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A candle with a purpose is one thing that comes to my mind when I think about Saint Candles by Ira Dewitt. Ira first started this brand of candles during one of her friend’s trying times. Nowadays, Saint Candles has become a unique philanthropic candle that supports St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.                 

Each saint candle comes in two sizes: the regular 11 oz, which costs 65 USD, and the mini 2.5 oz, which costs 25 USD. Also, each candle comes with a prayer coin to the patron saint, which is advised to be read out loud before you light the candle’s wick. The prayer coin can be kept in the wallet, purse, car or buried in your yard to bless your entire household or family.

Saint Candles come in different unique scents with varying names of saints. I can say that each candle’s fragrance is nothing like I have ever experienced or sensed before. They never smelled like any other candle brands or any candles I have sniffed at my local candle stores. Therefore, this brand of candles is news to me and a breath of fresh air due to the uniqueness of the fragrances and way of use, not to mention the intention and purpose behind each candle that corresponds to each patron saint’s name.

My favorite Saint candles are the following:


saint candles saint dymphna


Saint Dymphna: Saint of Stress, Anxiety, and Mental Health – An Irish saint known to comfort and cure the ones afflicted with nervous disorders. She is the saint of mental illness and has miraculously cured people afflicted with such health issues at her burial site in Gheel.

This candle has a top note of cherries and a base note of amber. The middle note is vanilla. The candle overall has a perfect blend of cherry and vanilla that seems sweet at first but then dissipates into a powdery amber scent as it burns halfway. I would not call this a strong scent, but more of a moderate one—a great transitional scent between Summer and Fall.


Saint Raphael: Saint of Healing – The patron saint of the sick, nurses, doctors, and travelers. Although I love all the saints of the world, Saint Raphael is my favorite and my second-best favorite scent of all the saint candles reviewed in this post. This candle has iris as its top note, bergamot as the middle note, and vanilla as a base. I find this candle to be quite a heavy floral scent. The blend of iris and vanilla makes for that aromatic floral wintry vibe. The dry-down becomes light over time but lasts for days.


Ira Dewitt Saint candles review


Saint Jude: Saint of Impossible Causes – As described, Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate cases. When all things go wrong, choose faith over fear. This candle is for those who remain steadfast despite the impossibilities of their circumstances. As for the scent, this candle is quite similar to Saint Raphael but heavier. The heavy notes of Turkish rose overpower my olfactory senses in a good way. There is also geranium, with a dry down of oud (my brother Allan’s favorite scent :-)). This candle is perfect for the fall and winter.


Saint Padre Pio: Saint of Healing. Italy Special Edition – Padre Pio had the gift of stigmata and bilocation. Yes, you read that right—Stigmata and Bilocation (the ability to teleport). I wish I had those gifts, too. But the closest I can do is daydreaming and wandering :-). Seriously, Padre Pio was also known to cure the sick and make miracles. Thus, he is also a patron saint for the sick and the saint for healing. In other words, he is a rock star in the catholic world.


saint candles padre pio


The scent of this beautifully packaged candle is unique. A powdery-sweet-floral candle that is complex yet surprisingly simple. Complex as it is hard to discern which flower drives the top notes, and simple as it is pleasing to the senses. According to Saint Candles, the top note is gardenia, the mid note is white exotic flowers, and the base note is Rose Absolute. A pretty interesting blend, huh? I suggest you try this candle ASAP. This will be ideal to light in any season.


These are my favorite Saint Candles of the moment. If you have not heard of Saint Candles before, I truly suggest you try this brand. Each candle looks luxurious, smells fabulous, holds a religious value, and has a heart and a purpose. Think about every purchase you make from this brand and its proceeds that will help the children at St. Judes’ who deserve to live a normal life. So, grab yourself a Saint Candles and offer a prayer to them or anyone you know who is suffering, struggling, trying to make it, or barely getting by.


This post is dedicated to Kween Konna. I miss you forever, my friend.


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