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Traveling is a lot of fun, but it can also be really annoying. For me personally, I hate the packing part of it and having to go through security and worrying whether my luggage is gonna go through just fine or whether it’s gonna get flagged. I tend to overpack and I just can’t help it, LOL. Most of the time, I have problems trying to close my luggage right after packing because of too much stuff, and because of that, I’ve contemplated several times as to how I could make my travels, especially the “packing” a lot easier. I know for sure that I tend to pack too many toiletries, apart from packing too much makeup, clothes, and shoes. The thing is, I haven’t been able to find the product that will help lighten up my luggage, and I’ve been wishing for one. Most of us, like yours truly, still carry travel-size shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, or even moisturizers and sunscreens that take up much space. Fortunately, I’ve recently discovered Squeeze Pods – these are single-use premium toiletries or pods that are about the size and weight of a quarter. They’re TSA- compliant, easy to pack, compact, and super lightweight. Also, they’re leak-proof and are very convenient to use, you just have to literally snap, squeeze and go. Each pod delivers just the right amount of product you need for every use, and the ingredients are all natural. There are no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, phosphates, and most of all, they’re cruelty-free. In other words, these mini single-use pods will make your traveling easy and will revolutionize the way people travel.


squeeze pods single-use toiletries


These pods are so ideal for camping, short trips, sleepovers, or even long-term trips since you can buy them in kits or in bulk, depending on the product you want, and they’re not that expensive. For example, you can buy 10 or 30 single-use premium shampoo pods for $12.99 or $16.99 (6% off) and these pods don’t leak and they’re easy to pack, so they don’t really take up much space, which eliminates the necessity for heavy or bulky toiletries. On top of that, they’re just so easy to use, just snap the narrow tip with the perforated crease and squeeze. They’re so cute that you have to be careful and make sure that the kids don’t play with them because they can be a choking hazard. I also toss a few of these in my purse, especially the Sunscreen, and also I kept some inside my gym bag so I could use them right after working out. To me, these are just so convenient.


squeeze pod review


squeeze pods


Natural Facial Cleanser – Has a slight floral scent, feels creamy and it’s really mild on the skin.


Premium & Natural Shampoo – Sulfate-free and mild on the hair. May need to use two pods if you have long hair, like mine. The premium one smells fresh and the natural one smells like sweet Vanilla.


Natural Conditioner – Sulfate-free. Also very mild on the hair, and it doesn’t leave my hair too oily or too greasy. The scent is sweet and fresh.


Natural Moisturizing Lotion – Has a lemon fresh scent and it feels very creamy and really moisturizing.


Premium Body Wash – Sweet, fresh and a bit earthy. Love that it lathers well on the skin.


Natural Facial Sunscreen SPF 28 – Very creamy and unscented. It doesn’t irritate the skin since it’s mild and it doesn’t leave much white residue on the face.


Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator – With Eucalyptus and Citrus scent, you just have to squeeze this directly to the toilet and this can eliminate bathroom odors.


Other toiletry pods available but not included in this review are the shave creams and the hair gels.


squeeze pods review


No more lugging around those bulky toiletries, I like these because they’re just so practical to use and I love the natural ingredients, which works really well for my skin and my hair, and that means a lot to me because I’m one that’s really picky with the skin and hair products I use. Overall, I really like these pods and I love its whole concept. I think they’re ideal if you’re into packing light and saving space in your luggage or any travel bags.


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These Squeeze Pods are currently available at http://www.squeezepod.com and at Amazon.com



*product samples provided by Squeeze Pods. All opinions and reviews herein are solely by the editor.