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Nyx Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream Review + Swatches

nyx powder puff lippie lip cream


Hello there! In my previous posts, I have mentioned about being curious with the latest Nyx Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream (5.95 USD Amazon, 8.50 USD Ulta). If you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog, you’d know that I have a thing for matte lipsticks, especially the liquid or cream ones that set into a soft-focus blotted type, like the Buxom Pillowpout Lip Powder (reviewed HERE), the Lorac PRO Hi-Res Lip & Cheek Powder (seen HERE), or even the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Matte Liquid Lipstick (swatched HERE). This time, I’d like to compare and talk about the Nyx Powder Puff Lippie that everyone seems to be really liking right now.


Per Nyx’s description, the Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream is a creamy lip color packaged in a soft puffy applicator that glides on the lips easily and it sets into a powdery soft-focus matte finish. Upon my first impression, the packaging of this lipstick looks cute with its nice squeezable tube that releases a precise amount of product through the spongy applicator. Speaking of the applicator, it does apply the product easily on the lips and it feels smooth, easy, and precise to apply.


nyx powder puff lippie lip cream


There is not a lot of strong scent on this product and they come in several shades. I did notice that there are inconsistencies with the shades. For example, there are variations or different tones in two or more particular shades. For example, the shade Squad Goals had one in a rosy tone at Ulta and a more beige tone as well. It seems to me like a manufacturer issue. I don’t know for sure, but it’s something worth considering into, especially if you’re looking for your preferred shade. For my choice of shades, I did pick only three because I find that some of the shades didn’t quite match my skintone. Since there are variabilities in the colors, I decided to pick up the shade that would look best on my skin. See the swatches below.


nyx powder puff lippie lip cream review


Squad Goals – tea rose pink


Moody – cool-toned plum


Prank Call – burgundy


nyx powder puff lippie lip cream swatch

nyx powder puff lippie lip cream


As for the formula, I find the Nyx Powder Puff Lippie to be creamy at first, and then it does settle into a very comfortable soft-focus (not-necessarily powdery) blurry matte. It never felt drying on me and it really does last a long time, about 4-6 hours on my lips, even after eating, snacking, etc. Overall, I’m really impressed at it especially because it’s got an affordable price point, and on top of that, its overall quality is very good. I also think that this is way more comfortable than the lip products I mentioned above, like the Buxom and Lorac Lip Powders. When compared to the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips, this Nyx one feels more hydrating, although if you’re into the super powdery blotted type of lips look, then the Hollywood Lips will give you that. As when compared to the Glossier Generation G Lipstick (seen HERE), well, that one feels more like a balm with a sheer blotted soft-focus look. Overall, I highly recommend this lipstick.


nyx powder puff lippie lip cream review


There is also another Nyx product I’m currently eyeing, and it’s the Line & Load All-In-One Lippie. I will investigate that soon. So, stay tuned guys.


Have you tried this particular Nyx lipstick already?





Glossier Generation G (New Formula) Sheer Matte Lipstick Review + Swatches

glossier generation g sheer matte lipstick new formula jam, leo, like


Hi guys, a few weeks ago, I did a mini Glossier haul review which you can read HERE. In that review, I was really smitten by their reformulated Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick (0.1 oz: 18 USD).


glossier generation g sheer matte lipstick new formula like, zip, crush


The new Glossier Generation G lipstick has a blotted sheer matte look and finish with a slightly balmy feel. There are six shades available and some of them sort of adapt to the natural lip color. I wouldn’t say that this lipstick is super pigmented, instead, it’s more of an everyday lip color which still allows for the natural lip shade to show through. The product itself is cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, dermatologist-tested, etc., and the packaging is nice and heavy. Because it is definitely meant for a casual natural look, the effect of this lipstick can be quite subtle or diffused, but the nice thing is that you can always swipe a little bit more for a slightly dramatic lip color payoff.


In this review, I swatched all the new Glossier Generation G colors.


glossier generation g sheer matte lipstick new formula review


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Cake: subtle peach. Kind of a light-peachy nude which my light-medium skintone could pull off.


Crush: hot raspberry pink, quite similar to the Dior Matte Raspberry Lip Glow, seen HERE.


Like: light-mauve in real life, like a light version of the Jam shade below. This gives a “My lips but slightly better” look, and also great for the “I woke up like this” look, LOL.


Zip: poppy red. A blotted red-orange coral.


Leo: mid brown, same shade as the old Leo formula.


Jam: deep berry, darker tone of Like.


glossier generation g sheer matte lipstick new formula swatch

glossier generation g sheer matte lipstick review lip swatches


The newest Glossier Generation G has a subtle yet distinctive rose/jasmine scent. Its new formula feels smoother and more cushiony than the previous one. Which means, this doesn’t make the lips dry. It definitely isn’t shiny or even satiny, it’s just a pure sheer comfortable balmy matte. The pigment can be very sheer at first swipe, especially in the case of the “Like” shade which took a couple more swipes on my pigmented lips for it to show through. But one thing’s for sure, the Generation G in its new formulation is definitely buildable and easy to use, plus, it enhances the lips beautifully.


The closest formula that I could think of in comparison to this is the Dior Lip Glow in Matte finish. Perhaps the Buxom Pillowpout (reviewed HERE) could be comparable as well, but that one has more of a powdery feel. I have yet to investigate the Nyx Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream which some said could be close to the Gen G in terms of its blotted matte finish.


glossier generation g sheer matte lipstick new formula


Overall, I love the new formula more than the old one. The previous Gen G was with time just too drying for me. Though you may still have to swipe this lipstick on the lips a couple of times to get your desired lip color and effect, but once you get it, then the effect is really nice. I also love all the shades even though some can be quite subtle. Most of them last about 3 hours+ on me without eating or drinking, but if I munch too much then they usually last about 2 hours give or take, so you may still need to reapply this lipstick several times. However, they’re foolproof to apply, so it’s not a prob. I highly recommend this lipstick if you’re into that everyday natural lip look.


The new Glossier Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick is currently available at


Have you tried this lipstick already? What were your first impressions?


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