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Hey Again Bookworms! I have an exciting book to talk about today. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware is an exciting edge-of-your-seat kind of book. From its first sentence down to its last paragraph, this book will keep you interested. This is one of those “can’t put down” read that is so riveting, gripping, and stunning, you just can’t stop flipping the pages.


The Woman in Cabin 10 Book



Lo Blacklock is a travel journalist who lives alone in her apartment in which she had just been burglarized. The experience left her shaken and wary. An opportunity to relax, unwind, and distract herself came when her boss asked her to be her proxy aboard a luxurious cruise ship. Lots of well-known guests, lavish parties, and posh cabins are what she had stumbled into. It was elegant by all means, but things took a different turn when one day, she met a mysterious girl at cabin 10 in which she’d never recognized as part of the guests, and then the next day she witnessed a body thrown overboard. Things will get even messier when she found out that there’s actually nobody occupying in cabin 10, and it’s not supposed to be occupied since day 1. Also, there were no traces of the girl she had met nor evidence of the body that was thrown into the sea. Worst of all, almost nobody believes her and that everyone’s accounted for. Was she dreaming? imagining? paranoid? must have been a product of the trauma that she recently experienced? But what about the woman she’d met? Who is she? What about the body that was thrown? Lo thinks she’s certain about the things she saw and experienced inside the cruise ship, which can only mean one thing, there’s a killer among them, lurking inside that luxurious cruise.


The Woman in Cabin 10 Book


This book is full of twists and turns, lots of surprises and shocking revelations. What you may think of as what had happened, is actually not what it is. It’s a story that will grip your attention the moment you start reading its first few pages. The characters are well-developed and there’s an eerie sort of claustrophobic feel to it as you start to imagine what it must be like to be Lo Blacklock inside that ship. It’s a surprising, shocking, and terrifying book to read, but at the same time, it’s a story of survival, friendship, and believing in yourself. A book that truly deserves a movie adaptation, no doubt.


The Woman in Cabin 10


A definite page-turner, fast-paced read, and riveting by all means, this like The Girl on the Train meets Agatha Christie meets Gone Girl. Oh, what an incredible read!


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Have your read this book already? Did you like it?


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