burberry lip velvet crush swatches


Hello All. I’ve been meaning to review this amazing lip stain from Burberry. This is kind of a sequel to the fabulous Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet I reviewed a couple of years ago. You can still find it here. That lipstick is one of my holy grails even though it isn’t the most long-wearing lipstick I’ve tried. What I really like about that lipstick is its effect and finish on the lips. It really gives that beautiful, non-drying, soft-matte look that I like a lot. I never ever mind reapplying it because it’s so worth it. I still repurchase some of its shades and still use them nowadays.


burberry lipstick


Just like the Liquid Lip Velvet, this Burberry Lip Velvet Crush is not that different. Just twist the top part, enough to release the creamy product on the velvety applicator, and you can either dab it on the lips for a sheer lip-staining effect or you can glide it all the way for more color payoff. It feels very lightweight and it sets on the lips within a few minutes. It will then look like a beautiful lip stain with a soft-matte look. It doesn’t overemphasize the lines on the lips, nor does it feel drying. There is no discernible scent and it’s pretty long-wearing.


burberry lip velvet crush swatches


16 Copper Pink – Perfect everyday light salmon-pink lip shade.


25 Cinnamon – works well for light-medium skintone. Looks like a spice rose shade.


85 Rosy Mauve – very rosy mauve, may appear quite pinkish at times, especially on different lighting


burberry lip velvet crush swatch copper pink cinnamon, rosy mauve


You can also apply this Lip Velvet Crush on the cheeks and it works really well. Overall, just like the Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet, this is a well-done lip stain. I really love it and I highly recommend it.


burberry lip velvet crush review


Have you tried this lipstick already? Are you a fan of Burberry lip products?