oribe scalp oil control haircare


Hello. I have an exciting haircare product review in this post. Oribe has recently released its summer-perfect haircare line that is meant to control hair and scalp oil. So, for all you folks who struggle with oily strands and are worried about how you will handle your oily haircare situation in this summer heat, this post is for you.


Caution: This post is full of lavender haze ๐Ÿ˜€




oribe scalp oil control shampoo review


The shampoo has a clear smooth gel-like feel that lathers well upon contact with water. According to Oribe, the shampoo is meant to purify the strands and is a gentle type. There are green marine algae and sugar-derived prebiotics to balance the scalpโ€™s microbiome. In my experience, the shampoo is indeed gentle to use and can thoroughly cleanse the scalp and hair with just one wash. It can keep the hair oil-free for about 2-3 days of no wash. Therefore, it works really well for my oily hair type and is the one I am currently using to combat the summer heat and bright sunlight of living on high elevation.


Treatment Mist


oribe scalp oil control treatment mist review


The treatment mist is meant to keep the hair looking clean and crisp in-between washes. The goal is to prolong the washing by mattifying the scalp and absorbing excess hair oil from the hair roots and strands. The mist contains green marine algae and a sugar-derived prebiotic to control and balance excess sebum production and support a healthy scalp microbiome. In my test, the mist has a slight clay smell with a very lightweight feel. It does not weigh the hair down and it does give a slightly mattifying feel. The best way to use the mist is to use it while the hair is still damp. That means, using it a few minutes after the shower. Spray it directly into the scalp and roots, then massage gently. I find that the mist works better that way so the scalp can absorb the product well. If using the product hours or days after washing the hair and then styling it, the hair will feel limp and dull. If used well, the mist truly extends the crispness of the hair in-between washes.


Dry Shampoo Powder


oribe scalp oil control dry shampoo powder review


The dry shampoo powder is probably my most favorite out of all the new Oribe Scalp Oil Control line. The product also extends the time between hair washes by absorbing and reducing excess sebum. It is finely milled, making it so absorbent when it comes in contact with the hair and scalp, thereby mattifying it. The powder has a specialty starch ingredient ( a combo of rice, corn, and tapioca), along with kaolin clay, mango leaf extract, willowherb, and cherimoya fruit extract to promote complete scalp health.

I have tried many dry shampoos and hair powders in the past to reduce hair oiliness, and this product is my most favorite hair powder of all. That is because the product does not produce so much dust that could interfere with breathing. Also, the packaging is easy to use, ergonomic, and overall well-designed to release enough powder on the hair with each shake. To use the powder properly, it is important to part hair into sections and apply it to the scalp or at least at the hair roots. Let it sit for a few minutes. Try not to apply a lot. Then massage the powder into the scalp and roots gently and thoroughly. Brush hair to remove excess product and inspect hair overall for an extra white powder that may need to be buffed on the hair.


oribe scalp oil control review


To conclude, I am loving this new haircare line by Oribe. I am glad the brand made these products to address oily hair issues. Many struggle with such hair problems and the haircare options to manage the problem can be limited and may not always work. Therefore, I suggest you try these new Oribe products and see which ones can help manage your oily hair and scalp issues. Or better yet, extend the look of clean-looking hair in-between washes.