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Hello all. It feels such a long time since I have written here. I miss you all terribly. It also feels like a century ago since I have held a camera in my hands, and I am afraid of losing my love for art and beauty. However, I guess I have not lost that touch after all. I am now slowly back from outer space. I feel like I have missed out on a lot of the latest beauty releases, so I will be reviewing some beauty goodies soon and some of my favorite reads and whatever it is I am up to. But before that, there is one haircare brand I would like to review in this post. It is a brand that fascinated me because I have read some subpar reviews about it. Therefore, my curious brain naturally wanted to investigate whether the Dae haircare products are something I should skip. In this review, I am featuring the Dae shampoo + conditioner.


dae conditioner review



The scent is amazing and is one of the most well-scented shampoos I have ever tried. There is something nostalgic about the scent, which reminds me of the scent commonly found in most shampoos in the pacific. It is a blend of fresh floral with a tropical island vibe, which makes me think that the shampoo is ideal for summer because of its scent. When it comes to the texture and overall performance of the shampoo, I realize that I have such a different opinion compared to the others who have tried it. Most people say that the shampoo made their hair dry, yet it works the opposite for me. My hair did not feel dry after using it, and in fact, my hair felt a lot cleaner. The texture is very smooth, and it lathers very well with just a minimum amount of the product.


dae shampoo



The conditioner is also a very good haircare product, in my opinion. The scent is relatively mild when compared to the shampoo, but I like it that way. The overall feel of the conditioner is not heavy, and there is no need to use a lot of it. A tiny drop can cover most hair strands, and it does not add any residue to the hair. The product is certified clean at Sephora, and it does keep the hair moisturized, especially on these cold, dry days. It can also work for all hair types.


dae haircare review


Overall, I am impressed with the shampoo and conditioner by Dae haircare. Not only is the packaging aesthetically pleasing and highly Instagrammable :-), I am amazed by how the products worked well for my hair. I am not quite certain why some folks had an opposite reaction to such haircare products, but my experience with the shampoo and conditioner has been wonderful so far.


dae haircare


What do you all think? Are you also a fan of Dae haircare products? PM me.