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Byredo Bal d’Afrique hand cream

Byredo Rinse-Free Hand Wash Review

byredo rinse-free hand wash


Hey all! Curious what the Byredo Rinse-Free Hand wash is like? I’ve got two of them to review in this post. I, for sure, have been wondering what this uber-luxurious hand product is like. How does it feel? Does it smell nice? Is it moisturizing?


The Byredo Rinse-Free Hand Wash is marketed as alcohol-based, moisturizing, and is different from the other Byredo Hand Wash that comes in large dispensers. This product is more of a luxurious hand sanitizer to me, even though it can’t really be qualified as such because its alcohol content is only 30%. Therefore, it cannot kill any viruses or bacteria. You can probably say that this could also be a hybrid between a hand wash and a hand sanitizer. Whatever its purpose is, I can see that this is definitely marketed as a luxury product for the hand.


I usually use this for when my hands may need to be sanitized but making sure that I did not completely touch any soiled objects. Since this product contains less alcohol, your hands won’t dry at all. It actually somewhat feels moisturizing and, yeah, total luxe. However, this will never be a good substitute for a typical hand sanitizer unless Byredo will reformulate this product.


byredo suede hand wash review



Suede – This doesn’t really smell like suede, but more of a fancy fresh soapy scent. I like the scent a lot, and it never seems to be boring. I kind of like this scent better than the rose one.


byredo rose rise free hand wash


Rose – This has a very distinctive scent that smells rosy and musky at first application. The muskiness seems to stay for a while and can get a little too much for my nose. There are times that I can tolerate the scent, and there are times that I can’t. Because of that, I seem to like the Suede scent more.


Bottom line, I’m definitely curious what the other Byredo hand wash smells like. But for now, I think I’m settling with my industrial-grade hand sanitizer while the vid is still around.


byredo rose rinse-free hand wash

Are you a fan of these? What are your current favorite hand sanitizers?







Hand Cream Favorites

top hand cream


Hello there! Happy Winter! It’s that time of the year again where our hands tend to suffer from dryness and sensitivities. Such dryness can be caused by this weather and our constant use of hand sanitizers, which can strip our skin’s natural oil. It’s unavoidable because we have to protect ourselves from the vid, yet it’s also crucial to protect our hands. After all, our hands are so important.


When it comes to hand creams, I’ve been loving a few lately and will be talking about them in this post. I usually do not limit myself to what is considered a hand cream. I also look at hand and body balms that are thick and rich enough, and with a fantastic scent, suitable as a hand cream.


glossier hand cream review


Glossier – has a very faint floral scent. The texture is creamy and lightweight, which sinks into the skin quickly. Most of all, the packaging is so cute.


Diptyque Eau Rose – so luxurious and cozy, like the scent of Baies and Rose candles combined. The captivating scent lingers for hours, and this works well for Winter-dry hands.


diptyque eau rose hand cream


Chanel Le Lift La Crème Main – another fabulous and fancy egg-packaging of a hand cream from Chanel. The scent is a typical Chanel floral type, which may be a hit or miss for some. I like it, and it works in restoring moisture on my hands. But it’s the kind of hand cream that you would feel like using only on glamorous occasions due to its ultra-cool packaging and eyebrow-raising price tag.


Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm – this isn’t actually a hand cream, but I keep gravitating to this because this is just SO good in terms of scent (strong lemon rind) and texture (rich and creamy). Every time I use this, I feel like I’m being transported somewhere lovely and sunny :-). D’ya feel me?


chanel le lift la creme main hand cream


Eucerin Advanced Repair – is a good drugstore hand cream with no scent, yet the texture is really rich and can definitely moisturize the hands at a much lower price; the formula is suitable for sensitive skin.


Cucina Nourishing Hand Butter – my favorite discovery from Amazon, this hand cream is so thick that it’s perfect for those who suffer from extremely dry hands. Also, the price of this isn’t bad at all.


byredo bal d'afrique hand cream review


Byredo Bal d’Afrique – what can I say? This is my new favorite hand cream and might have been my most favorite of all if it wasn’t for the price tag and the size of the tube. The Bal d’Afrique scent is utterly elegant and luxurious to the point of being irresistible. The hand cream is no different and with a very rich creamy texture that quickly melts into the skin. The packaging may be inconvenient because you have to screw and unscrew the cap, but it’s worth it though. I just wish that it came with a larger tube.


best hand cream list


And there goes my favorite hand creams. I love them all, and they help prevent my hands from losing moisture in this cold and dreary Winter.


What are the hand creams you’re loving lately?