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Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo + Conditioner Review

Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Shampoo + Conditioner Review


With the changing season and the constant traveling I’ve been doing lately, I find that my hair has been taking a lot of beating. From the change of humidity up to the constant heat styling and hurried brushing, I was getting worried that it’s only going to be a matter of time that my strands will get more and more brittle. There are only a few haircare products that I trust that could help restore and keep the natural moisture of my hair. One of them is the Anti-Aging Haircare Replenishing Moisture line from Alterna (reviewed HERE), the second being the Kerastase Discipline Sulfate-Free, and the third one is the Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo + Conditioner which I keep coming back to no matter what. As you can see, this line is one of my preferred travel shampoo+conditioner and I always purchase them in minis or travel sizes.


This haircare line is probably my most fave from Bumble & Bumble. There were times when I tried to look for some other alternatives but for some reason, I always feel bad whenever I go astray from this line. First of all, this haircare is so good at delivering and keeping moisture on the hair. Even if its name says Invisible “Oil”, it’s not really the very oily type. In fact, your hair won’t even get oily whenever you use this, even if you have fine hair like mine. Second, this makes the hair very manageable, soft, and smooth. No matter what the humidity is going to be, either inside the plane or in the cold harsh Winter months, this haircare line keeps my hair looking shiny and feeling supple without looking heavy. Third, the scent of this is very delightful with its blend of different oils, especially almond oil and argan oil.


Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Shampoo


Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo (2 oz – 32 oz: 12 USD – 75 USD) – This is one of the few sulfate-free shampoos that lathers well and it smells well. I love the feeling of washing my hair with this and it never dried my strands nor added more weight to it. This also helps in controlling frizz, and it makes the hair look thoroughly cleaned, silky, and smooth. I believe this works very well for any hair type, and especially for those who suffer from hair dryness, brittle hair, or frizzy hair. This shampoo is also made of a blend of lightweight grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, safflower seed oil, etc.


Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Conditioner Review


Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Conditioner (2 oz – 32 oz: 13 USD – 79 USD) – This is a very good match to the lightweight and moisturizing shampoo above. This is also made of several oils especially coconut oil, macadamia oil, and argan oil which help to tame frizz and thus making the hair more manageable. The nice thing about this conditioner is that it doesn’t make the hair look oily or heavy, just as long as you don’t put way too much of it on the strands. This conditioner also has a nice scent just like the shampoo above which you can discern as a blend of moisturizing oils. The thing I love about this the most is how easy it is to brush my hair whenever I use this conditioner.


Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Shampoo


Bottom line, my hair could have been going through a lot of breakage by now if it wasn’t for this Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil haircare line. I love to grow my hair long and it does require some maintenance to keep the strands looking healthy and shiny but without looking too heavy and oily at the same time, especially because my hair is on the fine/straight type. Also, with the daily environmental stresses and lifestyle activities that could potentially affect the health of our hair, I believe we all need a haircare line that can help in restoring and keeping the moisture of our hair, and the Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s is very good at delivering that.


The Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo + Conditioner are currently available at Sephora, Walmart, Nordstrom, Overstock, Space NK, Bluemercury, Bloomingdale’s, Ulta, Liberty London, and Saks Off Fifth





What are your favorite moisturizing shampoo+conditioner?



Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 Review

Hello haircare addicts! yes, I’m one of you, and I have a new haircare discovery that I’m gonna talk about in today’s review. This particular haircare product is so life-changing and I never knew I’d be able to find a product like this ever. Yes, my queens, I’m talking about the Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 (3.3 oz: $28). This has been recently carried by Sephora and I was so excited when I received their email notification saying that they’re now carrying Olaplex haircare products. Recently, I saw that they just added the No.4 and No.5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner and I can’t wait to get my hands on those.




Anyways, Olaplex has been gaining some popularity lately due to a lot of famous celebs talking about their amazing haircare product. It’s basically a three-step salon hair treatment that works to repair and rebuild broken hair bonds with the aim of repairing and preventing damaged hair. It seeks to rebuild and restore the hair back to its normal glory, making it strong, healthy and shiny. The No.1 (Bond Multiplier) and No.2 (Bond Perfector) treatments are done at the salon or by professionals only, but the third treatment, the No.3 Hair Perfector is meant to be used at home once a week to keep strengthening the hair. I’ve never tried the first two treatments before, but I’ve recently been sold by this No.3 Hair Perfector treatment because I really saw a huge improvement with my hair.

olaplex no. 3 hair perfector

To give you a brief history of my hair and its condition, well, first of all, my hair is really long and straight. I’ve never colored it but I’ve had some straightening treatments done in the past. My hair strands are a mix of fine and thick that could get dry and frizzy easily. I normally don’t do much fuzz on my hair except applying some leave-in conditioners from time to time or use a heat protectant whenever I use a flat iron to straighten it. Most of the time, I like to just wash and wear. But my biggest hair problem is definitely hair breakage or hair fall and frizzies. I seem to have really weak strands and it got even worse since my hair had had some treatments in the past. Frizzies are annoying for me especially in the heat or extreme humidity, so I have to use a really moisturizing and defrizzing shampoo and conditioner to combat the issue.

olaplex hair perfector no. 3


Enter Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3, thank goodness I’ve tried this thing. It has a bit of a fruity scent that applies rather easily on the hair, but make sure you apply it when your hair is wet or right before shampooing. The instruction said to keep it on your hair for about 15 minutes, but I like to keep mine on for 30 to 40 minutes and the result seems better. After that, rinse your hair and apply your usual shampoo and conditioner. As you do that, you’ll notice your hair feeling really smooth and soft, like it had been in a salon. As soon as you dry your hair and a few hours later, you’ll feel the silky smooth difference. On my part, my hair feels really nice to the touch and it’s straighter than usual like it’s been rebonded or relaxed. I feel like now I have a rockstar hair. LOL. It’s just bouncier, shinier, and softer. I’m down to my second bottle now and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the amount of hair breakage or hair fall that I have. Literally, I barely see much hair breakage now and even fewer hair strands on the floor. It’s a problem solved for me and I’m so thankful for this product. I can now straighten my hair without worrying if I’m harming it too much or if I’ve overheated it with my flat iron.

olaplex hair perfector no. 3 review

This product is so good and I really recommend it if you wanna restore your hair back to its normal state. I was a bit scared before using this as it might make my hair worse, but right now my hair looks like it’s back to my teenager days before I did some sorcery on it. LOL. I do wish that they should’ve made the bottle larger because for its price and for the length of my hair, it’s basically only good for 3-4 uses. The bottle is really small and I like to soak the product into my hair. But anyways, I’ll still be hoarding this product from now on, and I’ll definitely try that Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner (No.4 and No.5) that’s been out in Sephora recently.


Have you tried this product yet? You really should.


The Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 is currently available at Sephora and Revolve



2 Days in Chicago

chicago river


Hi everyone, last year, I took a very short trip to Chicago for a little R&R plus some important business/errand thing to do. I love Chicago even if I haven’t really explored the city that well, but I like the whole vibe of just being there. The city’s energy and the fast pace of life are just really exciting. I’ve been to the windy city several times before, but whenever I’m around, I always make it a point to visit Michigan Avenue. It’s always nice to see some mid to high-end shopping stores that you may not get in your local hometown, plus there are lots of restaurants to try, museums, and hotels to stay in, not to mention the beauty and vibrance of just strolling along Michigan Avenue and Chicago River. Lots of people, lots of busy friendly faces.


langham chicago


Speaking of the hotel, this time I stayed at The Langham Chicago. This hotel is Gorgeous with a capital G. LOL. It’s elegant, clean, stylish, and just simply pretty. It’s one of the best hotels I’ve ever been in terms of design, room, space, service, accessibility, and location. I noticed that the hotel has an affinity for something pink. From the lobby down to my room, I saw accents of pastel pinks or what they call Langham Pink all over. Imagine the excitement of seeing beautiful pink roses in round vases, pink tablecloths, pink ribbons, pink hangers and there’s even a pink vintage taxi parked outside the hotel which is so cute. I also love that the hotel has a sleek design but it doesn’t look or feel uppity. Instead, it makes it look cozy and comfy while being posh at the same time. Their customer service is superb and you can feel like your needs are being assisted and addressed in a timely manner.


langham chicago bedroom


the langham hotel chicago room

marina city chicago


My room had a really nice view in which I could see the Chicago River, a few skyrises, and the impressive 19-story spiral ramped Marina City parking garage. It’s also very clean and the bed is super comfy. The bathroom is really nice with marble countertops and glass doors. The wall close to the bathtub which adjoins the bedroom can be adjusted to make it opaque or transparent so that you could see the bed on the other side. This is probably to let in more light or to see the view on the other side. There’s also a convenient little vanity area close to the dresser which is nice because I could put all my makeup in there and get ready for the day easily.


langham chicago bathroom


langham hotel vanity


Most of the skincare and beauty products I took with me are travel sizes or sample sizes that are only good for a few days. I pretty much took one pouch for stuff I mostly need and would reach for during the trip, I keep this pouch with me at all times, whether I’m on the plane or out and about. What’s inside this pouch is just a bunch of little stuff like a small hand cream, a favorite travel-size scent, a tiny face mist, etc.


beauty essentials tory burch makeup bag


  1. Tory Burch Robinson Small Makeup Bag in Pink
  2. Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper – reviewed HERE
  3. Japonesque Go Curl Eyelash Curler (Pink)
  4. L’occitane Mini Shea Butter Hand Cream
  5. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water Mini
  6. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Mini
  7. Burberry My Burberry Blush Rollerball
  8. Dior Addict Lip Glow in Berry – swatches HERE and HERE
  9. Sample of Tom Ford Sole di Positano Eau de Parfum – reviewed HERE


I also have a glossier pouch/zip bag for my skincare stuff.


glossier pink bubble pouch


  1. Tarte Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser (sample size) 
  2. Chanel Le Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream (sample size)
  3. Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme (sample size)
  4. Estee Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant 24H-Moisture Creme Broad Spectrum Spf 15 (Mini)
  5. Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage (Mini)
  6. SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (Mini) – reviewed HERE
  7. Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil Mini – seen HERE
  8. Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer Untinted Spf 45 (Mini)
  9. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (Mini)
  10. Beauty Blender Liquid Blendercleanser (sample size)
  11. Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment
  12. Nivea Essentially Enriched Body Lotion
  13. Glossier Reusable Pink Bubble Pouch – read HERE


Then, I also have a third pouch for my basic makeup needs. I try not to wear a lot of makeup on my trips, especially whenever I plan to walk a lot or in instances where I could sweat a lot. I just like to keep it light, fresh, and somewhat natural. The ones I carried with me this time are just things that are fast and easy to use like a beauty blender (not pictured here) and its cleanser, an eyeshadow brush (also not pictured), a small highlighter, a pigmented lightweight eyeshadow palette with enough shades to choose from, and a travel flat iron. I also packed a No Frizz Living Proof Shampoo and Conditioner minis with me, but I think I ended up using the ones provided by the hotel because I got lazy scavenging for my own stuff, and the hotel ones really smelled good.


beauty essentials for short trip


  1. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron (1 inch)
  2. Benefit Erase Paste Mini Concealer (discontinued, now it’s called Boi-ing Brightening Concealer)
  3. Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer Mini
  4. MAC Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare – reviewed HERE
  5. Too Faced Shadow Insurance (Mini)
  6. Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Glambition – swatched HERE
  7. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard – reviewed HERE
  8. Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet – seen HERE
  9. Tarte Lip Facial Lip Scrub – also reviewed HERE
  10. Cover Fx Illuminating Primer (sample size)
  11. Benefit Watt’s Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter (Mini)
  12. Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra Fine Shape & Define
  13. Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in (Brown)ie 43 – reviewed HERE



the chicago river


vosges haut chocolat chicago


the magnificent mile chicago


I took a stroll along Chicago River and took a few snaps. I then continued my stroll towards Ulta and Sephora (of course) and just did some window shopping. I really didn’t get much during my short stay in the windy city. I know I went to Nordstrom and purchased two new matte liquid lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Show Girl and Dangerous Liaison (reviewed and swatched HERE). Adjacent to Nordstrom is The Shops at North Bridge where I went to buy caramel-filled bonbons at Vosges Haut-Chocolat. From there I decided to go to The Water Tower Place and had a snack at Wow Bao, then I continued my stroll and eventually decided to go back to the hotel after my feet got so tired. Right before going back, I decided to drop by at Neiman to drool at handbags and more makeups, lol. I was just there to daydream and imagine really. There were some other stores/shops I wanted to visit. There’s Saks and Burberry has a nice building right there, but I was too haggard already. So off I went and had a nice relaxing evening at the pink-loving hotel. I wish I stayed longer, it’s been a nice short trip but it’s worth it. Surely when I come back I already know where to stay.


H & M chicago

the water tower place michigan avenue chicago

saks fifth avenue chicago


What are your favorite spots in Chicago?


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