Mac liptensity review


Mama Mia MAC! Hi to all the Mac fanatics out there! I’m pretty sure you all know what I’m gonna talk about today. It’s the MAC Liptensity Lipsticks and mind you, they’re great. I’m not really sure what caught my attention when I purchased these lipsticks. Perhaps it’s the different-looking packaging. There’s something interesting, odd and futuristic about it. They just don’t look like your ordinary lipstick. At the beginning, I wasn’t really sure what they were, I thought they’re some kind of a lip stain/lip balm hybrid. But nope, they’re lipsticks, and they’re not like most lipsticks.

These MAC Lipstensities  are probably one of the most pigmented lipsticks I’ve ever tried. Such intensity that the color/stain remains on your lips even after taking the lipstick off. The darker shades being the ones that tend to stain more. The colors are very flattering, and I think there are more dark tones than lighter ones (in my opinion), which is quite the opposite of what I usually see in most range of lipstick colors.


Mac liptensity lipstick swatches smoked almond Dionysus


Even though I like the range of colors of this MAC liptensities, somehow I found myself having trouble of choosing a few for myself. I mean, don’t get me wrong, these are one of the best lipsticks out there, and the best in pigment so far, but I noticed that since these lippies were so oozing with pigments, their shades from their tubes don’t translate well once applied and swatched, and they tend to look slightly neon-ish. For example, the shade Dionysus above or below looks more like a deep brown shade, but it’s actually a deep reddish plum. Even the shade Smoked Almond didn’t look quite like a bright rose brown. It’s more of a warm medium nude on me. On top of that, the pinks and corals tend to be quite bright.

Mac lipstensity lip swatches review


I suggest you try these MAC liptensities in person, take time to swatch them carefully, then think and look again whether it’s the right shade for you. Personally, I really like the shades that I reviewed here. I think the Smoke Almond shade is extremely wearable for everyday look, and the Dionysus shade is great for a night out or for some exquisite dinner. Agree?


Mac liptensity swatches photos review


Apart from the amazing pigment that these liptensities have, I also like the way they feel on my lips. They’re exremely lightweight and has a satiny finish. Though they still transfer but the color remains, and they don’t feel very sticky. Lurve it.


What d’ya think of these MAC Lipstensity Lipsticks


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