laneige lip glowy balm pear peach gummy bear


Hi all! Sharing with you this quick review of these very cute and very delightful lip balms from Laneige. You’ve seen these everywhere and a lot of you may have already tried these. I can definitely say these balms are so yummy, so addicting, and so enticing. Every scent of each tube is well-crafted and totally unique from each other. I also think that the colorful tubes brighten up the vanity table and they match each flavor/scent. Even though they’re sheer, their consistency is thick and really moisturizing without the heavy sticky feel. I do like the original Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask because of its hefty size, but it doesn’t seem to be very sanitary to use. That’s why I love these lip glowy balms not just for their flavors and colorful tubes, but also for their convenience. Just twist and apply.


laneige lip glowy balm review


Berry – My all-time favorite. I love the unique yummy scent of this that reminds me of those classic lip balms in the past.

Grapefruit – The smell of fresh grapefruit will awaken you all the time whenever you use this lip balm.


laneige lip glowy balm


Pear – Smells like fresh pear and fresh green apple. I love this one a lot and the scent is never boring.

Peach – A lot of folks love this because this has a nice subtle peach scent.

Gummy Bear – This latest addition smells so sweet, so fruity, and just so irresistible. It won’t turn your lip purple or violet. It’s just sheer. I highly highly recommend this.


laniege lip glowy balm swatch


These lip balms will save your lips from dryness and chapping. On top of that, you’ll enjoy the fabulous delicious flavor or scent that each tube brings. For me, I always look forward to using these every day. So, if you love the Laneige Lip Sleeping Masks, then I bet you’ll love these as well.


laneige lip glowy balm grapefruit peach berry pear gummy bear review


What lip balms are you using right now? Are you a fan of these?