nyx matte lipstick review


What’s up, everybody! Getting ready for the weekend? Me? Not so much, I’ve been down with the cold. Sometimes these chilly days can get you down, but hey! let’s keep on going, right? After all, I wan to tell you something about this latest discovery of mine. The Nyx Matte Lipsticks. I bought these lipsticks a couple of months ago, but I don’t know what happened to me, perhaps I had a slight amnesia that I simply forgot to test them. I mean, I know they were there, but it’s as if I didn’t see them at all, lol.

Anyways, one of my friends was talking about Nyx Matte Lipsticks and I thought, hmmm, I may have a few, and indeed, I have. Well, guess what? let me tell you right now that I regret not having to use these lippies immediately, because the moment I swiped one on my lips, it was love at first sight. Never knew that Nyx Lipsticks could be this good, even more so for a matte lipstick. In fact, now I realize that I’ve never really tried a Nyx Product that I didn’t like. Their lip products are always reliable and affordable. 

I have three Nyx Matte Lipsticks in my stash for today’s review, and I am so in love with all three of them. I love the smooth velvety yet buttery texture, I love the wearable shades, and the longevity is very decent as well. Not to mention the amazing pigmentation that these lipsticks have. It’s hard to imagine them being $6 each.


nyx matte lipstick swatch and review

Natural (Mauve) – This shade has a mauve-pink tone to it. It looks great as an everyday shade, however, I wouldn’t say that this is the “natural” shade for my lips, but it might be for others, perhaps. That’s because this hue does not match the exact natural color of my lip’s pigment, or at least the shade appears to be slightly pinkish on me. But I love this shade nonetheless.

Whipped Caviar (Muted Plum) – As I was talking about my lip’s natural shade, I think that this shade is probably the most natural to me. I think the sort of muted plum or warm beige color suited my lip’s natural pigment and my skin tone. I like this shade a lot, and I am definitely going to be wearing this everyday.

Tea Rose (Mauve Pink) – The most pink of the three, this shade is one of the most wearable pinks I’ve ever seen. It’s not too over the top, but more like a muted mauve-pink. It’s also extremely pigmented and will be great on any skin tone.


nyx matte lipstick swatches


I would love to purchase more of these Nyx Matte Lipsticks soon. They’re such a good deal for being an affordable lipstick. You may even think they could be high-end because their quality is amazing. These lipsticks could give the matte liquid lipsticks a run for their money. Just don’t ask me about their scents right now, (I don’t think they do, as far as I can remember), because as of the moment, my nose doesn’t work. In fact, nothing works for these clogged sinuses. I might as well go and sniff a Drano, lol.


Happy Friday All! Take Care and don’t get sick out there!


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