marc jacobs le marc liquid lip creme


Hello! Time now for a new lipstick review. Happy Friday all! But before welcome the weekend, let’s talk about the latest lipstick launch from Marc Jacobs. It’s the Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme. Now, a lot of people were excited about this, especially me. This lipstick is highly anticipated and currently garners a 4-point something stars in Sephora. Which means that this highly-rated liquid lipstick is most probably awesome. But… why don’t I feel exactly quite the same? Hmmm.


marc jacobs le marc liquid lip creme


From the moment I saw this Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme from the front aisle of Sephora, I knew I needed to check this out. Yet something was holding me back. First, I really really want to think that this is going to be (finally!) MJ’s version of matte liquid lipsticks which are so popular nowadays, but perhaps retaining the usual MJ lipstick colors, especially the names. Second, if this is not matte, then this better need new colors. And lastly, this better be long-lasting like the lipstick version which I adore. Hmmm…

Much to my dismay, the Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme is not matte and yes it did retain a few colors from the Le Marc Lip Creme. Oh well, basically, it is the liquid version of Marc Jacobs’ very popular Lip Creme lipstick. It is not a bummer, it is just not what I expected or wanted. But, if you have tried the Lip Cremes, reviewed (HERE) then you know that they are one of the best long-lasting lipsticks out there, and they also have an amazing selection of wearable colors. The liquid version is no different at all.


marc jacobs le Marc truth or bare liquid lipstick


I only picked one color (Truth Or Baremedium dusty rose pink) because the other color I liked is Slow Burn (creamy nude rose), which I already have in (solid) lipstick form. Although, I really really dig the array of colors that came with this line. But the Truth Or Bare shade makes the face look bright and not sallow. It has the right blend of nude, mauve, and pink.


marc Jacobs liquid lip creme truth or bare

To sum it all up, if you want a long-lasting reliable liquid lipstick that has a very good color payoff, with a wearable selection of shades to choose from, then you cannot go wrong with this Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme by Marc Jacobs.

But the million-dollar question, when is MJ going to make a matte liquid lipstick? Hopefully soon…


T.G.I.F Y’all!

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