Whaddup All! I’d like to do a quick review of these cute and useful false eyelashes that I took with me on my latest trip. I cannot describe how much I love these inexpensive and natural-looking falsies. All I know is that these falsies always travel with me whenever I go on an extended trip and I need to look my best. Not my exaggerated best, but just normal and natural best, LOL. Whatever that means, but yeah, give way for Eylure Natural 020 Fake Eyelashes. Yeah, they’re fake, but they make your eye makeup game look fabulous yet still natural, at least in effect.




I used to be a fan of Ardell Babies Black, well, I still am, but I find those to be slightly thinner, weaker, and trickier to apply than most falsies. These Eylure 020s are firmer and these feel quite sturdier than Ardell’s, though both give a natural effect on the eyes. I cannot speak for the adhesives that came with these because I’ve always been loyal to the Duo adhesive for falsies and it has never failed me.




If you have hooded eyes, you may want to curl your lashes very well before applying these Eylure 020 falsies as these seem to have been already “well-curled”, so you want to make these look well-blended with your natural uncurled lashes once applied. You may or may not apply mascara right after. But, either way, both will still give a natural look.


I got these falsies HERE and I hope that you give this a try.


That’s it for now guys.


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