Aloha! Let me tell you about the Juno & Co Skincare products, which I have been obsessively using for weeks! I have only tried a few of their stuff so far, but I am amazed by the overall quality of the products sent to me.


Juno & Co review


Excited much? Keep on reading.


juno skin clarifying cleansing powder review


Clean 10 Cleansing Balm – An oil-based makeup remover that removes any trace of makeup from the face. Even the toughest, most long-wearing eyeliners cannot hold a candle to this product. I noticed that this particular makeup remover is quite different from other solidified oil-based makeup removers I have tried before. That is because this product is softer than other makeup removers. This melts effortlessly onto the skin and spreads well enough to cover the whole face with just a tiny amount of the product. On top of that, there is no need for scrubbing and dabbing the product aggressively on the face. A gentle massage all over the face works well in dissolving any type of foundations, blushes, highlighters, lipsticks, and waterproof eyeliners.


This product works for all skin types, and the scent is certified fresh for a makeup remover, as in fresh citrus and orange. I recommend you try this ASAP, as this has already made it to my holy grail list of the top oil-based makeup removers ever. Now I know why this has gone viral on Tiktok.


juno skin clarifying cleansing powder review


Clarifying Cleansing Powder – For a complete cleanse, do not forget to always do a double cleanse. Here is an interesting Juno skincare product that I recommend for the ultimate double cleansing experience — The Juno Skin Clarifying Cleansing Powder. Do you love an exfoliating cleanser that comes in powder form? Sure you do, and I surely do as well. This product is on the unique side of cleansers. There are not a lot of products like this nowadays. This product comes in a powder form (rice lees extract) that transforms into a foamy cleanser when drenched in water. The feeling of gentle exfoliation can be noticed when using the product, and there is papaya enzyme to improve the skin’s vitality. I really enjoyed using this product right after using the Cleansing 10 Balm. Double cleansing has never felt this good.


juno & co. cleansing foam


Cleansing Cookie – If you are an avid reader of this blog, then you know that I love any products that make it easy to clean the face. I no longer use my hands to wash my face. I prefer cleansing devices or gentle cleansing pads like this Juno Cleansing Cookie. This product really looks like a soft pastel blue cookie that works well with the Cleansing Balm and the Cleansing Powder. This product does not irritate my skin because it is made of pure cotton and is easy to clean and dry. I can reuse this without spending more money on disposable cotton pads. Therefore, there is less waste, is cost-effective, and saves space.


Juno Cleansing Cookie


Overall, I am impressed with these Juno Skincare products. These are high-quality, well-made products that I am sure will please many of you who are into skincare and beauty stuff. I suggest that you try the Juno Ultimate Cleanse Starter kit to be familiar with the delightful products of Juno & Co Skincare.


Have you tried any of these products already? What are your latest skincare finds? Shoot me a DM.


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Note. Big thanks to Juno & Co. for the products. The opinion and review herein are solely mine.