin, but I did like their minimalistic design. What’s surprising is that they became so soft right after washing and now they earned a spot in my kitchen.


  1. Clif Bar Luna Rica (Salted Caramel Nut, 12 ct: $16.62) – Definitely meant as a fit product, this nutrition bar really tastes good. It has a nutty and sweet (but not extremely sweet) taste, and it’s kinda filling too.


  1. Grown Alchemist Polishing Facial Exfoliant (75 ml: $67) – This has a nice light rosy herbal scent with a gritty and clayish texture. I love how this mildly exfoliates the dead skin cells off the face and a little bit goes a long way.


  1. Skin & Co Roma, Blue in Capri ($22) – Can be either a body wash or for a bubble bath. The scent of this is very mild, like a watered-down scent of basil and sage with something earthy. This doesn’t really lather much, but it leaves a clean scent after.


Crown Pro 6pc Limited Edition Essentials Syntho Brush Set fabfitfun

  1. Crown Pro 6pc Limited Edition Essentials Syntho Brush Set (Black and Rose: $75) – I had the option of choosing the Vince Camuto Luck Tote over these brushes, but instead, I picked these since I wasn’t really smitten with the look and quality of the said tote. I think I made the right decision because these brushes are soft, versatile, and are sleek.


  1. Glamglow Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask ($9 per mask) – I received two and was really excited to try them since I’ve never really had them before. Much to my surprise, these masks are a lot of fun and they bubble instantly. They’re also super moisturizing and deep pore-cleansing.


  1. Beautyblender (Nude: $20) – I was surprised to see this inside my box and I was really glad because I love beautyblenders and they’re so useful. I use them all the time and it’s nice to have an extra one from FabFitFun.

Cylo Cobra Bluetooth Earbuds fabfitfun

  1. Cylo Cobra Bluetooth Earbuds ($40) – These are really useful and they work by Bluetooth, which makes them convenient to use. I love the fact that they have a strap and their sound quality is pretty good. These would have been perfect though if it wasn’t for the in-line microphone remote/audio hanging heavily on one side. One of my ears is supporting it, and it feels kinda heavy and uncomfortable in the long run.

Alfred Ceramic and Stainless Steel Teapot fabfitfun

  1. Alfred Ceramic and Stainless Steel Teapot ($26) – If you’re a tea drinker, then you’re gonna love this pretty teapot. It has nice metal infuser inside and its overall size is pretty convenient for a quick afternoon tea party.



Some of the brands from this subscription box are quite unfamiliar to me, but it’s nice to know them. While I wasn’t quite certain which products actually belong to the fab, fit, and fun category, I’m pretty sure that I’m getting my money’s worth with this box, and with that being said, I highly recommend that you try this FabFitFun subscription box.

fabfitfun fall 2018 box


To access these products and to sign up for the FabFitFun Subscription Box, click HERE.


Have you tried these already? What’s your current favorite subscription box?



Beautyblender Review

beauty blender pink and bubble


This review might be a bit too late, but I’d like to give my two cents about our favorite and the most popular makeup sponge ever, the Beautyblender. We all love this sorta memory foam-ish for the face. This Allure best of beauty winner is truly a makeup tool wonder. It comes with different colors and purposes, and it blends our makeup very well. From foundations to CC creams, to concealers to tanners, name it, there’s a Beautyblender for it. All you need is water, squeeze out excess H20, keep it damp and bounce it on your favorite creams or makeup foundations, primer, concealer, etc, and keep blending. Not only do this Beautyblender look cute, like a cross between Humpty Dumpty and a large marshmallow, but it’s reusable, versatile, easy to use and saves you the time and effort of reaching for your makeup brushes. It’s like an all-in-one blending tool, and the result is impressive.

But why is there such different colors? Does that mean that no two, three, or even five Beautyblenders are created the same? What are all these different colors for?

To summarize all the colors and its functions, check this out:

Frankly, I’ve never tried all Beautyblenders. I don’t think I’ll need all of them in order to nail my makeup look. Perhaps a few is enough, after all, aren’t they all made of the same material? Non-latex foam. Perhaps there might be a slight variation of their respective density and texture, but for now, I’m kind of fine with my two Beautyblenders.


beauty blender pink vs bubble
Wet Beautyblender expands its size


The original pink or hot pink Beautyblender is my first one, and I’ve had it for a very very long time. It kinda loses its shape a bit, specially near the tip or the triangular part from time to time. I dunno if it’s because I tend to press it a lot, there might be too much pressure from my fingers, or that I bounce it on my face like crazy. It also gets stained easily as well, but it does somewhat return to normal after cleaning it. Speaking of cleaning, I clean it with my Beautycleanser Solid and it does a great job of cleaning it. The problem is, whenever I clean it, the pink dye seems to bleed. I don’t know if it’s because I also use lukewarm water during cleaning. But it really doesn’t bother me that much, as long as my Beautyblender does not break, crack or split. 

My newest addition is the newly-released Beautyblender Bubble. It’s a very very light pale pink shade that is almost white, and it’s supposed to work just like the Original Pink Beautyblender. A lot of people didn’t seem to like this one though. They’re saying that this is not exactly the same at the original, and that it breaks easily and soaks up more product. In my experience, I honestly couldn’t tell much of a difference between the two. This bubble one might be slightly firmer, but it has been quite similar to my hot pink one


blendercleanser solid
A lot of people prefer the Blendercleanser Solid than the liquid one since it cleans better



Bottomline, I love the Beautyblenders, my makeup application is such a breeze with them. I also love them for traveling or when I’m simply in a hurry. Though I’m not quite sure about buying each and every colors just because they work differently as advertised, I feel like they’re all kinda similar really, but I do recommend that you should have at least one, and perhaps get one of those micro.minis too.

FYI: the pink Beautyblender stand used in this review is available HERE.


What Beautyblender color d’y have? Have you noticed any difference from each color?


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