Spring will be here soon and Summer’s not that far away. It’s time to grab your sunscreens and sun protectors! It’s gonna be a hot and humid summer. Times like that call for a very effective sunscreen, but sometimes ordinary sunscreens may give a thin white film on the face that it just doesn’t look natural. On top of that, a lot of sunscreens feel sticky and it gets worse the moment you sweat. I haven’t found a lot of good sunscreens nowadays that won’t make you look too white and won’t feel very sticky.


coola rosilliance organic bb cream spf 30 review                    

So instead of sunscreens, I usually opt for BB creams. They not only give good coverage to blur the imperfections on the face, but they also feel lightweight, natural and has Spf. I’m a huge fan of BB Creams because they’re like this all-in-one product that you can use without a fuss. But not all BB creams are created equal, some may have very light coverage, while some may not have enough Spf. Yet there’s one BB Cream that I’ve fallen in love with. It’s the Coola Rosilliance Organic BB Cream with Spf 30. Coola not only have one of the best sunscreens but also their Rosilliance BB Cream is a very good multi-tasker.


coola rosilliance organic bb cream light medium


It has a very good coverage for a BB Cream, and it’s made of natural ingredients. It has validated rose stem cells and botanical stem cell actives that are great for anti-aging, plus Spf 30. The Rosilliance Organic BB Cream is also water resistant for 80 minutes. On my personal test, this BB cream remained water resistant even beyond 80 minutes, especially if there’s less humidity in the area. Basically, this cream stays on your skin for quite a long time. Now that’s a BB Cream.

It’s so ideal if you’re a person on the go and doesn’t have a lot of time do a complete makeup on the face, even more so applying a foundation. Also, my face didn’t have any untoward reaction with this cream, since it’s au-naturel.


coola rosilliance organic bb cream


The best thing about this BB cream is that it’s ideal for any skin type, whether oily, dry, combination or sensitive. It gives a very natural and luminous tint on the face while keeping it hydrated. I love it a lot because it makes my skin look healthy and glowy, and it can easily replace my medium-coverage foundation while still looking like I’m using one. You may even have to go easy on the contouring because this cream has very very fine shimmers that will definitely highlight the angles of your face. The texture is very lightweight and the rosy-herb scent is very pleasing. The coverage is light to medium but can be buildable.

coola rosilliance organic bb cream swatch review


With 1.5 oz for $52, you’ll get a lot of product in an easy to dispense bottle. Speaking of the bottle, the container is made of heavy glass and a sturdy pump, which I really prefer in most beauty products because it prevents any spillage.

coola organic bb cream swatches

If you’re like me who likes wearing lighter and more natural foundations and creams on the face while preferring time-saving products, then this Rosilliance Organic BB Cream by Coola will be beneficial for you. I’ve owned a lot of BB Creams, but there’s not a lot of BB Creams that can give you skincare benefits, very good Spf, hydrating, good coverage, lightweight and makes you look dewy and refreshed at the same time.


coola rosilliance organic bb cream swatch photo


I definitely can’t wait for summer!


(Disclosure: Product sample provided by Coola. The reviews, photos, and opinions herein are solely mine)


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