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Konnichiwa my friends! It’s me Sailor Moon, or more like Doraemon, LOL. How are you all doing today? During last week’s review, we talked about the Japanese-style eye makeup application that lengthens, widens, and emphasizes the eyes. Now, this review is all about a brand of “Gyaru style” false eyelashes that could help you achieve just that. These are called Dolly Wink eyelashes. They are a little bit longer than most falsies and they come several different styles.


dolly wink lashes



They’re not necessarily made in Japan. Mine is made in Vietnam, but I’m quite sure that you’ll find them everywhere in Japan and in most Asian countries. One thing I like about these false lashes is their durability. I have used and reused some of this for 3-4 times and they still look good as new. I used to be a fan of Ardell lashes, but after one usage, they just become weak and fragile. With this one, each strand is robust and it can withstand re-gluing and cleaning without a problem. Another thing that I like about them is the length. Because it’s a bit longer than most falsies, you can customize its length according to the style that you want. If you’re into full-on, wide, dramatic, and large Gyaru eyes, then you can keep the length as it is, and it’ll adhere closer to your other crease. If you’re not feeling the whole Gyaru vibe, you can cut them and they’ll have a more natural effect.


dollywink lashes



These lashes come in different styles which are identified by numbers. Each pack has 2 pairs of lashes and it comes with a free eyelash glue. While I haven’t really used the free glue much, I find that my good ol’ Duo lash glue seems to work better than the ones that come free with these Dolly Wink packs.


dolly wink eye lashes #2 sweet girly #9 natural dolly


#2 Sweet Girly: This particular style wants to emphasize a very dramatic cat eye. It’s a bit short on the inner side, then it becomes longer and flares towards the end or the outer crease side. I like this because it adds drama but it also seems a bit too long for a day to day look. Also, these lashes are made to be straight all the way down.


#9 Natural Dolly: Probably the most natural of all the Dolly Wink lashes (at least the ones I own). It’s not too dense and it’s not too sparse either. Each strand crisscrossed each other which emphasizes the eyes in a very natural way. This is probably my most used Dolly Wink falsies as well.


dolly wink eyelashes #11 pure sweet, #10 sweet cat


#10 Sweet Cat: My second most used Dolly Winks, especially when I need a good natural cat-eye style. Each strand is a bit short and dense which is something that looks better on my eyes. It makes the eyes dramatic but not over the top and fake. This does a foolproof cat-eye look that’s cute and pretty.


#11 Pure Sweet: These lashes are straight all the way down, a bit sparse, and quite long, even if it’s tapered towards the inner corner. It’s a little too long for me that it looks a bit unnatural to wear everyday. The length is similar to #2, but this is less dense. I wish this was crisscrossed for a more natural effect, so I only use this on special occasions that call for “big lashes don’t care” moment. 


dollywink lashes #17 diamond dolly


#17 Diamond Dolly: Another dramatic style with some sort of triangular/diamond-shaped strands towards the middle which really emphasizes the eyes. This works really great for a dramatic cat eye because they’re a bit short, very dense, and well-tapered. Also, the strands are crisscrossed.


dollywink eyelashes review


The prices of these lashes vary a lot by style. Some may start at $10, while some may reach up to $30. The brand also makes lashes for the lower lids (seen HERE), which are a lot shorter. Having both the upper and lower lashes really makes for a true Gyaru look, so that’ something to consider.


My top favorites here are #9, #10, & #17 because they’re a bit shorter and since I love to do a cat-eye style of eye makeup, these three styles of lashes really help to create that look, aside from being lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.


dolly wink eyelashes review


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