Hello There Stuart Weitzman fans! From their boots to their sandals, it seems like this brand is not only making good-looking footwear, but they’re also in tune with our feet’s comfort. I for one is a big fan of Stuart Weitzman shoes. Those 5050 boots, the Lowland, oh my… I may not own a lot of SW footwear but what I have are the ones I always seem to grab whenever I wanted something that looks well-put-together and comfy at the same time.


stuart weitzman nearlynude vs nudistjune vs nudistflat sandal review


I’ve been a sucker for their sandals since the ultra-high and celeb favorite Nudist was released, but they were too high for me. I’m not a well-heeled person, even if I love the way it looks on my feet and on others, but I just can’t bring myself to it. A 4-inch heel is like a death wish for me, LOL, a 3.5 will make me do a silent whimper on the corner, haha! so I like my sandals to be somewhat on the practical side because you’ll never know, what if there’s a fire or an earthquake and you need to run really fast? Hmmm, now that I think about it…


Well, anyway, Stuart Weitzman makes really pretty and comfortable sandals, so when I saw that he released a sandal that looked like a comfy version of the famous Nudist, I jumped into the “Nude” sandal bandwagon. First, there was the NearlyNude, a stock-heeled version of the Nudist with shorter heel height, followed by the NudistJune which a comfy, all-around, low-heeled, casual sandal. Then came the cute and pretty NudistFlat, which is simple but elegant. I also own the Steve Madden Irenee Sandal that I like to use whenever I feel like not using my SWs in rugged terrains, since all of them are made of suede. The Steve Madden Irenee sandal has a great heel height that is in between the NearlyNude and the Nudistjune.


Stuart Weitzman NearlyNude, NudistJune, & NudistFlat

stuart weitzman Nearlynude sandal review

NearlyNude ($398) – This has 3.25-inch heel height that comes in either leather, suede or cork. At first, I was a bit skeptical about this, because I was like “3 inches and something?” I wasn’t sure if my elephant feet could stomach the heel height. But actually, it doesn’t really feel like 3 inches and something at all. It feels very comfy and I was able to walk for an hour with this on a hilly cobblestone. Of course, you will still find yourself sitting from time to time to chillax your feet, but you’ll see that this is one of the comfiest pair of heels you’ll ever find.


stuart weitzman nudistjune

stuart weitzman nudistjune sandals

NudistJune ($375) – With a 1.6-inch block heel, this sandal gives the right amount of boost in height, making your feet look just a tad sexy. It’s extremely comfy that it almost feels like wearing a pair of flats, though not quite likely. The suede one looks very lush, feels very soft and very pliable which makes it quite tricky to put the strap on, so it’ll take a few seconds to get your footwear ready. Nonetheless, this is a great alternative to a pair of flats.


stuart weitzman nudistflat

stuart weitzman NudistFlat review

NudistFlat ($355) – Cute, simple yet sophisticated, this is the perfect all-around summer sandals. It has a 0.5-inch heel height that also comes in different colors and leathers. The suede version feels a lot firmer than the NudistJune’s, which might make the strap feel narrow, but still very comfy and doesn’t need to be stretched. Some of this particular style of sandals might be made in China, which is totally legit, so don’t be alarmed. They’re still made by Stuart Weitzman, and in fact, they felt a lot sturdier than the other SW sandals that are made in Europe.


steve madden Irenee sandal

steve madden irenee

Steve Madden Irenee Sandal ($40 & UP) – A good and affordable version of the SW minimalist sandals with a 2.25-inch block-heel height that comes in leather, denim, nubuck, and suede, each in different colors. It also has a thicker heel and a thicker strap than the SW minimalist sandals, which I also like and I also find to be cute. Now, there’s a Stuart Weitzman sandal that has a similar heel height to this, it’s called the Simple Sandal ($398), which has a 2.5-inch height that was released later on. It looks exactly like a low-heel version of the NearlyNude.



Stuart Weitzman NearlyNude, NudistJune, & NudistFlat Steve Madden irenee


The Stuart Weitzman minimalist sandals are available in different leathers and colors depending on the store that carries them. Nordstrom has all the NearlyNudes in leather and suede with all the different colors, as well as the NudistJune and the NudistFlat. Saks has a couple of shades of the suede version of the NudistFlat and a few unique shades of the NearlyNudes. Neiman Marcus carries the unique colors of the NudistJune with some denim and cork versions. You might even find them at a cheaper price in Amazon in which you’ll also find the Steve Madden Irenee sandal. You can also purchase them at Bloomingdales, Zappos, Net-A-Porter, MyTheresa, 6PM,  Bergdorf, Selfridges, Revolve, Moda Operandi, ShopBop, and stuartweitzman.com


Aren’t these sandals a sight to behold?


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