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For this holiday and for the coming year, I’m planning to test some beauty and skincare products that caught my eye on social media. There are so many interesting beauty finds especially on Instagram, and most of them look so tempting and are really aesthetically pleasing. One of the brands that captured my attention is Lilah B. It’s a brand that has a “less is more” approach to beauty in general. They make beauty products that are minimalistic, thus packaging them in sleek and simple yet sophisticated designs.


Lilah B. Glisten & Glow Skin Illuminator in b. enchanting


Speaking of designs, most Lilah B. products are housed in what resembled like pebble stones. They look very unique, minimal, and very easy to use. Also, most Lilah B. products are meant to be multitaskers and are also cruelty-free, clean, and definitely luxurious.

I got really curious about two Lilah B. products. One of them is the highlighter and the other one is a lip/cheek product. Both of them are in an elegant signature Lilah B. stone compact/packaging.


Lilah B. Glisten & Glow Skin Illuminator in b enchanting


Glisten & Glow Skin Illuminator in b. enchanting (mini/0.08 oz: 32 USD, 0.17 oz: 60 USD) – this is a bright champagne highlighter, contained inside a shiny sleek metallic bronze stone compact. While I like the shade and the overall beauty of this highlighter, I find that this does not last very long on my skin. After an hour, this disappears off my face easily and it actually kind of feels dry in texture. Applying this meant dabbing the product on my skin several times and since it’s quite drying, it takes some time to blend it in. Therefore, this product moves the makeup, especially the foundation and setting powder.


Lilah B. Divine Duo Lip & Cheek in b. true


Divine Duo Lip & Cheek in b. true (0.08 oz: 46 USD) – also housed in a nice sleek elegant stone packaging, this multipurpose lip color and blusher comes in matte and shimmer finish. B. true shade is matte and is said to be a mauve shade per the brand’s description, but in reality, it looks more like a light muted coral. It’s great for adding color on the cheeks, but still, it moves makeup. On the lips, it feels waxy and quite drying. Also, my lips feel very weird whenever I use it. I think this product is better as a blusher rather than as a lip color. I did try to put it on my lids as the brand pitched, but I only look funny with it. Also, I don’t find this product to be long-wearing and buildable at all.


Lilah B. Divine Duo Lip & Cheek b. true swatch


Bottom line, Lilah B. promotes its products as meant to simplify your beauty routine by using fewer items, and that is by utilizing multitasking ones. Further, they promote their products are having luxurious formulas packaged in their signature modern sleek stone compacts. In my opinion, their products look very interesting on the outside but subpar on the inside. They are way too expensive for what they are, and as we consumers, I feel like we’re just paying for the fancy packaging but not for the quality. Each signature Lilah B. stones are too small for the price (see size comparison below), so there’s very little product in it. I would only recommend buying their products for the packaging because they sure do look very decorative, but overall, I don’t think they’re worth the hype. If I’m going to pay for exorbitantly-priced luxurious beauty items, they better have enough products in it, or better yet, I won’t mind using multiple products for hair, brows, eyes, etc. as long as the qualities are worth it.


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Have you tried this brand before?

If interested, the Lilah B Divine Duo Lip & Cheek and the Glisten & Glow Skin Illuminator are currently available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter, Neiman Marcus and Dermstore