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Hello again! During my last review, I mentioned that when you’re in NYC, you should never forget to visit Central Park, but, apart from Central Park, there’s one place you should never ever ignore. In fact, it’s the number one thing to do or see when you’re in NYC, as per It’s none other than The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or commonly known as The Met. No, not that kind of Met, ya know…LOL

Of all my previous travels to NYC, I admit that I’ve never really set foot at The Met before. Not because I don’t like museums, it’s just that for some reason I’ve never really had enough days to visit NYC. Most of my NYC trips are in segments that span months to years of completion, Anyway, I finally decided to visit The Met and I’ve read a lot of good reviews about it and my curiosity was bothering me.

The Met is located right outside Central Park, at the very famous Fifth Avenue, which is adjacent to Madison Avenue. If your hotel is nearby Central Park, then you’re good to go. The Lucerne Hotel is a good place to stay so you’ll be close to these places that I just mentioned. 

I went on a Friday late morning, but the museum is already jam-packed with people. Full of tourists selfie-ing each other on the long steps. The museum’s building is reminiscent of any grand European architecture, it’s really beautiful. A known acquaintance (New Yorker) advised that the best time to visit The Met is on a Friday evening since there won’t be a lot of people. But hey, I was already there in broad daylight with my camera. So off I went.

Even though the museum looks quite full, it could still accommodate a lot of people. Upon entering, you’re gonna need to show your ticket. The prices of tickets are entirely up to you. Though they listed $25 for 1 Adult, in the end, it’s entirely up to you as to how much you’re willing to pay. It’s like a donation. Once you got your ticket, then it’s valid for the entire Met-related museums and the entire exhibits inside The Met itself.

The Met is HUGE! there’s a couple of cafes but I didn’t see a lot of restrooms. The docents are kind and helpful, the collections and exhibits here are massive. There’s definitely a lot of things here to learn, and that you cannot learn them all in one single visit. In fact, it’s hard to see everything from this place in just one day. Be prepared to walk A LOT. Cameras are allowed here, but no flash. Speaking of cameras, this place is kinda hard to photograph, as a lot of exhibits and rooms are in such dim lighting. Be prepared to crank up your ISO, LOL. 

So many arts, exhibits, sculptures, more arts, more writings, wide rooms, paintings, etc… I haven’t visited everything that this place has to offer. I mostly spent a lot of time on the first floor and a bit on the second floor. I believe this museum has 3 floors with a ground floor.  There’s a lot of arts that I like, namely; The Egyptian Art, The Medieval Art, American Art, Islamic Art, Greek/Roman Art and the European Paintings up on the second floor. I didn’t see the Asian Art and Costume Institute though because I ran out of time. I guess that’d be for my next visit.

I took a lot of pictures with my camera, and here’s some of it. 




the metropolitan museum egyptian art



the metropolitan museum american art



the metropolitan museum arms and armor



the metropolitan museum medieval art



the metropolitan museum greek and roman art



the metropolitan museum art of africa oceania and americas



the metropolitan museum art of the arab land turkey iran central asia



the metropolitan museum of art european paintings

Which exhibit/art captured your attention?


As I’ve said, be prepared to walk a lot. but it’s a walk to remember, ha! This museum is stunning and I definitely would like to visit The Met again and again. 


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