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Hey makeup addicts! I’ve been obsessing about these books lately, and OMG these are really great makeup books, probably one of the best I’ve ever perused. These are by the famous Korean makeup artist Pony, or Pony Pony. Ask me why her name’s like that? I have no idea. Perhaps she was originally thinking of a Unicorn, but forgot the term. LOL!  She does have her own Korean name, Hye-Min Park. In case you didn’t know about her, well, she’s very famous in Korea, not just for her pretty face but also for her amazing makeup techniques, specially the Asian/Korean makeup style. She has a youtube channel wherein she talks about makeup tutorials and an instagram account. (Just type Pony Makeup in youtube.) She’s also CL’s makeup artist. You know CL? of 2NE1? 

I just recently discovered Pony but I already love everything about her. These books, although was originally written in Korean, translated to Chinese and is currently available in Amazon, is such a gem to have. With its gorgeous step by step photos of how to’s and Pony’s pretty face, you certainly won’t mind that it’s written in a foreign language.


pony pony makeup book



Even if you don’t understand Korean or Chinese, as long as you love makeup, specially Asian or natural-looking makeup, then these books will serve your purpose. What I love about these are the vast amount of photos that are self-explanatory to create different looks, and they’re almost all natural in effect. No knowledge of Chinese or Korean words needed. As you all know, Asians love the dewy skin look and not so much with mattes, which I adore because dewy skin means not-so-flat face, it creates angles, depths, and dimensions while looking luminous at the same time, but of course, you gotta be careful when you’re the oily-type. 

Also, in these books, you’ll learn how to apply asian eye makeup properly, learning how to create the illusion of wider or bigger eyes, contouring, lip application and some other things, these also includes the brands of makeup used. Oh! They’re really useful.


pony makeup book


These books come with CDs for more makeup tutorials. Most of the models photographed in these books are mostly Pony herself. These are earlier books she had released. She has gone into producing a lot more since then, and even now has her own makeup line. Such talent, indeed.

I would love to have my hands on all of her books, specially the latest ones, but I guess I’ll just have to wait for when I get to visit my previous home in Asia again. For now, if you want these books, amazon is the best place to go. You can purchase the books above HERE and HERE.

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