Hello There! It’s almost weekend, right? Let’s end this week with an exciting review dedicated to all shoe lovers, shoe-aholics and fashionistas out there. I know we all love shoes, if it’s not bags, not jewelries, it’s definitely the shoes! Who doesn’t get crazy when it comes to shoes or footwear? I know I do, and I can’t help it. Like the famous quote in the movie “In Her Shoes” Rose (Toni Collette) told her sister Maggie (Cameron Diaz) these lines “When I feel bad, I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good. Food just makes me fatter. Shoes always fit”. Yes, the shoes always fit, no matter what. Even coming from the mouth of the world’s most famous shoe collector and the wife of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Mrs. Imelda Marcos once said “They went to into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes!” Oh! Isn’t that something? I wish I could say the same for my closet, hahaha! But most likely, it’s probably filled with some boring shoes and lots of dusts, and who knows, there might even be a skeleton in there, LOL! Just kidding… Anyway, without further ado, this review is all about the Chanel Mules, or commonly known as the Chanel Slides. I have searched far and wide for this pair of slides, in fact, I’ve crossed countries for it, and finally got it. Oh, excited much? Keep reading….


Chanel Mules


Almost exactly a year ago, I was having lunch and I saw this email from Chanel that linked to a video about their Cruise 2016/2017 collection that was held in Cuba. I was so excited that I immediately watched the whole show online and was mesmerized at the whole ambience and beauty of the place and the entire collection. The clothes were so colorful, the bags were vibrant and the entire Cuban vibe looked very muy caliente! Yet I was transfixed to a specific accessory. Those slides! They’re beautiful, they’re different, and they’re so me. Oh my, here we go again. Whenever I say those words, I get into trouble, LOL! So, the models kept coming back, waking back and forth with those beautiful and colorful slides. Their skinny feet looking casual chic into these chain-adorned sandals. I knew I wanted those Slides right then and there.

From then on, I embarked into these whirlwind Chanel Slides hunting and had my series of ups and downs. Never knew looking for something as simple as slides or mules can be so tedious and frustrating at times. But it’s not like most mules you know. I first decided which color I like, and knew I had to get the dark ones, but the ones shown in the fashion show were all colorful. I remember seeing the previous year’s slides, which was the first time the Chanel slides were unveiled, I think sometime in 2015, and they were made of tweed upper, which I really really like, but I was sure I couldn’t get my hand on those anymore. Yet I wasn’t so sure about the Cuba Collection’s colors either. Since I was traveling at that time, I decided to drop by at a Chanel boutique in New York and asked if they have one. They said, they weren’t available in their store yet, but it’s coming soon, and they were kind enough to add me in their waiting list. Oh you have no idea how excited I was. Fast forward, a few months later, I received a call from them, the person I talked to in the phone had a very weird attitude. He was so in a hurry to sell without even showing me all the sample pictures and didn’t even care which color I like or wanted to buy. He told me there’s a navy shade, but was not willing to show me the pictures, so I thought, how could I buy something that I haven’t seen? So I just let it pass. What a bummer. I really wanted those Chanel Slides, I thought. Oh well, too bad.


Chanel Mules Slides Review


Another fast forward, a few months later, I found myself strolling inside Neiman Marcus King of Prussia shoe salon and my heart skipped a beat, I thought I was gonna have an arrhythmia, and there it was, a pair of Chanel Slides in navy color shown on display. The slides of my dreams, the chain detail looks very luxurious and shiny against the rich dark navy footbed and upper satin fabric. I could buy it right now, but something was holding me back, I know, right? Crazy of me, but I thought about my upcoming trip to Europe, and I decided to buy it there since I’ll be able to get it tax-free. So I let it pass again.

Weeks later, I visited a Chanel boutique in Barcelona and immediately asked for a pair of Chanel Slides in Navy. Right away they said they’re gone and that they’re gone almost everywhere in Europe. My heart sank 6 feet below the ground. In fact, they only have one color in my size, and it’s pink. Oh what a cruel world. They never care to leave at least one navy shade in size 7 for me. I then had a flashback of all the chances where I almost got the slides and I wanted to go berserk! Hehehe, that serious, eh?

So, with empty hands, I tried calling the Chanel boutique in Tysons Galleria and was politely told that they don’t have it either. They’re basically sold out in all Chanel boutiques, and I was beginning to lose hope. But there’s only one more place to call, the place where I first saw the Chanel Slides in Navy. Yes, Neiman Marcus has it, yes! And it’s the only one they’ve got in size 7. I was like “are you sure it’s navy? In size 7? Like the Chanel slides in navy size 7 for real?” The answers were all YES.

Finally, I got my one and only available pair of Chanel slides in Navy size 7. It was as beautiful as I first laid my eyes on it. In fact, I think it’s more beautiful than the first slides released by Chanel that were made of tweed upper, and it’s definitely more beautiful than the Givenchy Slides, which I was also eyeing at first. I love the chain details of it that shines luxuriously when hit by the light, and the navy shade is almost black and looks very versatile. It’s a gorgeous take on a simple slide. It’s casual but elegant, it’s pretty and comfortable. It’s not too heavy and not too light, and it can elevate any outfit, be it formal or street-style. Though I wouldn’t wanna submerge it on the water, it’s still a great sandal for strolling along beach. Just be mindful that the upper is made of satin and not rubber. The slides come in different colors like; bright blue, pink, yellow and green. I advise that you call the boutique directly to see if they have one available right now or when the next batch of stocks will arrive. If not, try the high-end department stores. Chanel just released another version of these slides for their Spring-Summer 2017 Collection, and the upper is made of tweed with flower on it. Meanwhile, the Cruise 2016/2017 is still listed online for reference. Both are priced at $700.


I’m definitely editing my shoes and outfits for this coming summer, and I have a lot of plans for this pair of Chanel slides. I mean of course, who wouldn’t want to wear the shoes that almost got away?


Chanel Slides Navy


Thanks for reading guys,


Enjoy the weekend.


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