Breakout much? I found a very interesting acne-fighting product just as I was on my way out of Sephora. I literally had to go back and examine it closer. The product that really caught my attention is the Peace Out Acne Healing Dots ($19), which is basically a waterproof bandage plus Salicylic Acid to combat a pimple, with Aloe Vera to soothe it, and Vitamin A to enhance skin turnover.


Peace Out Acne Healing Dots


There’s about 20 tiny healing dots in the box and you need to stick it on the pimple and wait for 6 hours to see the difference. The dots may be tiny but they adhere very well to the skin. I had a really huge and itchy pimple during the time that I purchased this Acne Healing Dots and I applied it immediately on my skin right after thoroughly cleaning it. They’re super sticky and I felt a tingling sensation at the first few minutes of applying the dots on the pimple. After that, the itchiness has calmed down and the sticky dots did not irritate my skin nor the surrounding area.


Peace Out Acne Healing Dots


You’re supposed to wait 6 hours or overnight to see the difference, but in my experience, even after 4 hours, I already noticed a huge difference. My raging pimple didn’t look so much like in a rage. Instead, it looked less red, less swollen and it didn’t itch anymore. It also feels like it’s being moisturized due to the hydrocolloid properties of the tiny dot bandages, so my pimple felt softer and less inflamed. I also love the fact that the dots are waterproof so it doesn’t allow the bacteria to get in.


I don’t about y’all, but I have a thing for picking my pimples, which I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it. But with this Peace Out Acne Healing Dots, my desire to pick my bumpy breakouts has been curtailed. Thank goodness! Because of that, my pimples healed quickly and nicely without any scarring.


Peace Out Acne Healing Dots


I’ve been looking for a product like this for as long as I can remember. I wanted something that sticks on the pimple and constantly delivers a treatment without the need to apply for further salicylic acid creams or even benzoyl peroxides on the face. These healing dots are like low maintenance treatment where you can just apply it on the breakout then forget it. It’s really practical to have wherever you may be, or even when you’re traveling. It eliminates the need to lug some acne creams and they’re extremely handy for when unpredictable situations like hormonal or stress breakouts may occur.


Peace Out Acne Healing Dots Review sephora


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The Peace Out Acne Healing Dots are currently available at Sephora


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