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Alex Marwood’s “The Killer Next Door” Book Review

Everyone who lives at 23 Beulah Grove has a secret”.


Alex Marwood’s “Killer Next Door” Book Review


Hi Bookworms! here’s a bone-chilling novel that I recently finished, it’s called “The Killer Next Door” by Alex Marwood. Yes, the title is as intriguing and gruesome as the story. It circles around the lives of the six residents, namely;


Cher: A teenage runaway with attitude issues.

Vesta: An elderly woman who seems to have lived in the boarding house for forever and has monetary issues.

Collette: The main character who’s running away from someone or something, and whose real name is Lisa.

Hossein: A middle eastern refugee who just wants to forget.

Gerard: A recluse and a former music teacher.

Thomas. Another oddball who also likes to keep to himself and is currently occupying the attic.


Together with their creepy landlord Roy Preece, this is a story of a harrowing life in the city of London, where the residents live in a Victorian-style but dilapidated boarding house. All of them have secrets to hide, and all of them seem to be running away from their sordid past. Preferring to forget and remain incognito. Most of the time, they like to keep to themselves and are always wary.


The residents seem to enjoy the anonymity that the building has offered, yet things aren’t always what they seem. There will be a terrible accident that will unite them together, and one of them is hiding a very deep dark secret. Much darker than what each of them already have. This is a tale of life, secrets, friendships, love, reality, wickedness, obsession and murder. This aint’ a tale for the faint of heart, not even for someone with a weak stomach. The details of the story are lurid, grotesque and almost scary.



killer next door Alex Marwood book review synopsis


Even though the story was intriguing and had a pretty satisfying ending with a good twist, this was a slow read for me. I like the whole concept of the story but it transitions from one event to another very slowly. The audiobook was the same, even though I kinda like the reader because she has different voices for each character. Yet still, the book was told in the third person being from the point of view of each character, and I still find that to be kinda hard to connect. Just not a fan of the third person narration, and it was also hard to follow as to who was who in the story. The first half was quite monotonous and the story starts to take hold almost at the end of the book. There’s few twists, but they weren’t so mind-bending. Some arguments were already expected and the overall pace of the book could need a little more push.


Overall, the book is riveting enough and the author truly captures the thoughts and struggles of each character while depicting the plot as realistic as can be. A good series adaptation would be great. I heard James Franco might be starring on it. I really hope so.


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Big Little Lies Book Review

liane moriarty big little lies book


Things are seemingly perfect in Pirriwee. Everyone’s so nice and welcoming. What could go wrong? Until one Trivia Night….

Hey Everyone! I just finished reading this Big Little Lies book by Liane Moriarty and I know that HBO is about to release the series adaptation of this book at this month! Yes this February, like February 19! Yeah, OMG! Well, let me tell you that this book is quite an amazing fun read. The title is catchy and it’s pretty thick, but no worries, as each chapters are very short. So it’s gonna be quick and painless. 

What I like about this book is how the characters are well-written. They’re well-characterized and their personalities and conflicts are well-described. They grow on you and they’re such interesting personas living in a so-called idyllic Pirriwee Peninsula.

The story revolves around (mostly of) three women; Madeline, Celeste and Jane. Jane is new in town, ( like in the HBO trailer, portrayed by Shailene Woodley) and her kid Ziggy (as in Ziggy Stardust) will be joining the Pirriwee Public. Madeline is a savvy, vigilant, multitasking, fierce and fashionable mom, while Celeste is ethereal, gorgeous, perfect and super rich. 


big little lies book review


Their kids will eventually attend Pirriwee Public and they will all meet some familiar faces from their past. There will be groups of snobby and nosy parents together with the seemingly clueless teachers. There will be kid fights, bullying, jealousy, attraction, gossip, scandal, hate, pain, suffering, and secrets. Like the book’s title, Big Little Lies. One small lie could snowball into something big. 

All the characters’ lives will intertwine on their long awaited Trivia Night of the Pirriwee Public. Soon, their lives will change forever.

This book will grow on you. It is entertaining, shocking, relatable and riveting. It’ll make you think twice about the people around you. Hmmm… 

Don’t forget to watch the first episode of HBO’s adaptation of this book, Big Little Lies on February 19th, Sunday 9pm Eastern Time. Hopefully the show’s gonna be awesome. BUT! before you watch the show, take time to read the book first. You can buy the book HERE, or listen to the audiobook HERE.



Ciao Ciao Marco, Hello Amedeo, LOL ???? 


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Pony Makeup Book Review

pony pony makeup book


Hey makeup addicts! I’ve been obsessing about these books lately, and OMG these are really great makeup books, probably one of the best I’ve ever perused. These are by the famous Korean makeup artist Pony, or Pony Pony. Ask me why her name’s like that? I have no idea. Perhaps she was originally thinking of a Unicorn, but forgot the term. LOL!  She does have her own Korean name, Hye-Min Park. In case you didn’t know about her, well, she’s very famous in Korea, not just for her pretty face but also for her amazing makeup techniques, specially the Asian/Korean makeup style. She has a youtube channel wherein she talks about makeup tutorials and an instagram account. (Just type Pony Makeup in youtube.) She’s also CL’s makeup artist. You know CL? of 2NE1? 

I just recently discovered Pony but I already love everything about her. These books, although was originally written in Korean, translated to Chinese and is currently available in Amazon, is such a gem to have. With its gorgeous step by step photos of how to’s and Pony’s pretty face, you certainly won’t mind that it’s written in a foreign language.


pony pony makeup book



Even if you don’t understand Korean or Chinese, as long as you love makeup, specially Asian or natural-looking makeup, then these books will serve your purpose. What I love about these are the vast amount of photos that are self-explanatory to create different looks, and they’re almost all natural in effect. No knowledge of Chinese or Korean words needed. As you all know, Asians love the dewy skin look and not so much with mattes, which I adore because dewy skin means not-so-flat face, it creates angles, depths, and dimensions while looking luminous at the same time, but of course, you gotta be careful when you’re the oily-type. 

Also, in these books, you’ll learn how to apply asian eye makeup properly, learning how to create the illusion of wider or bigger eyes, contouring, lip application and some other things, these also includes the brands of makeup used. Oh! They’re really useful.


pony makeup book


These books come with CDs for more makeup tutorials. Most of the models photographed in these books are mostly Pony herself. These are earlier books she had released. She has gone into producing a lot more since then, and even now has her own makeup line. Such talent, indeed.

I would love to have my hands on all of her books, specially the latest ones, but I guess I’ll just have to wait for when I get to visit my previous home in Asia again. For now, if you want these books, amazon is the best place to go. You can purchase the books above HERE and HERE.

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