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Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IX Eyeshadow Palette: Huetopian Dream Review + Swatches

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IX Eyeshadow Palette Huetopian Dream review photo


Here is an eyeshadow palette that deserves its own review. The Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IX Eyeshadow Palette in Huetopian Dream is an out-of-this-world cosmic and ethereal palette that captivates you all the time. From the moment I saw and tested the palette, I noticed that there is a lot of thought and care put into it. Each shade is beautiful, and each shade’s texture feels very good to the touch. There are some creamy shades in the palette, and they are so soft and buttery. Even the shimmery shades feel very smooth and soft that they do not scratch the lid at all. Also, the shimmery and glittery shades adhere well to the lid without the need for any eyeshadow primer. There are also no fallouts noted upon testing and wearing the palette.


Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IX Eyeshadow Palette Huetopian Dream review


There are ten shades in the PMG Huetopian Dream palette, and they are all very pigmented and can be worn as is. Also, three shades in the palette are matte finish, while the rest are on the shimmery and metallic sides. On top of that, one shade is a duo-chrome, and another one is a tri-chrome. Both are really stunning shades. Moreover, two shades in this palette are very spectacular and are my top favorites. They are the last two shades on the farthest right. The lilac shade on the farthest right is very beautiful, and it gives a unicorn look on the lids. It also has a pink tone to it.


Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IX Eyeshadow Palette Huetopian Dream swatches


The shades do not bleed nor crease, and they never caused any irritation on my lids. Per Sephora, the PMG Huetopian palette is paraben-free, phthalates-free, and sulfate SLS and SLES-free.

The packaging of the palette is very impressive, like most PMG palettes — big, heavy, and feels very robust. Even the box that encases the palette is beautiful and very spring-like. Speaking of spring, I believe most of the shades can be worn in any season, but the PMG Huetopian palette might be suited best for Spring and Summer.


Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IX Eyeshadow Palette Huetopian Dream swatch


This palette has no brush, but it is expected with most PMG Mothership palettes, where quality is more emphasized than palette freebies. I still wish this palette comes with a brush, like the palettes we see from Urban Decay. However, I believe each PMG palette is created for luxury and superb performance in makeup, and this palette does not disappoint. I still love my other PMG palettes, especially the Mothership V Bronze Seduction palette (reviewed HERE). This Huetopian palette is an excellent addition to my collection of PMG palettes.


Pat McGrath Labs Eyeshadow Palette Huetopian Dream photo


Overall, if you are looking for a great palette after this Winter, you have to try this otherworldly palette and see how the unique shades blend and complement your lids. This palette is worth your time and dime.





Pat McGrath Divine Rose Luxe Quad + Divine Nude Liquilust Review + Swatches

pat mcgrath divine nude liquilust, divine rose liquilust, divine rose matte trance


Hello everyone! I am back from my stint at the hospital. What an experience that was. All is well that ends well (insert Sia: Reaper). So, I am back in full swing (hopefully).

Spring is pretty warm from where I am. Most of the time, I find myself overloading on sunscreen because the heat can be too much, and my forehead is getting burned. So, please, don’t forget to apply your favorite sunscreen around this time.

The pandemic has eased some of the restrictions here. I walk around maskless, but I wear my mask indoors. I got my full shots, and most people I know had been vaccinated as well. Yet, somehow, people are still wary of the virus, and it is going to take some time to fully get back to normal, especially mentally.

I am starting to wear some full-face makeup again. I did not realize how much I miss it until I started testing this Pat McGrath Divine Rose Quad. Which, by the way, is such a beautiful quad filled with beautiful Spring-ready shades. I was kind of hesitant to try it at first, because it may not look good on my skintone, but it ended up working really well. It did not make me look like I had an allergic reaction, lol.


pat mcgrath divine nude lipstick collection

Divine Rose

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Luxe Quad Eternal Eden Eye shadow review


pat mcgrath divine rose luxe quad eternal eden swatches


Luxe Quad: in Eternal Eden – The quad feels so creamy, and you can create several looks with it. I really like the Earthy Delight shade (brownish mauve, bottom left) because it is perfect for contouring the eye socket. The shimmery shades are so fine, and there is no fallout. The matte pink and peachy shades are not very in-your-face kind of shades. So, anybody at any age can wear them. I wear these eyeshadows without any primer, and they stay on my lids for a long time.


pat mcgrath divine rose liquilust


LiquiLUST: I like this liquid lipstick a lot. The shade may be a bit too rosy for me, but it complements my skintone very well. It does emphasize the lip lines, but it does not feel very dry. And, of course, no amount of transfer happened.


pat mcgrath divine rose matte trance liquilust swatch


MatteTrance: This is supposed to be the matte lipstick version of the same divine rose shade above. However, I am astonished by the shade of this lipstick. I look like I’ve been semi-embalmed in this shade (knock on wood, lol). The color just looks totally different from being rosy. It looks more nude, and it made me look washed out. I do like the comfortable matte texture, though.


Divine Nude

LiquiLUST: This liquid lipstick’s shade looks more like the Divine Rose in MatteTrance. Still too washed out and too nude for me. This shade would be ideal for those with fair to light skintones.

Pat McGrath divine nude divine rose liquilast lip swatches

Overall, I like this PMG Divine Rose collection, even though two of the lipstick shades do not match my skintone very well. The quad got me sold, and I highly recommend it.


Until next time, darlings. Take good care.







Pat McGrath Labs Obsessive Opulence MatteTrance Lipstick Review & Swatches

Pat McGrath Labs Obsessive Opulence MatteTrance Lipsticks


There’s always something about a Pat McGrath Lipstick. Whether its the gorgeous luxurious casing design or the saturated long-wearing pigment, a lot of us have fallen in love with Pat McGrath’s lip products. If you’re a fan of her MatteTrance Lipsticks and a collector of such, then you’re going to love her Obsessive Opulence Collection (0.14 oz: 38 USD) released last holiday 2019. These lipsticks feature a few of Pat McGrath’s MatteTrance bestsellers but now encased in an updated ultra-gorgeous and elegant colorful baroque-style packaging. They still have that signature Pat McGrath golden lip bullet design and they’re still at the same price point.


The PMG MatteTrance Lipsticks are award-winning matte lipsticks known for their lightweight comfortable texture and high-impact colors that last for several hours. The shades are really well-saturated at one swipe and the consistency is not drying on the lips. There is no scent detectable on these lipsticks and they don’t bleed. They are pricey though, but once you find the right shade for you, then it’s worth investing in a few. I will be reviewing my favorite PMG MatteTrance lipstick shades soon, so stay tuned that. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the new packaging of Omi, Christy, and the gorgeous 1995 shade.



Pat McGrath Labs Obsessive Opulence MatteTrance Lipstick


Pat McGrath Labs Obsessive Opulence MatteTrance Lipstick swatches



ChristyMatte beige nude. It seems more like a light coral nude to me. Hard to pull off on my light-medium skintone, but a gorgeous shade nevertheless.


OmiMatte mid-tone rose. The perfect rosy mauve shade for my lips, and the one that fits my lip shade the most out of all the PMG MatteTrance Lipsticks.


1995Matte warm light-nude. This has a slight brownish undertone that works as an everyday nude color for my light-medium skintone. Befitting to its name, this is a shade that will take you back in time, yet it’s still hitting trends nowadays. If you’re a 90’s kid, then you’re going to love this beautiful nostalgic shade. Think TLC, Spice Girls, and All Saints vibe. 🙂

Pat McGrath Labs Obsessive Opulence MatteTrance Lipstick in 1995, Omi, ChristyThese gorgeous Pat McGrath Obsessive Opulence MatteTrance Lipsticks are definitely a must-try and a must-have if you don’t own one yet. The updated gorgeous bullets make for a nice decor in your vanity and the quality of these lipsticks do not disappoint.


Pat McGrath Labs Obsessive Opulence MatteTrance Lipstick


Are you a fan of Pat McGrath lip products? Which matte lipstick brands do you prefer?