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Hey Travelers! As I wrap up my NYC 2016 trip, I thought I’d like to share with you these few photos that I took of Central Park. I actually spent a lot of time in Central Park because it’s close to Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue, and also my hotel is just nearby. If you want to know where I stayed on this particular trip, click HERE.

If you’ve never been to NYC, nor to Central Park, I suggest that you shouldn’t skip this particular park because it’s simply beautiful. I love the beauty and serenity of this place. It’s a huge park and I just love coming here every time I’m in NYC. There’s different areas to check out and stroll around, people walking, people jogging, horse-drawn carriages and distant music in the background.


new york trip central park review


Hills, trees and more trees, beautiful lakes, gorgeous walkways, statues, fields and a zoo, all in the middle of a bustling borough of Manhattan. My visit here was some kind of a good timing because it’s right at the beginning of fall, so you’ll see the trees and the plants changing its colors. I cannot imagine how beautiful this place is going to be when it hits full-on autumn.


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The lakes here are so pretty, especially when paired with cozy seats to watch people rowing their tiny boats and to absorb the sounds of birds and other animals around. The only thing that bothers me sometimes whenever I come here is the number of people bustling around. This is a touristic place indeed, but sometimes I find myself looking for some silent areas to just sit around and chill. The best time to come here is probably early morning and perhaps late in the afternoon.


central park new york


It’s a different experience when you see this park in a lot of movies, rather than seeing it for yourself in real life. It’s definitely prettier and much more enchanting. Just don’t stay around at night, to be safe. Bring a friend with you, take a selfie and stroll all you want.


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Next up, the Met.


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