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Even though golden jewelry pieces are not my thing, one jewelry brand sparked my love of such jewelry material. You read it right from the title of this review. It is the Bracha brand of trendy golden jewelries. What started as a random scrolling on the Nordstrom app, turned into a full-blown obsession with Bracha jewelry being purchased at 3 AM. Yup, I am awake at 3 AM because I am a self-confessed hardcore night owl, living among nocturnal animals :-). Anyway, my first impression of Bracha jewelry can only be described in one word — impressive. For each piece’s price point and quality, I am impressed at how beautifully crafted each jewelry I received. It is clear that style and attention to detail are invested in every ring, bracelet, and necklace this brand makes.

As I have mentioned, most of Bracha’s jewelry is gold-toned. However, such gold tones differ in every piece of jewelry the brand makes. Some may look more bright gold, while some may look more vintage gold. Depending on the style, some Bracha jewelry may also look more polished than others. Speaking of style, I would say that most pieces tend to be trendy and minimalist, which can also be seen as classic and elegant. Some of Bracha’s pieces are water-resistant, some are gold-plated, while some are gold-filled. The few silver-toned jewelries they have are either stainless steel or sterling silver.




Bracha Stars and Wonder Stack Ring


Most rings from Bracha are adjustable, except for a few pieces. So, there is no need to know your ring size, which is great! The ring styles vary a lot, and Bracha keeps updating their inventory. You will most likely find yourself looking at not just one Bracha ring, but three or four, or even more :-).


bracha calypso adjustable ring


Bracha Roma Nail Cuff




Bracha Initial necklace review


The first Bracha piece that captured my attention is the Initial necklace. It is all over Insta, and there is a reason why. The necklace is simply stunning and truly well-made. The quality is excellent, and it is such a versatile piece. The next Bracha necklace that I adore so much is the Skinny Gold-Filled Monte Carlo, seen in this post, along with the butterfly Free Spirit necklace. The Monte Carlo necklace should be a staple in every woman’s jewelry collection because it is very versatile and simply classic, which means that the necklace can be worn as is, or have it layered with other favorite gold-tone necklaces. Other necklace styles I love from Bracha are the butterfly necklaces, such as the Bailey butterfly necklace (link to purchase the necklace is at the end of this post).

Bracha Bailey butterfly necklace


bracha free spirit necklace


Bracha Bailey butterfly necklace



I am a big fan of bangle bracelets, and Bracha has some really cool and classic designs. The Holly bangle bracelet (seen in the photo below) gives a classic roman goddess vibe. When paired with the Roma Nail Cuff (second photo below), the whole look becomes a modern Roman Holiday affair :-).


Bracha Holly Bangle


bracha holly bangle bracelet


Whether you are a fan of gold-toned jewelry or not, you will not be able to resist the beautiful jewelry pieces by Bracha. From the style of each piece down to the price and craftsmanship, I have no doubt that you will like this jewelry brand as much as I do.


bracha initial pendant necklace review


Are you a fan of gold jewelries? What is your favorite jewelry brand, and what jewelry piece are you eyeing lately?