The Voyage Makeup Travel Case review


As someone that travels quite often, I’m always juggling from one makeup case to another. For me, functionality is very important and I prefer the type that doesn’t take up much space in my bag, provided that it can also hold a substantial amount of beauty products. Lately, I got a hold of the Voyage makeup travel case from Case-Up Miami ($27-$33) which was sent to me, and I’m really amazed by the case’s usability.


Voyage Makeup Travel Case


First of all, the case looks sleek and has a neat and elegant design. It feels durable and it’s made of vegan leather. The case itself unfolds into three foldable mesh pockets with different compartments for compacts, palettes, lipsticks, etc. The mesh pockets are meant to keep the makeup dry and they are easy to clean with just one swipe of a tissue or a wet cloth. Also, this makeup case has a built-in hook/hanger which makes it easy to store and access the makeup from the inside. I like this idea a lot especially for traveling because sometimes there are some hotels that don’t have a lot of space for toiletries or for a few makeup cases, and I, for one, is guilty of bringing too many unnecessary makeup items, LOL. Because of that, I’ve been thinking of trying out some makeup cases like this Voyage which basically can be hanged behind the door with a towel rack, hook, or a doorknob. This concept saves space and prevents overcrowding the bathroom counter.


case-up miami makeup travel case review


The Voyage makeup case feels strong and the rose gold zippers feel robust. Its 10” x 7.25” x 2.5” in size and is large enough to fit a lot of different kinds of makeup; from a few liquid foundations down to a few large eyeshadow palettes, plus some compacts, and even a beautyblender. There’s definitely a compartment for any of them. There’s even a place to organize a couple of makeup brushes and secure them in place with a protective flap which keeps them clean.


case-up review


Unlike some makeup cases where you have to dig deep to find a particular beauty item, this Voyage case makes it easy to find the makeup product you want fast and easy. Also, this can fit anywhere, either in your gym bag or even in your carryon. It’s even hard to tell if it’s a makeup case or not because it looks pretty and versatile enough to be stored anywhere.


The Voyage Makeup Travel Case


Overall, the Voyage makeup case is a functional makeup case that not only protects and organize each makeup item well, it’s also designed to maximize storage capacity while aiming at saving space either in your home or during your travels. Therefore, I recommend that you guys take a serious look at it.

The Voyage Makeup Travel Case by case-up miami

The Voyage Makeup Travel Case comes in two different colors: Midnight Blue/Pink Blush: $27 and Prime Black/Copper Rose: $33. It is currently available at Amazon. For more information, visit its website at


*nail color: Essie Paint The Gown Red, see the swatch HERE.


(Disclosure: Product sample provided by Case-Up Miami. The reviews, photos, and opinions herein are solely mine)