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Glossier Cloud Paint, Balm Dotcom, Generation G, Priming Moisturizer & Milk Jelly Cleanser Review

glossier balm dotcom in cherry


There’s something about Glossier products that makes me so curious and excited. I don’t really know what it is, but seeing their products just brightens up my day. Perhaps it’s their minimalist sleek packaging. Perhaps it’s that functional and cute pink pouch that you can reuse anywhere and everywhere. Or perhaps, just because their products are so girly and pinky that I just love their overall vibe.


glossier milk jelly cleanser



I’ve never tried any Glossier products before so it’s definitely new to me. I’ve always wanted to try their products and see for myself what they’re like as many people have raved about them, not to mention that pink pouch that I so wanna touch and I’ve always wanted a few to reuse especially for when I’m traveling.


So, I finally visited Glossier’s website and ordered a few stuff to try.


Check out what I got:


glossier generation g leo


Cloud Paint in Haze (0.33 oz: $18) – This cutely-packaged cheek color or cheek tint in Haze is so well-pigmented that you need to be really careful as to how much you’re putting on your cheeks, or else you’ll look like Pikachu. LOL. I didn’t notice any scent with this and I like that this is pretty much easy to use and it gives a nice healthy flush on the face. It’s also easy to blend with just your fingers and it’s quite long lasting. One of the best cheek tint I’ve ever tried.

glossier generation g leo swatch

Generation G Lip Color in Leo (0.07 oz: $18) – I’ve been curious about this particular lip product and have been eyeing the Leo shade for quite some time. My initial reaction with this is that it seems like a matte lip sheer or lip tint with a slight clayish scent. It’s not quite pigmented, especially the Leo shade, which is a very sheer medium brown. I could still see my lips’ natural pigment even after several swipes of this. It can be a bit drying with time but it sort of lasted for 2-3 hours on me after eating with the color being almost gone. I wish this was more pigmented and more moisturizing. Actually, with its packaging and the Leo shade, it kinda reminds me of Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. But the Clinique one is much more moisturizing and well-pigmented than this.


glossier balm dotcom cherry, pink pouch review


Balm Dotcom in Cherry (0.5 oz: $12) – There were other shades in this cute-looking balm or salve, but I picked the shade Cherry because I thought the rest of the shades may not show up on my skin, not knowing that the formula itself will also smell like Cherry as well. This balm is very versatile that you can use it as a lip tint and a lip balm at the same time (tinted versions). You can also use it as a moisturizer or as a hand/foot cream if you get the untinted ones. It’s really hydrating and I love the strong yet delightful Cherry scent. The packaging is also cute and ideal for traveling. In fact, I like this a lot that I plan to purchase another shade/scent, which is called Rose.


Milk Jelly Cleanser (6 oz: $18) – A milky gel cleanser that can work as a daily facial wash or as makeup remover when used on dry skin. Although waterproof eyeliners and mascaras may require a few more rubbing, yet this cleaner is quite versatile and time-saving. It also feels really mild and gentle on the skin even though it has a sort of silicone scent which I don’t really like. I wish they’d given this a much cleaner or fresher scent but for its texture and formulation, this cleanser is definitely soft and ideal for sensitive skin. It didn’t give me any breakouts and my skin feels baby soft after using this. Although, I didn’t really feel like it thoroughly cleaned my pores and wash out excess oil. So, I think I’d use this on colder and drier months.


Priming Moisturizer (1.7 oz: $22) – This feels like a basic lightweight moisturizer that truly hydrates the skin with a bit of a sunscreen scent, even though it doesn’t really have any Spf. It’s great for sensitive skin and it feels really mild. My skin absorbs this easily and it does seem to keep my makeup set to last for the day. The consistency is quite similar to First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, but with slightly stronger scent.


glossier balm dotcom in cherry swatch


Pink Bubble Pouch – Comes free with every order. I wish I purchased the three-pcs bundle way back when Glossier used to sell them that way. From afar, these look like pretty ordinary pink bubblewrap pouches that kinda looks weak. I didn’t really understand the appeal of this at the beginning, as it just looks pink and cute. But when I finally held one in my hands, that’s when I realized how useful and pretty this pouch is. It feels actually robust with its thick double plastic case that secures the pink bubble wrap in the middle, protecting your things and belongings especially when you’re traveling. It’s a much better alternative to the usual ziplock. The only caveat is the zip itself, which might break with time. I wonder how did Glossier make it or where it was made because I so wanted MORE. In fact, I don’t mind buying Glossier products just so I could get their cute pouches, lol.


glossier balm dotcom in cherry, priming moisturizer


If you’re into the Gloss (the makers of Glossier), but you’re not sure which products to buy, they have 2 sets that they recommend for you to start with. The Phase 1 set has; the Milk Jelly Cleanser, the Priming Moisturizer, and a Balm Dotcom (your choice of flavor/shade). While the Phase 2 set has; the Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, and Generation G Lip Color (your choice of shade).


Have you tried these already? For more products and Infos, please visit


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Dior Addict Lip Glow & Lip Sugar Scrub Review

dior addict lip glow berry coral lip sugar scrub review


Hello Guys! I know you’ve been waiting for this review, so let’s get this party started. For a very long long time, I have adored, loved and worshipped the Dior Addict Lip Glow, not to mention its chic packaging. I always have one in my pocket, in my purse, and always in my travel bag. It is my go-to lip balm for my day to day activities and it has never failed me. It has the right amount of creaminess that doesn’t feel heavy on the lips, while its moisturizing power is very long lasting. It has a soothing effect that calms chapped lips and is truly my holy grail for lip moisturization during long plane flights. On top of that, the Dior Addict Lip Glow gives a slight tint of color on the lips, which makes it glowy and healthy-looking. The great news is, it now comes in different shades, which I am so excited about because I have always purchased and repurchased the Pink shade for years now. It’s not that I hated that color, it’s just that it’s quite too sheer for me and I was wishing for a darker tone that could match my pigmented lips.Then I switched to the Coral shade, which is really good, but I was still wishing for a mauve-ish or berry-ish hue. Finally, prayer answered, Dior Beauty just released the Berry shade, yey! oh and I didn’t even realize that there’s a Lilac shade too, but still, it’s too sheer for me. 

On the other hand, along with the new Dior Addict Lip Glow in Berry shade, Dior also released the Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub. Another yey! (looks like Dior is really paying attention to what their customers need). The Lip Sugar Scrub is basically an exfoliating stick, to bring out that fresh and vibrant-looking lips. Which I think is very necessary before applying a lipstick, specially a liquid lipstick. This scrub stick has tiny grains of sugar that has just the right amount and feeling of grittiness. You can swipe and either leave the tiny grains on your lips as it melts and becomes a balm, or you can use it to scrub the dead skin layer off your lips. Either of the two will do because this Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub will get the job done.



dior addict lip glow coral berry lip sugar scrub


For this review, I have my overused Dior Addict Lip Glow in Coral shade, and I have the new Dior Lip Glow in Berry. Also, down below is the new Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub.


dior addict lip glow coral swatch

Dior Addict Lip Glow (Coral) – I switched to this when I finally got bored of the pink shade. I love this shade so much, even though it doesn’t show much on my lips. I kinda like the tiny hint of coral shade that it gives me because it makes my lips look bright and healthy, Owwws!, plus, I have a thing for coral shades. That’s really my point, LOL ????


dior addict lip glow berry swatch


Dior Addict Lip Glow (Berry) – Meet my new holy grail. I dig this shade so much, I wanna buy more! this is my kinda shade. It’s my lips but a whole lot better. Hehehe. The berry-mauve tone is just purrrfect for everyday wear, and it has the same moisturizing feel, but has more menthol flavoring than the previous Dior Addict Lip Glows.


dior addict lip sugar scrub review


Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub – Meet my other new holy grail. An exfoliating lip scrub but with a hint of color. Can be used as a scrub or as a balm, or both. Whichever works for ya. For me, at least in this review, I used it solely as an exfoliator on my lips and wiped away the dead skin with a tissue to show you how good this Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub at exfoliating. Indeed, it’s remarkable.


dior addict lip glow and lip sugar scrub swatch

Bottomline, I’m in love with these new releases of Dior Addicts. I can only wish that Dior will continue to make, improve and add more colors to them, because J’adore Dior!


Have A Good Day Guys!


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