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Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot vs Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Review

Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot Brightening Dots vs Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Dark Spot Micro Tip Patch


If you have struggled from zits before or are currently going through one, then you’ll definitely be able to relate to this post. As someone with an oily skin that is prone to pimples and blemishes, I’ve had my fair share of horrible breakouts and dark spots, especially when I was a teenager. At this age, my skin is still not completely out of the woods, LOL. It’s very hormonal, which means I’d get those pesky painful zits from time to time, and the annoying part is that they’d turn into dark spots. And by dark spots, I mean, really really dark. It would take several weeks before they’d completely disappear, and on top of that, they’re really a challenge to get rid of. Also, they’re kind of embarrassing to have especially if they’re on the prominent areas of the face that for sure everyone could notice and see. Oh, the horror of talking to someone or going somewhere glam and all you could see are the eyes of some folks focused on the annoying UFOs on your face. Yes, those things can make us self-conscious, for real.


The best thing to hide the zits is obviously, to use a very good full-coverage concealer, but that can sort of make your makeup look weird, especially if you pack it on your zits and they would look like several shades brighter than your foundation, LOL. Or, your zits could crack through the concealer and they’ll look even weirder. OMG, I know the feeling, believe me. Been there, done that. I even did the whole “cover your zits with your hands or handkerchief thing”, or the “just keep your head down, ok?” tactic, hahaha! Anyway, I’ve heard about these dark spot brightening dots lately and I wanted to try them asap. I feel like I’ve been waiting for these products my whole life and I can’t wait to put them to test.


The items featured for this review are the two that’s been out recently at Sephora and have been receiving a lot of buzz from reviews and ads.


Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot Brightening Dots review


Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot Brightening Dots (12 Microneedling Dots: $28) – This is the first dark spot brightening dot that caught my attention. It’s meant to simulate the microneedling technique with its textured pointy tips that can help lighten the dark spots, redness, or dullness of the skin. Its ingredients are Niacinamide, Licorice Extract, and Tranexamic Acid. It’s also free from sulfates, parabens, hydroquinone, triclosan, SLS, etc, and it’s ideal for any skin type. You can place the dot, with its pointy/textured-side down, and gently press it on the dark spot. It is advisable to use it overnight or at least for a minimum of six hours twice a week for at least two consecutive weeks to get better results.


Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot test


Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot



Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Dark Spot Micro Tip Patch review


Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Dark Spot Micro Tip Patch (6 patches: $18) – This is also another brightening dot in which the pointy/textured tips melt into the skin for a microneedling effect that sort of help in targeting the dark spot. Its main ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. It also suits any skin type. Like the Peace Out Brightening Dots above, this Dr. Jart+ Focuspot is also free from SLS, parabens, formaldehyde, triclosan, etc. Using this is also pretty much the same as Peace Out’s, where you press the dot with its pointy tips down on the dark spot right after cleansing your face, and you use it every other day. It is required to use this for at least two hours, or overnight for a maximum effect.


Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Dark Spot Micro Tip Patch


My Two Cents.


Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot review


Application-wise and appearance-wise, they’re pretty much the same.  There is no question to their adhesiveness because they do stick on the skin unless your put creams or oils prior to applying this. But their ingredients do matter, as well as their effectiveness on my skin. At the time of my test of these products, I’ve been nursing several dark spots on my face, specifically on my chin. I had horrible several breakouts a few weeks before that and I applied the Peace Out Microneedling Dot on my most prominent dark spot, while the Dr. Jart+ Focuspot was applied to a less horrible dark spot that is just beside the prominent one. I applied them both overnight and the following day, I noticed my less prominent dark spot (treated with Dr. Jart+ Focuspot) to be almost gone, while the more obvious and more prominent dark spot (the one with Peace Out) was still there. I continued testing, and I find that the Dr. Jart+ Focuspot works quite well, at least on my skin, even if I don’t use it every other day as advised. I tested it on my most prominent dark spot (the one with Peace Out) and it did help to lessen its pigment, though still not completely. Whereas the Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot didn’t really do much for me. I think it must be the ingredients of the Dr. Jart+ that seem to work better (Vitamin C, etc.) because we all know that the way to help brighten the dark spot is to apply Retinol or Vitamin C on it.


Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Dark Spot Micro Tip Patch vs Peace Out Microneedling dark spot comparison result


Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Dark Spot Micro Tip Patch vs Peace Out Microneedling dark spot comparison


Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Dark Spot Micro Tip Patch vs Peace Out Microneedling dark spot test


I feel like these brightening dark spots are great for emergency use only, especially if you need to go somewhere special or important and has to lessen the dark spots asap. Although I still think these dots won’t make much of a difference if used within a short period of time, or especially if your dark spots are really stubborn. It also doesn’t help that they’re pricey for just a few dots. For me, at least, during my test, I had several dark spots so I had to use them a lot. I literally could just get a one-week use of them, and I still feel like I needed more in order to at least lessens the dark pigments. I still suggest that we’re probably better off using a scar gel, or a cream or serum with some Vitamin C or Retinol in it as these usually work over time and will mostly be cost-effective as well. If you’re going to be using these dots, then be prepared to buy more of them. With that being said, if I have to buy these again, I would probably buy the Dr. Jart+ Focuspot because it’s a bit cheaper than the Peace Out (at least, per pack), and it works better because it has slightly better ingredients.


Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot Brightening Dots compare to Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Dark Spot Micro Tip Patch review


Have you tried these before? Which one’s your fave?


The Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot and the Dr. Jart+ Focuspot are currently available at Sephora



Peace Out Acne Healing Dots Review

Breakout much? I found a very interesting acne-fighting product just as I was on my way out of Sephora. I literally had to go back and examine it closer. The product that really caught my attention is the Peace Out Acne Healing Dots ($19), which is basically a waterproof bandage plus Salicylic Acid to combat a pimple, with Aloe Vera to soothe it, and Vitamin A to enhance skin turnover.


Peace Out Acne Healing Dots


There’s about 20 tiny healing dots in the box and you need to stick it on the pimple and wait for 6 hours to see the difference. The dots may be tiny but they adhere very well to the skin. I had a really huge and itchy pimple during the time that I purchased this Acne Healing Dots and I applied it immediately on my skin right after thoroughly cleaning it. They’re super sticky and I felt a tingling sensation at the first few minutes of applying the dots on the pimple. After that, the itchiness has calmed down and the sticky dots did not irritate my skin nor the surrounding area.


Peace Out Acne Healing Dots


You’re supposed to wait 6 hours or overnight to see the difference, but in my experience, even after 4 hours, I already noticed a huge difference. My raging pimple didn’t look so much like in a rage. Instead, it looked less red, less swollen and it didn’t itch anymore. It also feels like it’s being moisturized due to the hydrocolloid properties of the tiny dot bandages, so my pimple felt softer and less inflamed. I also love the fact that the dots are waterproof so it doesn’t allow the bacteria to get in.


I don’t about y’all, but I have a thing for picking my pimples, which I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it. But with this Peace Out Acne Healing Dots, my desire to pick my bumpy breakouts has been curtailed. Thank goodness! Because of that, my pimples healed quickly and nicely without any scarring.


Peace Out Acne Healing Dots


I’ve been looking for a product like this for as long as I can remember. I wanted something that sticks on the pimple and constantly delivers a treatment without the need to apply for further salicylic acid creams or even benzoyl peroxides on the face. These healing dots are like low maintenance treatment where you can just apply it on the breakout then forget it. It’s really practical to have wherever you may be, or even when you’re traveling. It eliminates the need to lug some acne creams and they’re extremely handy for when unpredictable situations like hormonal or stress breakouts may occur.


Peace Out Acne Healing Dots Review sephora


Have you ever tried these?


The Peace Out Acne Healing Dots are currently available at Sephora


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