best skincare finds for summer


It is almost the end of summer and the beginning of fall. If you are starting to feel that summertime sadness, you are not alone. Best know that the feeling will pass, and soon, we will be swooning for fall.

It is still feeling like summer out there, though. The weather is still warm, and the daylights are still long. So, we might as well enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer, right?

As promised, this long overdue post is the second part of my skincare favorites this summer and the end of it (read part 1 here). Some of these favorites will carry over to the upcoming fall. Many of the products that will be featured are geared toward fighting skincare issues during the said seasons. Here are the products I have been using and are recommending:


Face Cleansers




Murad Clarifying Cleanser  


I can rely on Murad cleansers to keep my skin clean every day. I also love the price of their cleansers because it does not break the bank.

Clarifying Cleanser – A gel-like acne control Salicylic Acid and Green Tea face wash. Great for hormonal skin that is prone to breakouts.

Essential-C Cleanser – The scent of this is always fresh and just so good to the senses.

AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser – This is my favorite of the three Murad cleansers mentioned in this post. I love the exfoliating feel of this.

Dior La Mousse OFF/ON Foaming Face Cleanser – I have to say, I never knew what a great cleanser was until I used this. A little bit of this mousse creamy cleanser turns into a very foamy wash that cleanses the skin deep down. I realized that most of the cleansers I have been using are never as foamy and deep cleansing as this. So, I highly recommend keeping this as your daily reliable face cleanser. Given this cleanser’s hefty size and affordability, this has to be a holy grail product.

Kate Somerville EradiKate Daily Cleanser with Sulfur Acne Treatment – I really like this sulfur-based cleanser when my skin breaks out like crazy. Mind you, my skin breakouts often during summer, at the end of summer, and even at the beginning of fall as our skin transitions into another season.

OleHenriksen 10% AHA Lemonade Smoothing Scrub​ – This cleanser has the perfect scent and texture for daily face wash and exfoliation. Yes, this is an excellent alternative to the now-discontinued OleHensiksen Walnut Scrub, but there is something that we need to know about this cleanser. Please, do not buy this in small size, because the small size packaging does not contain much product. I only had 3-5 uses of such size before it ran out. Therefore, buy it in a large size. Otherwise, this is an excellent daily facial wash exfoliator.



Facial Cleansing Device




Dermaflash Dermapore Ultrasonic  


I like PMD’s facial cleansing devices due to their ergonomic feel and the gentleness of how their products work on the face. The soft silicone knobs exfoliate dead skin cells away without being too abrasive. The vibrating feeling of their device is not dizzying and never loud.

Clean Pro Rose Quartz – This device has two sides: one is for cleaning and exfoliation, and the other is for serum warming and application. Throughout my usage of this (2 years now), I have only charged the battery twice. That says a lot, right?

Clean Mini – Because one PMD device is never enough. I have to have a mini for traveling. This version runs on an AA battery—no need to charge. You can have this version in different colors, too.

Dermaflash Dermapore Ultrasonic – I used to “not like” this device. It gave me mixed feelings. The reason mainly is I was not quite sure how to use this with my skin. I gave this another try, and I have been enjoying using this since early this summer because the device exfoliates my skin. This is a great alternative to the usual in-clinic dermaplaning. The device vibrates gently, and you simply have to rub it softly on the skin and let it exfoliate the dead skin cells and any roughness on the surface. You’re going to need a magnifying mirror to get a precise usage of this.


Facial Oil

Since last year, I have become a big fan of facial oils. Not that I love to slather my face with oils. I mainly use facial oils for lymphatic drainage massage (LDM). I have been learning to do the LDM, and I really enjoyed it. The activity is so relaxing, and it helps with vagus nerve relaxation and improving jugular vein flow (say what now? :)). I have narrowed my favorite facial oils down to three:



Sunday Riley U.F.O face oil


Sunday Riley U.F.O. – My most favorite face oil so far. This is just so good and so reliable. There is Salicylic Acid and BHA that are meant to combat acne-prone skin while remaining hydrating at the same time. I use this product almost every day to help with any bumps on my face or neck. I find that this product always calms the breakouts after one use. Highly recommend.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil – A great facial oil that has it all: Affordability and quality. This oil is easy to find and buy and contains beneficial ingredients meant to feed the skin. This is literally vitamin E in a bottle. The great Dr. Hep recommended this because this product helps prevent skin scarring, improves the appearance of stretch marks, and improves the skin’s overall appearance and healing.

Herbivore Lapis Blue Tansy – This is my second most favorite face oil. There is something nostalgic and earthy about this product’s scent. On top of that, this a perfect face oil for skin prone to breakouts and looking for something more natural as a remedy.



Face Creams & Treatments

I have been on the quest to find some good skincare treatments that really deliver what they are supposed to. Summer has wreaked havoc on my skin due to sweat and clogged pores. Not to mention, the remaining skin hyperpigmentation from harmful UV rays, which my gazillion sunscreens could never reach nor remedy, is still present.


sunday riley C.E.O. Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer


Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads – My staple to combat any blackheads and whiteheads that could lead to pesky breakouts. This product unclogs the pores, dries any pimples, and overall prevents acne. A perfect summer skincare product to have and to use all the time. The only drawback is the strong alcohol scent. Other than that, this product is a holy grail. Will continue to use this for the summer and the fall.


Sunday Riley


I can rely on Sunday Riley to consistently deliver quality products that work well for the skin.

C.E.O. Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer – My current favorite moisturizer and will probably remain as one for a long, long time. I will no longer use plain moisturizers since my skin needs more than hydration. I prefer my moisturizers to have some added benefits. One of them is vitamin C. This moisturizer gives me that. This may be on the oily side, but I like the brightening effect this product gives me. Plus, the hefty jar container is worth it, given the price. So, I highly recommend this.

C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum – The more vitamin C, the better. This serum has an incredible concentration of vitamin C and does not make the skin look “agent orange.” Also, there is no weird root-like, soil-like, grassy scent. The texture is so smooth, just like a semi-creamy moisturizer, and never greasy, staining, or runny. I also love the fruity, orangey, citrusy scent, which is really good. This is my preferred vitamin C serum out of all the C serums I have tried.

Good Genes AHA Lactic Acid Treatment – What can I say? Not all of us are born with good genes. Some of us may have certain genetic predispositions. But so what, and who cares? It does not define who we are. Let nobody else dictate you. It is not about the cards we are forced to deal with, not even the circumstances that happen. It is how you make do with what you have given your predispositions and the dictations of your environment. It is not about the “because of” but “despite of” (life lesson from yours truly :-)). And besides, who needs good genes? Good genes are overrated. You can always buy Good Genes in a bottle from Sunday Riley :-). It has AHA and lactic acid that helps exfoliate dead skin cells on the surface to give you a smooth baby, AKA glassy skin. You will have renewed and revitalized skin forever. It beats real good genetic composition, eh?

Saturn Sulfur + Niacinamide Spot Treatment Mask – The answer to any pimple problem is more than just champagne :-). You may need champagne for those ugly crying days when the pimple spurts at the wrong place and time. But, I believe a solution to any pimple problem is Sulfur. Have you got bumps? Sulfur. Any redness with that bump? Rub some sulfur. Any pain? Still sulfur. Pain with pus? Put even more sulfur. Sulfur is the ultimate holy grail for me for fighting any form of breakouts, and the Saturn Sulfur from Sunday Riley is the perfect product for all my sulfur needs. It contains Niacinamide to help fight and prevent even more pimples from occurring and disrupting. I rely on this product a lot, and this always works. The only drawback is this product had shrunk into a smaller tube while remaining pricey and sold out most of the time. Also, a word of advice. Sulfur has a distinctive asphalt cement-ish and rotten egg-slight smell. You may not like it because the scent can haunt you for days. But I find that this Sunday Riley Sulfur does not have that extreme sulfur scent. Still, best to be mindful of the smell and always wipe it out whenever you leave the house. If you do not mind the smell and can tolerate it, then your pimple problem is solved. Just dab on some sulfur:-).



These two products for the body are the current standouts for me:


Verb Body Wash


Sol de Janeiro Beija Flor Elasti-Cream – Lovely scented body lotion/cream with collagen and squalene. I have not noticed any increase in elasticity on my skin as I use this. I guess those things are something we will never know or seen for sure, as collagen works in the body deep down. I mainly use this product for the lovely scent and whatever collagen it can add to help my body build more collagen because it is hard when you are Monkey D. Luffy in real life (Gum Gum :-)).

Verb Body Wash – My favorite body wash since this summer is the refreshing body wash from Verb. I like the clean scent of this gel-like product, and the way it foams and lathers is so relaxing on the skin. The scent is not overpowering or dull—just a simple, fresh scent. The product never dries the skin and never leaves any oily residue. A few drops work well for cleansing, and the packaging dispenses the product well. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a straight-up good body wash that can be used not just for the summer but for every day and all seasons.


summer skincare favorites


These are the products I enjoyed this summer and am still loving now that fall is fast approaching. I will most likely continue to use them in the coming winter since they are so good on the skin.

What about you? What are the skincare products you have been loving lately? What products do you want to try for the coming fall and winter?