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charlotte tilbury hollywood lips liquid lipstick review

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches, Part II

charlotte tilbury hollywood lips liquid lipstick pin up pink


Ever since I reviewed the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick (first part seen HERE), I’ve been constantly reaching for it because there’s just something about this lipstick that makes me love it so much. Not sure what it is exactly. It must be the texture or the finish, or it could be its gorgeous shades or simply the fact that it kind of reminds me of one of my favorite comfortable liquid matte lipsticks, the Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet (seen HERE).


charlotte tilbury hollywood lips liquid lipstick review


Regardless of whether it’s the glam packaging or the unique brush, the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick (0.24 oz: $34) simply makes the lips look full and dramatic. At first, it starts thickly whipped and velvety upon application, and though it may take some time for it to reach its ideal matte finish, you will find that once it does, then it becomes this comfortable lightweight non-drying soft-focus matte lip color. It has very minimal transfer and the pigment lasts for several hours.


I really like the way this liquid lipstick looks on me, and since I use it a lot, I went on to purchase three more shades. The plan was to get one more shade only, which is “Too Bad I’m Bad” but heck, I needed lighter shades for this Spring and Summer, so I went ahead and got two more. See the shades and swatches below.


charlotte tilbury hollywood lips liquid lipstick swatch rising star, pin up pink, too bad i'm bad


Rising StarNude Pink. I was worried about this shade at first, thinking this might may me look too pale or too washed-out. But it actually didn’t. It’s one of those perfect everyday nude matte lip colors and it looks even better under the sun.


Pin Up PinkCoral Pink. This shade gave me mixed feelings at first. I like its bright pink coral/neon-ish tone, but I was worried that it might look too funky on me. At first swipe, it kinda does, but as soon as it sets, the color becomes more diffused and really wearable. It’s definitely a shade for bright clear skies.


Too Bad I’m BadWarm Rosy Pink. If I love the Show Girl shade for Fall (seen HERE), then I’m definitely in love with this color for Spring and Summer. It suits well for my skin tone and it gives a nice pop of rosy pinkish-red on the lips.


charlotte tilbury hollywood lips liquid lipstick


Bottom line, these lipsticks can make you look put-together really quick and the quality is superb.

Are you a fan of these too?


charlotte tilbury hollywood lips liquid lipstick rising star


The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick is currently available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter, Selfridges, Bloomingdale’sBergdorf Goodman, and Harrods


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*Pouch is from Saks Off 5th, available in-store


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches

charlotte tilbury hollywood lips liquid lipstick swatches


This review has long been overdue. I’ve had this prepared right after arriving from Chicago. I happen to wander around their downtown Nordies in Michigan Avenue and I was stunned at Charlotte Tilbury’s poster of such pretty model with a well-done makeup and pretty lip shade. Obviously, the model wore the newly-released Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick ($34) and she looked gorgeous in it. I knew I had to try it ASAP.


First thing I noticed about these liquid lipsticks are their very odd, very different yet very unique brush applicator. I’ve never seen nor tried anything like that before. It’s like the brush is sliced vertically halfway, revealing a half brush on one side, and a full brush on the other. A bit “L” shaped as well. I understand the concept behind it. It’s meant to shade the lips on the full side of the brush and to line or contour with the other (half-brush side). I found it to be quite tricky to use at the beginning, and it did take some getting used to. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll actually like it as I did.


charlotte tilbury hollywood lips liquid lipstick


The formula is thickly-whipped, super pigmented, but never drying. It has a slight vanilla cocoa milkshake scent that is not overwhelming to the senses. It glides smoothly on the lips and I dipped the brush twice on the product to get a full coverage. The result was really pretty. The nice thing is that the formula never dried my lips. It remains well hydrated and comfy throughout the day.


It noticed a similarity between these and Burberry’s Liquid Lip Velvet. Even Baremineral’s Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lip Color is quite similar to these two as well. The main difference is that these Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips feel a bit thicker, even more pigmented, and though they didn’t dry on my lips, they’re still slightly drier than Burberry’s or Bareminerals. But these don’t transfer as much as Burberry’s, which basically has very good and very wearable color range, but requires regular reapplication especially after eating.

charlotte tilbury hollywood lips swatches

I had a bit of a hard time picking the shades I like because a lot of them are kind of on the bright side, and I wanted something that would suit my lip’s color, and also something that’s ideal for Fall. Eventually, I settled on these two.


charlotte tilbury hollywood lips dangerous liaison


Show Girl (Deep Berry) – Looks more a like medium to deep reddish muted mauve to me. It’s a pretty shade that’s perfect for the start of Fall and Winter. Also, an ideal shade if you don’t wanna go full-on with the ripe berry lips trend.


Dangerous Liaison (Rusty Rose) – I wasn’t really planning to purchase this shade, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off it. It’s so beautiful, it’s making my heart stop. I also love its pretty, hard-to-resist, matte deep red-wine shade. It’s so perfect also for Fall and Winter.


These two shades are pretty much close to each other. You could say that Show Girl is a lighter version of Dangerous Liaison, though they may have a slight variation in tones. Overall, these are really gorgeous matte liquid lipsticks and the two colors reviewed are ideal for these cooling temps. On top of that, they have minimal transfer and they also have reliable lasting powers (5-8 hours).

charlotte tilbury show girlThe Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipsticks are available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Net-A-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman


Thanks for reading! see you again in my next beauty review.




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