the daily edited pink circle bag


The circle bag is back and as you may have noticed, it’s currently having its moment all over social media. I did somehow had seen its resurgence ever since last year. There’s just something really different, chic, and unique in a sleek circle bag and I myself is a fan of it. In fact, I debated in my head for a while as to which circle bag I should get. For a long time, I’ve had my eyes set on the Mansur Gavriel Calf Circle Crossbody ($795) which comes in several eye-catching colors, but for its price and for its size, I do have my hesitations. There are also other brands that have the same style as the Mansur Circle Bag, one of them is The Daily Edited (TDE) Circle Crossbody Bag ($170) which definitely closely resembles the original Mansur Calf Circle in terms of style and size.


the daily edited circle crossbody bag review


With 7 in Height x 7.6 in Width x 2.7 in Diameter (The Mansur being 7.5 in H x 8 in W x 2.5 in D) and made from 100% Saffiano outer leather, there is a lot to love in this beautiful TDE Circle Bag. It’s got either black or pink satiny fabric lining, full zip-around closure, and lustrous gold hardware. It can be worn handheld or as a crossbody, and the detachable leather shoulder strap is adjustable and has the longest length at 47.2 in. The strap drop is around 22 inches give or take. The handle height is about 2.4 in., and the base is supported with four golden metallic studs (the Mansur ones don’t have these). Inside the bag, there are two credit card slots.


tde circle crossbody bag


The bag itself is lightweight and is pretty much easy to carry. It reminds me of a hatbox back in the good ol’ days. It definitely looks cute, quirky, and chic. I like wearing it with or without the strap, and the adjustable strap length is comfortable for my petite frame and height.

the daily edited circle crossbody bag review

I first had the pink shade when it was still available and I’ve been using it on rotation along with my other mini bags. I did notice some color-transfer on it at first, but it’s very easy to clean. You just dab and rub a wet tissue on the stained part and it’ll go away. Lately, I haven’t noticed any of that problem anymore. A couple of weeks ago, I added the black color in my collection as you guys may have seen on my Insta Story and I love it just as well as the pink. As to what can fit inside this bag, oh well, I was actually kind of surprised that this bag can fit quite a lot. Though I wouldn’t want to put a lot of stuff in it since the Saffiano leather could bend easily. 


the daily edited circle crossbody bag black


For this photo, I was running some quick errands and I grabbed some basic items with me and threw them inside this bag. My apologies if the products looked all over the place, but these are mostly what transpired inside my purse. As you can see, I could still fit more products inside the bag, but I prefer not to overstuff them. Also, with most circle bags, you kinda have to arrange your belongings in a circular way, which can be quite a game of round Tetris when you have a lot of stuff to carry.


Take a look at what can fit inside:


the daily edited circle bag


Fotoprotector ISDIN Fusion Water SPF 50+ – got this from a relative in Spain and I’ve recently been using this on the face. Love it for the lightweight non-greasy feel, and it definitely doesn’t sting the eyes.

Purell Hand Sanitizer

Bausch & Lomb Rewetting Drops for Sensitive Eyes – I wear contacts most of the time and my eyes could get dry easily, so this helps a lot.

iPhone X

I’m Nicer When I Like My Outfit Mini Pouch – available from Saks Off Fifth in-store

Pocket Hair Comb with Mirror – inexpensive and very useful

Sephora Card Holder – got this from Sephora Rewards

Sephora Herbal Rose Blotting Paper – reviewed HERE

Viktor & Rolf Liquid Diamonds Eau de Parfum Travel Spray – signature scent, reviewed HERE

Car Key/House/Mailbox Key+House Alarm Remote


tde review


the daily edited vs mansur gavriel circle crossbody bag review


I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the Mansur Gavriel Calf Circle Crossbody. It’s still a very pretty bag in my opinion, though I’m afraid that its leather may be quite prone to scratches. What I do like about this TDE Circle bag is that it’s a lot more affordable than the Mansur, and it’s very well-done quality-wise. It can also be personalized by having your initials engraved on the bag. Overall, it’s perfect for just about any occasion and it’s really an attractive chic bag.


the daily edited black circle bag


Do you own any circle bags? Are you a fan of TDE products?


The TDE Circle Bag is currently available at

The Mansur Gavriel Calf Circle Crossbody is available HERE